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Product Description

Grey is an incredibly popular colour for interior design, and grey blinds are at the forefront of this style revolution. Classy yet understated, this Amazon Grey Dimout Roller Blind commands attention and adds a contemporary style to your space.This particular blind has a medium opacity, making it a grey dimout blind. Sunlight is able to penetrate the fabric, allowing some light into the room. more

Additional information

3 Year Warranty

3 Year Warranty

A blind from DotcomBlinds is made to the highest standards, designed to provide you with years of service and shade. 
In fact, we’re so confident and proud of our blinds, we offer a 3 year warranty on all our blinds. This is one of the longest warranties available and a clear sign of the quality of our blinds.

Obviously, there are a few exclusions:
✖ Damage caused by poor installation/not following fitting instructions (don’t worry, installation is easy, read this.)
✖ Misuse or Failing to maintain the blind
✖ General wear and tear and fading (these blinds are exposed to very intense UV rays)
✖ Alteration to the blind
✖ Exposure to the elements or fitted in an unsuitable location (these are indoor blinds!)

However, if your blind stops functioning for any reasons other than those listed above, get in touch. Our warranty covers:
Manufacturing defects
Fabric/slat colour fading within a year
Mechanical malfunction
2 year warranty on battery motors used in electric roller blinds

So, in summary, avoid grossly mistreating your blind, show it a little TLC every so often and don’t use it in ways it wasn’t intended. If you do all those things and something goes wrong with the blind, you’re golden – we’ve got you covered and we’ll and repair or replace it free of charge.

Next Day Free Samples

Free Samples?

Free samples are available on all of our fabrics and slats. Simply click the ‘order free sample’ button.

Your free sample will be added to the basket ready for you to checkout. You can carry on browsing, adding as many samples to your basket as you like. When you’re ready, checkout – delivery is free too – and relax, our samples will be on their way to you in no time.

Why order samples?

We always recommend ordering samples to ensure you fall in love with the fabric or slat. Screen resolution and brightness settings vary and you may find some fabrics look a little different in real life to how they appear on a screen. You can hold a sample in your hands, feel the fabrics, the weave and see the opacity before your very eyes, something you can’t recreate online.

We’ve made every effort to accurately portray the fabric realistically, but you can never be too careful.

Quick Turnaround

We pride ourselves on the speed with which we can get your free fabric samples to you. We send your samples with first class delivery to be with you the very next day. We often dispatch them the same day you place your order (and most certainly by the next working day if you order after hours or on the weekend). With our fast free fabric sample delivery you’ll be one step closer to shading your home with some of our fabulous blinds in no time at all!


Moisture Resistant
Moisture resistant blinds do not absorb or retain water, meaning they will not rot when exposed to damp conditions. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Wipe Clean
Super easy to clean and perfect for busy households, simply wipe with a cloth to keep these blinds look spick-and-span!

Fire Retardant
A fire retardant blind will only smoulder when presented with a flame and will self-extinguish once the heat source has been removed.

Child Safe
All our blinds come with child safe features as standard but some are inherently more child safe due to the deliberate removal of chains and cords.
Fire Proof Your Home

Fire Retardancy

This blind fabric has been treated and tested to ensure it is fire retardant. You can’t see the chemical and it is totally safe, but it means should the fabric ever come into contact with a flame or heat source, it will only ever smoulder and go out once the source of heat has been removed.

Having a FR window blind gives you added peace of mind and safety, helping to keep little accidents from turning into full blown tragedies.

This blind fabric is fire retardant to BS 5867 Part 2 Type B, meaning it has been made to a particular standard certified for use in homes and commercial properties across Britain. During testing a flame is applied to the lower part of the fabric, near the bottom. It is tested to ensure that no burning matter falls off, that it extinguishes quickly and doesn’t spread to the edges in a scenario similar to a candle on a windowsill coming into contact with the blind. Whilst we don’t recommend putting candles or alike near the blind, it is reassuring to know that if something as simple as this was to occur, the result would be a lot less costly.

For more information on our fire-retardant blinds, the testing process or standards, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Wider width option

We can make this roller blind to a width of 3450mm and a maximum drop of 4250mm. This is above the sizes offered by many other retailers and this is because we automatically upgrade the barrel and mechanism to a more heavy-duty type to accommodate the extra weight from the fabric – at no hidden cost to you.

There is a chance your extra wide roller blind will have a join in the fabric running horizontally near the top of the blind. For wide blackout blinds particularly, this join is welded to ensure no light can get through.

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Our highstreet price comparison calculator works on an average price based on similar made-to-measure blinds sold by highstreet retailers. We compare their blinds to ours using the same measurements, same type of fabric and same mechanism, doing our best to find a like-for-like system. To find out more, click here.