Don't Let The Bank Holiday Weekend Go To Waste
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Five Tips To Inspire You For The Last Bank Holiday of 2018

The last of 2018’s Bank Holidays is almost upon us. Well, not counting Boxing Day because that Bank Holiday is all but written off in terms of productivity, so August’s Bank Holiday is that final chance to make the most of a four-day week and a three-day weekend.

The August Bank Holiday, however, is the perfect opportunity to tick a few things off of your to-do list. The forecast looks perfect for this weekend, so now is the time to start making plans.

Whether you like it or not, winter’s coming. This could be your last chance to enjoy a few full days outside before the storms move in and you spend six months dodging rain and snow. Here are some simple ideas for your Bank Holiday to do list.

A smart mobile phone with a post-it stuck the screen saying TURN THIS OFF!Turn Off Your Work Phone

Unless you actually have to go to work on a Bank Holiday, don’t. Turn off your work phone and don’t check your emails. If you’re going to enjoy your Bank Holiday you need to do it on your time, and you’ll be a lot better off as a result.

Switching off allows you to recoup and focus on other things. You’ll probably find yourself feeling more refreshed and readier to work when you return to the office on Tuesday.

A set of secateurs trimming a rose bush

Prepare Your Garden For Autumn

I know you don’t want to be thinking of it, but those colder days are getting closer and you won't be spending much time out in your garden. The Bank Holiday is a great chance to trim back your perennials, prune your bushes and deadhead roses and lilies. Weatherproof wooden parts of your garden in preparation for wet weather. Take your fence posts and panels, for example. Give them a lick of waterproofing sealant to protect the wood from rotting in the damp elements.

A person in boots and jeans walking through the woodsGo On An Adventure

Get up and go. Pack a small bag, a picnic, sensible shoes and head off to somewhere you haven’t been before. You don’t have to go far: a wood, local attraction, a beauty spot, the park, the beach – anywhere is good if it ignites your wanderlust.

Turn off your phone and give wherever you are, with whoever you’re with, your undivided attention. Relax and live in the moment, perhaps you’ll discover adventure is just around the corner.

A group of friends holding glasses of red wineCatch Up With Family And Friends

Bank Holidays are made for relaxing with good company. Spend time with people you care about, you’ll be surprised how irregularly you see each other.

If someone happens to bring a bottle of wine (or two) round with them, then don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself – it’s a Bank Holiday Weekend!

A tablet being used to shop for new blinds on

Order New Blinds

By simply changing the colour of a blind’s fabric, you’ll find your room comes alive – it can be that easy.

Spice up your home and buy a new set of blinds. You’re going to be spending a lot more time indoors in the coming months so why not enrich the experience with a fresh burst of colour.

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