The Best Blinds In Every Room Of Your Home
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What Blinds Work For Which Room?

Each room of your house has a different function in your life, your bedroom is for sleeping, your front room is for relaxing and your kitchen is for cooking. Each room has it’s own functionality and your interior décor will vary room to room as some design elements won’t work in certain spaces.

Here at DotcomBlinds we know that every room in your home is as unique as you are and that you’ll want options when it comes to your interior design, this is why we have a huge range of amazing made to measure blinds. We have blinds specifically designed for each individual room of your home, to give you a range of options for when you decorate your home.

So, today, let’s take a look at each room of the house and discover which blinds work best in each room, from the living room to the bathroom!

Blinds For Your Living Room

The living room goes by many names: the lounge, sitting room, family room, telly room. Whatever you call this room, it’s likely that it is the focal point of your home and the most communal room in your home. A living room should feel warm and create a nice homely, welcoming space for you, your family and friends to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

But the question remains, which blinds are best for a living room?

Vertical Blinds For The Living Room

Red Vertical Blinds In Living RoomStarting off with a classic blind that many people often overlook, the humble vertical blind! Vertical blinds are excellent for providing shading and privacy. Yet these blinds can also allow you to heavily augment how much light enters the living room as you can rotate the slats, as well as opening or closing the blind. All of this means that you can block unwanted views and keep your living room private without having to compromise on natural sunlight or fresh air.

Vertical blinds are an excellent option for family homes for many reasons. The first of which is the ‘wipe clean’ nature of the majority of our vertical blinds making them incredibly easy to clean; then you have to consider the fact each slat can be replaced, meaning that your little one staining or otherwise damaging your blind isn’t the end of the world as slats can be easily replaced; and finally all of our vertical blinds have safety precautions to keep your little ones safe whilst playing in the living room.

Finally, our vertical blinds are available in a wide variety of colours, so you’re sure to be able to find a vertical blind that matches your living room’s colour scheme with no issue!

Roman Blinds For The Living Room

Roman Blind In A Living RoomAnother classic blind, the stylish and sophisticated Roman blind. Our Roman blinds are perfect if you want to add some dignified style to your living room without taking up too much space. Romans are perfect for the living room as they are essentially a cross between blinds and curtains, made of high-quality fabrics, whilst operating as a set of blinds.

Roman blinds are usually quite thick, which makes them perfect for shutting out outside light and keeping a room dark whilst you watch a movie, have a nap or even if the sun is simply getting in your eyes. The only downside to a Roman blind in the living room is that there is less control over how much light they let in compared to vertical blinds or venetian blinds.

Roman blinds also have the options of having blackout and thermal linings. This means that your blind can provide a true blackout experience, shutting out light pollution and stop heat leaking from your home in the winter to keep your home nice and toasty. Furthermore, unlike the Vertical blinds, they’re available in patterns as well as a wide range of colours, meaning that our Roman blinds should look excellent in your living room, no matter the style.

Wooden Venetian Blinds For The Living Room

Wooden Venetian blinds In Living RoomFinally, real wood venetian blinds also make for perfect blinds in a living room, as they use slats like the vertical blinds, using wooden venetian blinds allows you to have an excellent control over the amount of light that pours into your living room, with the ability to rotate the slats 180 degrees and of course pull the blind up or down.

Whether your living room is modern, rustic, colourful or uses neutral tones a real wood venetian blind will look stylish in your living room, as they’re available in a variety of finishes and can be paired with a variety of privacy tapes

Blinds For The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home, it’s where you prepare your food, brew up a cup of tea to have a chat, do household chores and so much more. When it comes to finding the right blinds for your kitchen, you need to consider many different things, the kitchen can be a messy room, spillages are common place and with kids in the house, you’re very likely to get your blinds dirty at some point (To find out how to clean your dirty blinds, check out this blog post), so you’ll want a durable, rugged blind to best fit your kitchen!

So, let’s discuss what are the best blinds for a kitchen?

Roller Blinds For The Kitchen

Roller Blind In KitchenHere at DotcomBlinds, the majority of our Roller blinds are easy to operate and come equipped with our ‘Wipe Clean’ fabric, this makes them perfect for a kitchen environment, as any spills or stains can simply be wiped off of the blind with a damp towel, which makes Roller blinds a practical solution for shading your kitchen. This makes our roller blinds low maintenance in the kitchen to make your life just a bit easier.

As well as being easy to clean and durable in a kitchen environment, all of our roller blinds are available in a wide range of colours and patterns, so your new blind will look amazing in your kitchen no matter how your kitchen is decorated.

For a kitchen environment, it’s also important to note that our Roller blinds are made out of fire retardant material as all kitchen blinds should be to avoid any potential fire hazards in the kitchen.

Vertical Blinds For The Kitchen

Vertical Blin In KitchenVertical blinds are an excellent choice for a kitchen blind, as we’ve said previously, they offer unparalleled light control in any room they’re installed in, allowing you to block out unpleasant views, whilst still letting in ample amounts of natural light, or should you close the slats you can completely block out all incoming light, meaning you don’t have to worry about nosey neighbours.

Much like the roller blinds we offer, the majority of our vertical blinds are made with material that is both ‘Wipe Clean’ and fire retardant, making them ideal to be used in the kitchen. Vertical blinds also have the bonus of being quite versatile blinds, which can be made to fit in almost any size of window, this is perfect for kitchen as many kitchens have large or odd shaped windows or patio doors in them.

Whilst vertical blinds don’t have options to have printed patterns on them, there is a wide range of colours available on the vertical blinds, so they can easily match up to your kitchen’s design.

Metal Venetian Blinds For The Kitchen

Metal venetian blind in kitchenMetal venetian blinds are a lot like the real wood blinds we mentioned earlier, but rather than having slats made from wood, they’re made from metal, this makes the blinds a lot lighter and more durable in a kitchen setting, having their main material as metal rather than wood. This also makes the blinds a lot easier to install as the blinds will weigh less than its wooden counterpart.

Metal venetian blinds fit perfectly in a kitchen as they have a stylish sleek look, but also the fact that metal venetian blinds are easy to clean makes them perfect for a messy room like the kitchen, meaning any food spillages or stains can simply be wiped off the blind’s slats with a damp cloth.

And obviously, metal venetian blinds are available in a wide range of colours, from metallic tones, all the way to vibrant blues.

Blinds For The Bedroom

If you’re looking for a good night’s sleep, you’ll want to get some blackout blinds in your bedroom, bedroom blinds come in many different forms, but to help you sleep better you’ll want to make sure that your blind is available in blackout fabric. Blackout blinds will essentially keep outside light from entering your room and result in you getting a better night’s sleep. Also, unlike in a kitchen setting, when choosing a blind for your bedroom you don’t need to worry about your blind getting dirty, so unless you have messy kids you don’t need to worry too much about ‘Wipe Clean’ blinds.

So, what are the best blinds to have for your bedroom?

(Blackout) Roller Blinds For The Bedroom

Blackout Roller Blind In Bedroom Here at DotcomBlinds, most of our roller blinds can be purchased with a blackout fabric option, this means that the fabric of the blind is extra thick and is made of material to help block out light from the outside world, which makes them perfect bedroom blinds as they can keep your room nice and dark. These roller blinds are also incredibly easy to install which is a bonus.

As your bedroom is usually a private space, you needn’t worry too much about how stylish the blinds are, but they are available in a wide range of colours and patterns, from cool neutral colours, all the way to vibrant yellows. So no matter your style preference, there’s a roller blind that’s right for you!

Double Roller Blinds For The Bedroom

Double Roller Blinds In BedIf a single roller blind doesn’t appeal to you, how about a double roller blind? Our double roller blinds may be the perfect option for you. These double roller blinds are made up of 2 individual roller blinds on a single bracket, with one blackout blind and one dimout blind on the bracket, this will allow you to deploy the dimout blind during the day to let some light in and then use the blackout blind come night-time to help you sleep.

The only downside of these double roller blinds, is that there is currently a limited range of colour options for them, but all the available options are both stylish and striking, with each blind being colour matched to create a smooth look for the blinds to match up to your rooms decoration.

Of course these double roller blinds are slightly heavier than their single roller blinds counterparts, but they are not incredibly hard to install.

(Blackout) Roman Blinds For Your Bedroom

Roman Blinds In BedroomSo, roller blinds aren’t for you, but you still want a nice blackout blind for your room. Roman blinds are the other blind which works best in a bedroom. Roman blinds are obviously a bit more stylish and classy than roller blinds, so if you want to have an air of elegance in your bedroom, Romans may be the best choice for your room, whether you want a simple beige blind or a blind with intricate pattern, there is a Roman blind for you!

Roman blinds can be purchased with blackout fabric to make them black out outside light and dampen noise from the outside world which makes them a perfect bedroom blind and should help you sleep better. Really when buying a blind for the bedroom, you’ll want it to be blackout to ensure you get the best sleep possible.

Blinds For The Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom blinds, you need to consider the fact that your bathroom will often be wet and steamy. Due to this, any wooden blinds and fabric blinds are out of the running as they can all be damaged by the damp environment. So for the bathroom you’ll need to focus on PVC and plastic blinds for your bathroom as they won’t be damaged by the wetness of the bathroom. Don’t be put off there are still many different options for your bathroom’s blinds in a wide range of styles.

Now, let’s find out the best blinds for a bathroom.

Faux Wood Venetian Blinds For The Bathroom

Bathroom Faux Wood BlindsIf you’re not in the know, Faux Wood Venetian Blinds are basically the same as their wooden and metal counterparts, but the slats are made out of plastic which is styled to look like wood. As these blinds are made from plastic, they’re a perfect blind for bathroom settings. Also, as they are made of plastic rather than real wood, you’ll notice that they are significantly cheaper to purchase than real wood venetian blinds.

These blinds are also incredibly stylish and will look excellent in your bathroom, much like their real wood counterparts they’re available in a wide variety of finishes from Oak to Maple, so no matter how you’ve styled your bathroom there should be a stylish faux wood venetian blind for you.

As well as being cheaper than the real wood alternative, these faux wood blinds are noticeably lighter than the real wood venetians, which makes them a lot easier to install.

(PVC) Roller Blinds For The Bathroom

Roller Blinds IN BathroomNext up on the list of perfect bathroom blinds we have PVC Roller Blinds, at DotcomBlinds, we offer a range of our fabulous roller blinds made out of PVC rather than a cloth like fabric. This means that you do not have to worry about your blind succumbing to any unwelcome water damage, so these PVC roller blinds are incredibly durable in a bathroom setting.

Furthermore, our amazing PVC roller blinds can be found in a variety of colours and patterns, so there will certainly be a blind for you which perfectly matches the décor of your bathroom, allowing you to create a stylish bathroom space for you and your family.

Blinds For Your Home Office

One big trend we’ve noticed this year, is that home offices are now commonplace in homes as swaths of the population move to a life of working from home and after all, all these ‘work from home’-ers need somewhere at home to do their work. Now with the new trend of home offices, you’ll need a good set of blinds for your home office, you’ll want to be able to control the light and heat they let in to insure that you have a productive environment for you to work in.

So, what blinds for home offices work the best?

Vertical Blinds For Home Offices

Vertical Blinds For Home OfficeMany people can be put off of our amazing Vertical Blinds because Vertical blinds are more commonplace in offices than in homes and while we reckon that our vertical blinds will look amazing in any room of your house, they’ll be a perfect fit in your home office, elegantly pairing their simple design with your home office’s professional and tame design to create a perfect working space.

As you can augment how much light and heat enters your room with a set of vertical blinds, you can get your room perfectly set up to let in the right amount of natural light in a way that shan’t cause distractions for you whilst you’re hard at work.

Of course, our vertical blinds are available in a large variety of colours, but for a home office a neutral colour like cream or magnolia will create a nice professional workspace.

Metal Venetian Blinds For Home Offices

Home Office Metal venetian BlindsMetal venetian blinds are another type of blinds which people often would say are ‘Office-y’, again, we think that all of our blinds look amazing in any setting, but we have to admit that our metal venetian blinds just look incredibly natural in an office type setting, which makes them perfect for your home office.

Much like the vertical blinds, you can heavily augment the amount of light that enters your home office, to allow you to keep the sun out of your eyes, but still be able to get some lovely natural light into your room.

Again, whilst we can offer a wide range of colours for our metal blinds, we have to say that the more neutral colours look a lot better in a home office than some of the more vibrant and outlandish colours, so you’ll want to find a set with a nice gentle tone to them.

Electric Roller Blinds For Home Offices

Electric Blind In Home OfficeWhat’s the difference between normal roller blinds and electric roller blinds I hear you ask! Well, our electric roller blinds are simply just normal roller blinds, but rather than being hand operated, they’re controlled by a remote control. The reason this is great for the WFH-ers Is that you can also use your remote control to programme the blind to rise and lower to certain points at set times, so that you can programme the blind to keep the sunlight out of your eyes all day long without you needing to get up and adjust the blinds.

Like all of our standard roller blinds, our electric roller blinds are available in a wide variety of colours to fit any home office colour scheme from electric pink to cream and can be bought with blackout fabric to completely block out light from outside if you need a dark room for your work.

Blinds For Your Conservatory

When it comes to using blinds, the conservatory is a unique space, as so much of a conservatory is made of glass, there is a lot of space to shade in a conservatory. Whether you have a traditional conservatory, and orangery or a sunroom, a large amount of the structure will consist of windows. To make matters complicated, in a conservatory, there often isn’t enough drillable space available to install traditional blinds, so you’ll need to look for blinds that can fit in the rubber gaskets of the window panels.

So what are the best blinds for conservatories?

Pleated Conservatory Blinds For Conservatories

Pleated Conservatory blindsWhen it comes to conservatory blinds, you can’t beat our pleated conservatory blinds, these pleated conservatory blinds don’t require any tools to fit, you’ll simply just need to fit the end tabs of the pleated blind into the rubber gasket on your conservatory windows and they will stay in place there and then you can pull the blinds up and down from there.

Currently we stock two types of these conservatory blinds: Pleated Conservatory Blinds and Honeycomb Conservatory Blinds, there isn’t much practical difference between the two of them, but typically the honeycomb variety are slightly better at keeping in heat than the standard pleated conservatory blinds.

For these pleated conservatory blinds, we stock them in a wide range of colours, but at the moment we do not stock any patterned conservatory pleated blinds.

So, there we have it, the best blinds for each room of your home! Now you know what blinds you’ll need why not browse our store and find the perfect blinds for your home and even order your free samples today. If you need a hand measuring for your blinds we have guides for you here to help you measure and if you have any more blinds related questions, why not check out our FAQs or get in contact with a member of our friendly team today to help you out.