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Product Description

This aluminium cubicle track is a capable and easy solution to provide privacy for a hospital-bed style situation, whether it is a single bed bay or multiple beds. All of our Movatrack® cubicle tracks are supplied with a curtain removal point as standard that makes it really easy to change the cubicle curtain. more

Additional information

Cubicle Track Configurations

As standard we can process a number of preconfigured solutions, simply select from above the configuration you require, should you need something a little more bespoke please drop us a line at with your requirements.

Straight Cubicle Track

The most straight forward of cubicle track configurations, this track simply provides privacy from one direction. Ideal for use as a shower track and very easy to install. Depending on the length, this cubicle track configuration may not need a ceiling support.

2 Bed Bay

The 2 Bed Bay configuration allows a space to be divided into 2 bays, with a curtain in between. With the straight track providing lateral support and stability, this is a very secure configuration. This track will have at least one ceiling support, with the provision for more depending on the length of the track.

3 Bed Bay

Providing maximum privacy across a long distance, this is a classic hospital ward configuration that allows you to get the most from the space. This track will have at least two ceiling supports, with more depending on the length.

L Shaped

An L-shaped cubicle track configuration fits perfectly into a corner, providing curtains on two sides. You’ll be able to draw the curtain the whole way around in one smooth movement. This track will require at least one ceiling fixing for the corner, with more dependent on length.

U Shaped

A U-shaped track can create an area of privacy from just a straight wall. Utilising two bends, this configuration will require at least two ceiling supports. You’ll be able to draw the curtain the whole way around in one smooth movement. This track will have one standard ceiling support and a v-hanger ceiling support to prevent sway, with more dependent on the length of the track.


Similar to the L-Shaped Cubicle Track, this configuration allows you to use the dead space in a room – the corner. You’ll be able to draw the curtain the whole way around in one smooth movement. This track will have at least one ceiling support, dependent on the length.

Technical Information

The standard fitting height for our cubicle track is 2100mm, which accounts for a number of curtain lengths. All supports are supplied with a drop of 1 metre. If you have a bigger fitting height, please advise by email ( immediately after placing your order, quoting your order number and we can process it accordingly.

Made from quality white-powder coated aluminium with roller hooks at 10 per metre, cubicle curtains also available. Complies fully with the requirements of HTM66

For multiple bay options, and overlap is supplied which covers the join between one bay and the next. All fixings are supplied with the track, including ceiling supports to suspend the track and end stops and wall-shoes for fitting it neatly to a wall.

We strongly recommend a qualified, trained and accredited fitter carries out the installation of this product in health care and hospital environments.

Fitting Ceiling Supports to Ceiling Tiles and Grid

A ceiling support for our cubicle tracks is an essential way of maintaining the rigidity of the track, preventing lateral swing and ensuring the structure is stable. They must always be fitted within 150mm from a join and there must not be more than a 3000mm distance without support. For situations that require a ceiling support in a room with ceiling tiles and grid there are a couple of solutions.

The first is to go through a small hole in the tile above the support and up into concrete above the ceiling. This may require extra long ceiling supports, so if you intend to do this, please advise our team at the time of ordering or immediately after by emailing (

The second option is to lay a length of wood across the grid above the tile near where you wish to fix the ceiling support. You’ll be able to fit the ceiling support through the ceiling tile and into the wood.

How To Measure

How To Measure Your Cubicle Track

We do all the hard work, so you don’t have to!

Firstly, identify the cubicle track layout that you require, and how many bays you need to cover. By selecting the relevant layout on the page you’ll be presented with an easy from for your measurements.

When taking your measurements, measure along a wall or ceiling to ensure accuracy and an even plane.

Enter the corresponding measurement for the lettered sides. If your track is going to have a bend, measure as though it is a 90 degree right angle – don’t attempt to account for the radius of the bend – we take care of all that.

Once all your measurements are inputted, click the ‘calculate price’ button – simple!

Here's a quick top tip for when you come to order your cubicle curtain: It is diligent to add 20% of the width to the width measurement to ensure there is enough fabric to cover the entire track comfortably.

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