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  • Moisture ResistantMoisture Resistant

    Moisture resistant blinds are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens where there may be a lot of moisture present. Our Moisture Resistant material is rot-proof and Biosafe®. This is because it will not absorb and retain any water under normal circumstances, which is key to preventing the build-up of bacteria or mold in these warm, damp spaces.

    We offer a range of moisture resistant blinds – including bathroom blinds, kitchen blinds, and roller blinds. With our measuring guides and unparalleled customer service, you can ensure your blinds are perfect for the room they are used in. 

    Moisture Resistant
  • Wipe CleanWipe Clean

    These blinds are super easy to clean and perfect for busy households; simply wipe over with a dry cloth to remove dust and any debris or use a damp cloth to remove stains. Ideal for homes with kids or areas close to food preparation (including use around the kitchen sink). Please consider the type of fabric best suited to the situation, for example, PVC fabric blind may be a better choice is you plan to clean your blind more vigorously. If you’re unsure of the type of fabric you will need, please feel free to order as many free samples as you need.

    Wipe Clean
  • Fire RetardantFire Retardant

    Fire retardancy is a worthy feature to look out for with a window blind. A fire-retardant blind provides peace of mind, knowing that you have a product in place that will protect your loved ones. It is a high quality and safe alternative in case somebody leaves a candle on the windowsill, or you install a blind close to your hob in the kitchen. This material will only smolder if presented with a flame, and once the source of heat has been removed, it is designed to self-extinguish.

    This can be added to your fabric by selecting this add-on at the checkout.

    If you are unsure about whether the type of blind you are interested in is fire retardant, please speak to our customer service team.

    Fire Retardant
  • Anti BacterialAnti Bacterial

    Ideal for children’s play areas, communal areas, bathrooms and homes with pets. Our Anti-Bacterial, anti-microbial blinds are treated to kill bacteria. Biosafe® is the international accreditation standard for an antimicrobial formula that ensures the effective inhibition of infection. What’s more, it is an inherent formula, which means it will not wear off over time. This formula is used in hospitals, care homes, and health care centres across the country.

    The term anti-bacterial can sometimes throw up visions of grey, lifeless blinds – however, we have a huge number of anti-bacterial blinds perfect for your home. In particular, the roller blinds range is a popular choice for tackling bacteria in the home.

    Anti Bacterial
  • Solar ReflectiveSolar Reflective

    Just what you need when you retreat indoors on a scorching summer’s day. Our solar reflective fabric has a special backing that bounces back the sun’s rays. This reduces heat and glare building up in a room beyond the abilities of a regular blind, ideal for rooms exposed to a lot of sunlight, giving you an element of solar control. Please note that the backs of these fabrics will appear different to the front of the blind due to the solar reflective properties.

    Solar Reflective
  • Real Wood VenetianReal Wood Venetian

    Real wood venetian blinds are made from basswood. With a regular and even grain, basswood is a popular material for wooden venetian blinds. Real wood venetians blinds are not suited to humid or damp areas like bathrooms and kitchens as the moisture can cause the wood to warp.

    Real Wood
  • Faux Wood VenetianFaux Wood Venetian

    Faux wood venetian blinds are made using composite materials such as vinyl and PVC. Faux wood is very durable and moisture resistant and looks virtually indistinguishable from real wood. Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms where the damp and humidity would not be suitable for real wood.

    Faux Wood
  • Fabric Privacy TapeFabric Privacy Tape

    Fabric privacy tape is a strip of fabric that covers the holes that the ladder passes through. Not only is the fabric tape a stylish addition to the blind, but it also covers the holes that could allow in light or let people look through.

    Solid or patterned privacy tape is available across our blind range, should you want to contrast the colour of the blind, or room, with the tape.

    Privacy Tapes
  • 25mm Slat25mm Slat

    The smallest venetian slat size on offer on DotcomBlinds.com, the 25mm slat is available in wood and metal and is ideal for smaller window spaces. Measuring this type of blind is straightforward, as is installation.

    25mm slats
  • 35mm Slat35mm Slat

    Larger than the 25mm slat but not as big as the 50mm slat. The 35mm sized slats provide slightly more privacy than the larger slat options and are ideally suited to medium-sized to small windows.

  • 50mm Slat50mm Slat

    50mm slat venetian blinds are ideal for shading large windows. They give a similar effect of large plantation-style shutters but with greater maneuverability and control. For feature windows – 50mm slat blinds are a perfect choice as they allow you to make a statement in style.

  • Blackout : PVCBlackout : PVC

    Providing high levels of light exclusion, these are the nigh-on bombproof blind fabrics that are suited to the toughest conditions. This moisture resistant, fire retardant, anti-microbial wipe clean blackout fabric is 4-ply: three layers of PVC and one layer of fiberglass. All those layers mean that no light can seep through. PVC Blackout fabric is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, kids’ rooms and more!

    All of our PVC blackout blinds are made to measure to your windows so you can ensure there is no interrupted sleep and light creeping in. If you’re measuring outside of the window recess, ensure you add additional length to your width measurement to remove the potential of light shining through the sides.

    PVC Fronted Blackout Blind Fabric
  • Blackout : Fabric FrontedBlackout : Fabric Fronted

    The Fabric Fronted Blackout Blind collection provides you with the light-blocking properties expected from a blackout blind, but with the vibrancy of the colours and patterns you’d expect to find on fabric blinds. The fabric is backed with an additional light blocking material making it impossible for exterior light to penetrate the fabric, casting your room into total darkness. 

    Fabric Fronted Blackout Fabric With A Thicker Light Blocking Fabric On The Back
  • Screen FabricScreen Fabric

    Screen fabric is an easy and stylish way to shade your room for direct sunlight. Popular for spaces where screens need to be viewed, which can be obscured by bright light, a screen fabric has a more open style weave than other dimout fabrics, and certainly more so than blackout fabrics.

    Light is allowed through and it is possible to see through the fabric to some extent, but glare is reduced to a minimum. Not only is it super-effective in aiding home offices, television rooms and other spaces that can be disrupted by glare, but it is also a clean, modern-looking fabric. Order your free sample today to see for yourself.
    Moisture Resistant
  • Wide Width OptionWide Width Option

    Wide Width Option blinds are window blinds that can be made to sizes above and beyond standard sizing as one single blind. Wide Width Roller Blinds can be made to a maximum width of 3450mm with a drop of up to 4250mm. For Vertical Blinds, we can make your blind to a maximum width of 4000mm with a drop of 4000mm.

    Wide Width Option
  • Covid SecureCovid Secure

    With the increased need to protect ourselves and others from the spread of airborne infections such as Covid-19, we’ve created a clear Roller Screen that is ideally suited for installation in several environments such as Retail POS, Reception spaces or as desk dividers within an office environment. Available with both a Chain or Crank operation the Clear Roller Screen is an excellent solution in providing covid secure protection whilst allowing people to see each other and not lose that visual element.

  • Dimout FabricDimout Fabric

    Dimout fabric dims any exterior light entering the room but doesn’t block it out completely. This is really effective at cutting glare on screens without casting the room into total darkness. We find many people use this type of roller blind in living rooms as it stops sunlight from shining onto television screens or making the room too bright and uncomfortable. Generally, dimout fabric is thinner than blackout, has an open weave and comes in a variety of opacities. Opacity refers to how much light is blocked (think transparency in reverse), and we refer to its light and medium (high opacity blinds are blackout blinds) simply for ease of understanding. Light opacity dimout roller blinds are nearer voile and sheer fabrics, letting in lots of light, just filtering down direct beams of sunlight. The wonderful thing with dimout fabric is that it catches the sunlight and changes tone as the sun moves across the sky, which is simply captivating, especially when the fabric seems to glow.
  • ThermalThermal

    Thermal blinds help to keep the room nice and cosy, which can be a struggle in winter. They may even help to keep those energy bills down too...
  • Plain FabricPlain Fabric

    Our plain fabric blinds and curtains provide you with the incredible diversity that comes with a single colour. Easy to match to a room and available in a huge choice, these fabrics are a fantastic way to bring some life and colour to your windows. Be sure to order your free fabric samples to get a feel for the fabric in person and to see all the great features these fabrics have to offer.

  • Patterned FabricPatterned Fabric

    Turn your windows into the focal point of your room with a patterned fabric blind or curtain. Available in a range of repeat patterns and styles, these fabrics give you the ability to soften harsh looking windows, provide a burst of colour and help to bring your room up to date. Be sure to order your free fabric samples to get a feel for the fabric in person and to see all the great features these fabrics have to offer.