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DotcomBlind’s Right-Size Guarantee will replace a blind or curtain with the correct size if you get the measurements wrong.
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Product Description

The Zibal Heather Curtain is a fantastic Red/Pink/Terracotta coloured plain curtain that is ideal for several rooms. Adding colour and texture to your room, a curtain is an elegant way to stylishly shade your home.
Our Zibal Heather Curtain is composed of 100% Polyester and is available with a choice of several linings such as dimout and blackout and header options, including eyelet, pencil pleat and double pinch pleat to suit all types of tracks and rails.
Also available in this collection are matching Cushion Covers, Tiebacks and Roman Blinds allowing you to coherently connect your curtains to your room.
Our Made to Measure curtains come in a pair and the tiebacks are sold separately in matching fabric. Please note fixings and hooks are not supplied with our curtains.

Not quite what you're looking for? Why not take a look at our extensive range of Curtains with matching Tie Backs and Cushion Covers?

Additional information

Curtain Header Options

Curtain Header Options

All of our curtains have three options for curtain headers: eyelet, pencil pleat and double pinch pleat which need to be specified when you place your order.


The eyelet heading is the simplest way to hang a curtain, all that is required is a curtain pole that you feed the eyelets over. The eyelets are made from metal and will fit a standard sized curtain pole and are available in a choice of colours: gold, silver, gun metal and antique brass with a diameter of 40mm.

Pencil Pleat

A pencil pleat is a 75mm pleated header with all pleats uniformly spaced along the top of the curtain. This version is suited to curtain tracks, although curtain poles with some rings will be able to take the hooks for this curtain. The pleat is made by pulling through a string which you’ll need to do when the curtain arrives. We recommend following the instructions as we can’t fix the curtain if the cord snaps or is pulled through. You will need hooks for this heading type which are not supplied with the curtain.

Double Pinch Pleat

The double pinch pleat is very similar to the pencil pleat heading in terms of the curtain requiring hooks for the pole or track. However, the key difference for a double pinch pleat is the look. The fabric is gathered at equally spaced points at equal places along the 100mm header, looking much like a pinch in the fabric. It is a stylish way to enjoy your curtains and is a purely aesthetic choice.


Curtain Linings

Curtains from DotcomBlinds can be made with either a dimout lining or a blackout lining. This is the backing of the fabric and is the difference between light being limited in the room and total darkness.

Dimout Curtain Lining

Dimout linings will allow some light to pass through the curtain, but piercing beams of sunlight will be diffused, preventing glare. Dimout linings will not provide total darkness but simply lower light levels in the room.

Blackout lining

Our blackout lining prevents any light from passing through the fabric and has the added benefit of adding insulation to your window. By being slightly thicker than the dimout lining, light can not pass through the fabric.

Optional Extras

Optional Extras

Our curtain range comes with a huge choice of extras that you can buy to extend the theme further into your home.

Curtain Tie Backs

Curtain Tie Backs are bought separately to the curtains and are made to measure. Simply select your tie back in the curtain fabric of your choice, the size and we will make your pair of curtain tie backs. Please note, the tie backs are made to measure and so therefore non-returnable in the event you choose the wrong size or fabric. To view our entire range of Curtain Tie Backs click here.

Cushion Covers

We offer cushion covers in the same fabric as our curtains available in two sizes. These are unfilled cushion covers so you’ll need to have a cushion to go inside the cover. The cushion covers are plain as standard with the option for piped edging in each size too. To view our entire range of Cushion Covers click here.

Roman Blinds

Our Roman Blinds are the ideal way to complete your colour scheme, or for windows where curtains are perhaps not applicable. Roman blinds are available in the same fabrics as our curtains and so will compliment all windows throughout your home. To view our entire range of Roman Blinds click here.

How to Measure

How to Measure

Everyone agrees that great fitting curtains can really complete a room, and so we’ve made measuring and ordering your made to measure curtains so quick and easy. Our curtains come in a choice of either eyelet, pencil pleat and double pinch pleat, and this effects a couple of steps in the measuring process, so be sure to know which type you want to order before you measure.

It is important to take care with your measurements as once your blinds have been made, we will not be able to take them back and issue a refund if you get the measurements wrong or you dislike the fabric. If you are a little uncertain, why not consider purchasing our Right Size Guarantee when you place your order? We will remake one set of curtains per order if you get the size wrong. Terms and conditions apply.

Measuring the width of curtains for a curtain pole

Measure the width of the curtain pole between the decorative end caps. This is the width that you will need to enter for your blinds. Generally, your pole should be 15cm wider than the window or recess on each side, so if you haven’t fitted a pole yet, measure the width of the window or recess and then at 30cm to get the total width that you need to order.

Measuring the width of curtains for curtain tracks

Measure the full width of the track, end to end, to get the width that you will need to enter. Generally, your track should be 15cm wider than the window or recess on each side, so if you haven’t fitted the track yet, measure the width of the window or recess and then at 30cm to get the total width that you need to order.

If your track has an overlap, measure the full width of the track first and then add on the width of the overlap. The total will be the width you need to order.

Measuring the drop for eyelet curtains

Measure from the top of the pole to where you want the curtain to finish. We recommend the curtain finishes 1.5cm above the floor, 15cm below the sill or 2-3cm above the radiator, or 1.5cm above the sill.

Measuring the drop for pencil pleat and double pinch pleat blinds

If you’re using decorative rings on a curtain pole, simply measure from the underside of the decorative ring. If the decorative rings need to be covered by fabric, just measure from the top of the pole to the where you want the curtain to finish.

If you’re using a curtain track then measure from the top of the track to the where you want the curtain to finish. We recommend the curtain finishes 1.5cm above the floor, 15cm below the sill or 2-3cm above the radiator, or 1.5cm above the sill.

How to Install

How to Install

Your curtains have arrived and it’s all hands on deck to get them up in the window – so here are a few pointers to get you started.

The first thing to do is to work out which curtain is left and which is right. Our curtains always come in pairs, and if there is a seam in the curtain, ensure this closest to the curtain track or pole end.

When you come to attach your curtain to the track or pole, a helping hand wouldn’t go amiss, so rope any silent observers into supporting the weight of the curtain while you attack it to the track or pole. If there’s no one around (or they’ve all scarpered) chuck it over your shoulder to support the weight, just be careful if you’re on a ladder.

Gathering your curtains for pleats

When your curtains arrive, they will be flat (not gathered) to reduce any creasing whilst on its way to you. This means you will need to gather the pleats. It’s really simple, here’s how:

Important Information

Knot together all of the cords at one end of the curtain, before you do anything. If you do not knot one end you will pull the cords all the way through the curtain and the gathering process will fail (and DotcomBlinds is unable help).

Once you have knotted one end, slowly and carefully pull the other end of the cord. If the cord breaks DotcomBlinds is unable to repair this so, please take care. As you pull, feed the fabric along the cord to help the pleat begin to form. Pull the cord until the blind is the correct width and the pleats are even. Loosely tie off this end but never cut the cords, excess cord can be tucked away behind the curtain tape.

Inserting the Hooks

Make sure you’ve got an equal number of hooks on your pole or track for each curtain, so split your hooks equally. On the back of the curtain tape are three pockets. Use the top pocket if you are fitting the curtain to a pole, and the middle and bottom pocket if it is to be fitted to a track. The top of the curtain should sit parallel to the top of the track.

Fit the hooks 4-5 pockets apart across the width and be sure to place a hook at each end of the curtain.

Hanging your curtains

Find the curtain ring or glider and hook the curtain into place. If you are fitting it to a pole, be sure to keep the last ring between the finial and the bracket. This ensures the curtain will stay in place when the curtain is drawn.

Finally, if you are happy with the width of the curtains, securely knot off the loose cords. If you would like a little more fullness on your curtains, carefully untie the knot and pull to a new desired width. Once happy, knot the cords and tuck them neatly behind the curtain tape.

Right-Size Guarantee

Right-Size Guarantee

Sometimes you just need some peace of mind when you come to place an order for your blinds. With DotcomBlind’s Right-Size Guarantee you can have just that. With our Right-Size Guarantee we will replace a blind with the correct size if you get the measurements wrong when you order.

Why do I need this Insurance?

We can’t accept returns or provide refunds for blinds that are mis-measured because all of our blinds are made to measure and so the onus is on the customer to get the measurements right for their blinds. Sometimes you might just be having an off-day, get your centimetres and inches mixed up and end up with a blind that is nigh-on useless. With our Right-Size Guarantee we will take that blind back, remake it to the correct size for you and send it back, saving you from having to buy a totally new blind!

How does it work?

✔  Purchase Right-Size Guarantee when you place your order
✔  If one of your blinds has been measured incorrectly, get in touch with us within 14 days and we’ll tell you how to return the blind to us.
✔  Once your blind is with us, we’ll remake it or adjust the blind to your correct measurements and send it back.
✔  Please read our terms and conditions for full details as you will incur additional costs returning the blind to us. 

Next Day Free Samples

Free Samples?

Free samples are available on all of our fabrics and slats. Simply click the ‘order free sample’ button.

Your free sample will be added to the basket ready for you to checkout. You can carry on browsing, adding as many samples to your basket as you like. When you’re ready, checkout – delivery is free too – and relax, our samples will be on their way to you in no time.

Why order samples?

We always recommend ordering samples to ensure you fall in love with the fabric or slat. Screen resolution and brightness settings vary and you may find some fabrics look a little different in real life to how they appear on a screen. You can hold a sample in your hands, feel the fabrics, the weave and see the opacity before your very eyes, something you can’t recreate online.

We’ve made every effort to accurately portray the fabric realistically, but you can never be too careful.

Quick Turnaround

We pride ourselves on the speed with which we can get your free fabric samples to you. We send your samples with first class delivery to be with you the very next day. We often dispatch them the same day you place your order (and most certainly by the next working day if you order after hours or on the weekend). With our fast free fabric sample delivery you’ll be one step closer to shading your home with some of our fabulous blinds in no time at all!
Curtain Care Instructions

Care Instructions

We recommend the fabric is professionally dry-cleaned.

Do Not Wash, Iron or Tumble Dry

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Our highstreet price comparison calculator works on an average price based on similar made-to-measure blinds sold by highstreet retailers. We compare their blinds to ours using the same measurements, same type of fabric and same mechanism, doing our best to find a like-for-like system. To find out more, click here.

  • 35+ Years Experience
    Manufacturing Made to Measure Blinds
  • 35+ Years Experience
    Manufacturing Made to Measure Blinds