How to Measure for Prestige Pleated & Venetian Blinds

  • Prestige Pleated & Venetian Blinds are held in place by brackets that slide under the rubber gasket and are held against the glass. Take a look at the window. You’ll see a rubber seal that runs around the glass. This is called a gasket (some refer to it as a seal, either way, it’s the rubber “bit” located between the edge of your doors or windows and the glass!)

    Use a credit card or butter knife and slide it behind the gasket to check that you can get the blind’s tab under it. This is to replicate the thickness of the bracket used to install this blind. For these blinds to work correctly, you need a rubber gasket and not a foam gasket. Some gaskets are stuck down, and if this is the case, your window isn’t suitable for our range of Prestige blinds.

    Mark on the card or knife where the gasket reaches and then remove it from the window. Measure from the edge of the card or knife to the mark. This distance needs to be at least 17mm for your window to be suitable. If it is not 17mm, we don’t recommend this type of blind for your window.

    Step 1.

    Slide a butter knife/credit card behind the rubber gasket.


    Step 2.

    Mark on the knife/card where it natually comes to a stop.
    If you have a gasket that measures at least 17mm or more then the Prestige blinds should be suitable.

    Measure the width from the inside part of the window where the gasket ends on one side to where the gasket starts on the other. Repeat this for the top to the bottom too to get the drop measurement. Please note we will make a 4mm overall deduction to the width of the blind to ensure the rivet is free to move and will not come into contact with the frame.

    Step 3. Measure Width

    Take two measurements of the width, at the top and the bottom of the window.
    If there is any variation always use the shortest width to order your blinds. If the windows are particularly large you can take intermediate measurements to check.

    Step 4. Measure Drop

    Take three measurements of the window drop.
    If there are any variations, then always use the longest measurement.
    You must measure accurately and to the nearest millimetre to ensure a good fit.