Sometimes you just need some peace of mind when you come to place an order for your blinds. With DotcomBlind’s Right-Size Guarantee you can have just that. With our Right-Size Guarantee we will replace one blind or curtain with the correct size if you get the measurements wrong when you order.

Why do I need this Insurance?

We can’t accept returns or provide refunds for blinds that are mis-measured because all of our blinds are made to measure and so the onus is on the customer to get the measurements right for their blinds. Sometimes you might just be having an off-day, get your centimetres and inches mixed up and end up with a blind that is nigh-on useless. With our Right-Size Guarantee we will take that one blind back, remake it to the correct size for you and send it back, saving you from having to buy a totally new blind!

How does it work?

✔  Purchase Right-Size Guarantee when you place your order.
✔  If one of your blinds has been measured incorrectly, get in touch with us within 14 days and we’ll tell you how to return the blind to us.
✔  Once your blind is with us, we’ll remake it or adjust the blind to your correct measurements and send it back.
✔  Please read our terms and conditions for full details as you will incur additional costs returning the blind to us.


Terms and Conditions

DotcomBlind’s Right-Size Guarantee is an insurance policy against the incorrect measurements of one blind in your order. This will cost an additional £9.99 at the checkout and only covers one blind regardless of the size of the order. It must be purchased alongside an order and can only be used for that order and it cannot be purchased retroactively. Discount codes will not apply to the Right Size Guarantee and the price of £9.99 will not be discounted.

Without Right-Size Guarantee you do not have the right to return your blinds to us if they are made to measurements specified by you that turn out to be incorrect due to your mismeasurement. Right-Size Guarantee provides you greater protection than your legal rights.

•  Right-Size Guarantee can be used on one blind from DotcomBlinds if you have made a mistake when measuring. It does not cover an entire order of multiple blinds and it can only be redeemed for a maximum of four orders per household within a 12-month period.
•  Please notify DotcomBlinds with your new size within 10 working days of receiving the order and tell us which blind is incorrect and we will issue you with a Returns Authorisation Code. You will need to return the blind to us at DotcomBlinds, Enterprise Way, Wickford, Essex, SS11 8DH at your own cost within 2 weeks of the code being issued.
•  Please ensure you display the Returns Authorisation Code clearly on the box and please include your name and order number with the returned blind so that we can identify the package (your name and order number should be inside the box).
•  Once your blind has been returned to us, we will remake your blind to your new measurements only. We will not change the fabric type, control option or blind type.
•  If your new blind is significantly larger than the previous blind there will be a balance due between the original size ordered and the new blind. You will not receive a refund if the blind is to be made smaller.
•  You will be responsible for covering the cost of delivery at our standard delivery rate of £9.99 before we despatch the blind to you.
•  If the original blind is too large, we will attempt to amend the original blind if possible instead of manufacturing a new one.
•  Right-Size Guarantee does not cover any blind made within our stated tolerance sizes (generally +/- 2-3mm).