How To Measure

  • Measuring for Roller Blinds

  • Measuring for Venetian Blinds

  • Measuring for Vertical Blinds

  • Measuring for Pleated Blinds

How To Install

  • Fitting for Roller Blinds

  • Fitting for Venetian Blinds

  • Fitting for Vertical Blinds

  • Fitting for Pleated Blinds

  • Fitting for Crank Roller

  • Fitting for Battery Roller

Measure for Curtain Tracks

  • We’ve made it super easy – just supply us with one measurement and we do all the deductions and supply you with the correct number of brackets.

    Measure the width of your ‘recess’ or ‘exact’ track size (outside the recess) and input it on the product page of the track you wish to buy.

    See, told you it was easy.

How To Install

  • Fitting Guide Curtain Light

  • Fitting Guide Curtain Medium

  • Fitting Guide Curtain Heavy

  • Fitting Guide Curtain Cord