• 35+ Years Experience
    Manufacturing Made to Measure Blinds
  • 35+ Years Experience
    Manufacturing Made to Measure Blinds

How To Measure for Blinds & Curtain Tracks

Measuring for your window blind or curtain track is easy when you know how. These straightforward measuring instructions will help you find the dimensions needed by us so that we can make your perfect made to measure blind. Just choose the type of blind or curtain track you would like to measure for and grab your tape measure!

  • Measuring for Roller Blinds

  • Measuring for Venetian Blinds

  • Measuring for Vertical Blinds

  • Measuring for Prestige Bifold & Conservatory Blinds

  • Measuring for Roman Blinds

  • Measuring for Curtains

  • Measuring for Curtain Tracks

  • Measuring for Cubicle Tracks

How To Install Blinds & Curtain Tracks

We make it so easy to install your made to measure blind or curtain track. Your blinds come complete with all the fittings you need, so all you have to do is put it all together! Choose the instructions for the blind that matches your order and get started, your window will be shaded in no time!

    • Fitting Roller Blinds

    • Fitting Venetian Blinds

    • Fitting Faux Wood Blinds

    • Fitting Real Wood Blinds

    • Fitting Vertical Blinds

    • Fitting Headbox Roller Blinds

    • Fitting Prestige Blinds

    • Fitting Premium XL Blinds

    • Fitting Crank Roller Blinds

    • Fitting XL Mains Electric Blinds

    • Fitting Electric Roller Blinds

    • Fitting Roman Blinds

    • Fitting Curtains

    • Fitting Day & Night Blinds

    • Fitting Double Roller Blinds

    • Light-Weight Curtain Tracks

    • Medium-Weight Curtain Tracks

    • Heavy-Weight Curtain Tracks

    • Cord Drawn Curtain Tracks

    • Fitting Cubicle Tracks