How To Measure Cubicle Tracks

  • Cubicle Tracks

We do all the hard work, so you don’t have to!

Firstly, identify the cubicle track layout that you require, and how many bays you need to cover. By selecting the relevant layout on the page you’ll be presented with an easy from for your measurements.

When taking your measurements, measure along a wall or ceiling to ensure accuracy and an even plane.

Enter the corresponding measurement for the lettered sides. If your track is going to have a bend, measure as though it is a 90 degree right angle – don’t attempt to account for the radius of the bend – we take care of all that.

Once all your measurements are inputted, click the ‘calculate price’ button – simple!

Here's a quick top tip for when you come to order your cubicle curtain: It is diligent to add 20% of the width to the width measurement to ensure there is enough fabric to cover the entire track comfortably.

Cubcile track in a hospital setting