How our blinds work

There’s more to a blind than shading, although we think it’s pretty important. The way a blind operates is very important, not just to make sure it suits your room, but to also suit your needs. Below is a quick explanation of how each blind works.

Roller Blind

  • Crank

    A crank operated roller blind removes the need for cords and chains thanks to our innovative solution: a crank. By turning the crank, the blind is raised or lowered, and on many models, the crank can be removed entirely. This maintains the blind’s sleek profile and takes away from children any temptation to play with it.

  • Chain

    A chain operated roller blind has a safe breakaway chain that is designed to come apart under excessive weight, but is easily clipped back together.

  • Battery

    A battery operated blind is the ultimate in easy-to-use operation and style. At the touch of a button, these roller blinds can be raised and lowered.

Venetian Blind

  • Cord/Wand

    A cord or wand operated venetian blind works by lowering and raising the blind with the cord and adjusting the slats with the wand. This more traditional method is a popular means of operating a venetian blind, providing a great level of control over how much light can enter a room.

  • Chain

    A chain operated venetian blind is an enormous innovation in the world of blinds. A single chain operates the raising and lowering of the blind whilst also controlling the slats. This is also known as Mono Control. The unique Mono Control requires easily operates from one end giving a neater appearance overall. This innovative mechanism ensures the blind constantly stays level when lifted and slats can be angled more accurately.

Vertical Blind

  • Chain

    A chain operated vertical blind is an easy way to operate your blind and how much light enters your room. This function is particularly helpful if access to the whole blind is limited. Simply stand to one side and use the cord.

  • Wand

    A wand operated vertical blind allows you to move your blinds to exactly where you want them and adjust the louvres with a simple twist of the wand. The lack of cords or chains make this method of operation incredibly child safe.

Insect Screen

  • Chain

    Insect screens are the easiest way to keep out creepy-crawlies, and a chain operated insect screen is the easiest way to control this. Simply pull the chain to raise or lower the insect screen.

  • Spring

    A spring operated insect screen is the cordless solution to keep those tiny pests at bay! Simply pull down to lower the blind, and then tug it downwards and the spring mechanism within will take over, rolling up the blind.

Curtain Track

  • Hand Drawn

    A hand drawn curtain track does exactly what it says on the tin! To close or open the curtains on this curtain track, simply pull them across. Nice and simple!

  • Cord Drawn

    Curtains on a cord drawn curtain track are operated with a cord at the side of the track. Pull the cord to open or close the curtains.

Cubicle Track

  • Hand Drawn

    A hand drawn curtain track does exactly what it says on the tin! To close or open the cubicle curtains on this cubicle track, simply pull them across. Nice and simple!