Best Blinds For Minimalists

Best Blinds For Minimalists Best Blinds For Minimalists

What Blinds Are Best For A Minimalist Home?

Minimalist styles are all the rage nowadays and for good reason, there aren’t many themes that feel as sleek and stylish as a well-executed minimalist décor scheme, which creates a clean and calm look, without looking cluttered or sterile.

If you’re not familiar with minimalism, it is essentially décor that follows the mantras of ‘more is less’ and ‘quality over quantity’. By reducing the amount of clutter in any given room, you can create a nice minimalist room which will look stunning and modern.

There are a few types of minimalism, but all of them rely on the same basic philosophies of: Using a neutral colour palette to lay a calm base; contrasting empty spaces against feature décor pieces; decluttering your décor and using clean lines around the home to direct focus.

Simply put, minimalist décor is all about removing unnecessary frills from your home’s décor, to create a refreshing clean look in your home and only using additional décor pieces to create contrast and highlight key areas of your home.

If you’ve designed your home to be a calm, minimalist haven, you’ll need some blinds that fit the scheme of minimalism, so today, we’ll be looking at which of our blinds would fit best into a minimalist scheme! Read on to see our top minimalist picks.

All White Is Alright!

If you don’t want to draw too much attention to your windows or window blinds, then an all white roller blind like our Catania Frost Battery Roller Blind would be an excellent choice, as the white should seamlessly blend in with white walls, allowing you to draw focus elsewhere.

Electric blinds fit perfectly in a minimalist theme, as they’re controlled by a remote control they don’t need to have a chain on them to open the blind, by not needing a chain this blind cuts down on the clutter in view to make a cleaner look.

Add A Rustic Twang

If you want to add a bit of a rustic feel to your minimalist home, a set of our Inspire Calcio Faux Wood Blinds will be a great addition to your home, with a nice creamy finish that will mesh well with the whites and neutral colours used in your home.

Faux wooden blinds add a rustic feel to your home, which will help you contrast the clean look of minimalism with a homely feel that will help your home feel less sterile.

Draw Attention With Patterns

In a minimalist décor scheme, you still need feature pieces to draw attention to in order to make your home feel lived in and our Milan Jade Roller Blind is an excellent choice to do just that!

The Milan Jade roller blind has a beautifully designed abstract pattern on the calming jade coloured fabric, this will work excellently a feature piece in your minimalist home, allowing you to add a splash of colour to your home which will demand attention against your calm backdrop.

Off Whites For Contrast

If you want to add a subtle contrast to all the white used in your minimalist home’s décor and off-white blind like our Adhara Pearl Roman Blind will be an excellent choice. The off-white Pearl colour will create a subtle but noticeable contrast against the more plain areas of space in your home.

Roman blinds in general are a great choice for minimalist homes, with their simple design they create a stunning look without demanding too much attention, which is ideal for minimalist spaces.

Use Light With Day & Nights

If you want a minimalist blind that can help you manipulate natural light, our Brancaster Winter White Day & Night Blind will be a great choice. As Day and Night blinds alternate between opaque and transparent fabrics, they allow you to influence natural light and shadows in your home to create stunning effects.

This specific Day and Night blind will fit perfectly in a minimalist space, with a white finish that will allow it to seamlessly blend into your home’s minimalist décor, but thanks to the alternating slats of fabric, it also adds some extra depth and feel to the blind.

And there you have it, five great window blinds that will perfectly compliment your home’s minimalist design to help create a clean, calm home free of calamity.

If you need any help picking out the perfect blinds for your modern, minimalist home why not get in touch with our handy team of blinds experts!