Blinds: A Sensible Security Measure

Blinds: A Sensible Security Measure Blinds: A Sensible Security Measure

Top Tips To Protect Your Home

Here’s a fact: burglars are lazy and they’re big old scaredy-cats, so a window blind is all it takes to deter them.

Of course, you might have your seasoned crook who knows a thing or two, but your average two-bit crim hasn’t got the smarts to take a chance on a property he doesn’t know anything about. It is this element of mystery and uncertainty that is among the best in your arsenal against these half-witted ne’er-do-wells.

Security sensors and alarms to protect a home against burglarsObviously, and this is kind of a disclaimer, you should be taking other measures to protect your home. Chucking up a window blind but leaving your car unlocked isn’t going to help reduce those local crime stats, so be savvy. CCTV, external lighting, house alarms, sneezing powder and slippery banana skins are recommended also, but this blog post is going to focus on what DotcomBlinds knows best: window blinds.

So, we’ve established the fact that burglars usually know which house they’re going to burgle because they’ve had a chance to see the valuables. This can either be a spur of the moment event or a pre-meditated burglary, but either way, they’ve spotted something that caught their eye. They’re less inclined to go to all that skullduggerous effort on a whim that there may be something valuable inside – they prefer to know for sure.

Blinds make burglars uncertain of who and how many people are inside, whether you’ve got a pet Rottweiler or if you’re sitting just the other side of the window cleaning your golf club collection.

A man dressed in black with a face mask and tourch peering through a windowA window blind is a really stylish and effective way to protect your home. No, we don’t make 'bullet-proof-electrified-alarm blinds'. Just regular, great looking shades.

To know which blinds to buy, you need to figure out the situation you need the blinds for before you get measuring.

Perhaps you live by a busy street and your window is close to the pavement for all and sundry to ogle through as they pass. Now, you can go full blackout, but you’ll go from feeling as though you live on the wrong side of the glass at a zoo to total darkness 24/7 (which might be a little gloomy). Consider a dimout fabric that lets in lots of light, particularly voile fabrics, but makes it really hard for anyone to see in.

If you have a window that’s set back from the road a little, meaning no-one is going to get close enough for a good old snoop, consider a venetian blind. The slats still afford you privacy and can be adjusted to suit your needs and let in enough light.

The police recommend venetian blinds for your windows because they’re quite noisy when disturbed by say, someone trying to crawl through a window in the dead of night, and we agree with them. The extra noise and added inconvenience will help your chances in avoiding a burglary.

Again, there are plenty of other tips out there to help you beef up your home security, but window blinds are a superb way to stylishly protect your home and add one more deterrent.