We Need To Talk About Replacement Vertical blinds

We Need To Talk About Replacement Vertical blinds We Need To Talk About Replacement Vertical blinds

Everything You Need To Know About Vertical Blind Replacement Slats

If you think it’s time you replace your home’s old vertical blinds for a new set, you should have a quick think about whether you want to replace the whole thing or just the fabric slats on your blind. While it is easy enough to just buy a whole new vertical blind for your home, you can instead opt to just replace the slats on your vertical blinds rather than getting rid of the whole thing.

With some Vertical blind replacement slats, you can simply take the old blind slats off of the blind’s headrail, throw them away and hook on some brand new vertical blind slats. As you’re simply just replacing the blinds fabric rather than the blind itself and it’s headrail buying replacement slats is better for your wallet and for the environment.

Obviously as you’re just buying the fabric blinds slats, you won’t have to pay for a new headrail, brackets, etc, which will help you save some money on your purchase. And because you’re re-using the headrail you save it from the horrible fate of ending up in a landfill, which is a win for the headrail as well as the environment!

So, with our replacement vertical blinds slats, you can pick any colour or fabric from our regular selection of vertical blinds and have just the slats made up to put in your blind, so if you bought your original vertical blinds from us, you’ll be able to find a perfect replacement.

And with replacement slats, if you want to customise your blinds a bit, that can be done! With some black slats and white slats you could give your blinds a funky keyboard style look, or by buying multiple coloured slats you can arrange them so that your blinds look like a rainbow. With replacement vertical blinds slats the opportunities are near endless!

So How Can I Order Some Vertical Blinds Replacement Slats?

Well, it’s pretty simple if you want to replace the slats on your vertical blinds rather than buying a whole new set of blinds, you’ll want to head to the vertical blinds replacement category rather than the vertical blinds category in our store and peruse all the lovely fabric and colours we have on offer.

Unless you’re replacing your blind’s slats with new slats in the same fabric and colour, you should order a few fabric samples first to see how the fabric looks in person before you make a decision to make a purchase.

Once you’ve found a fabric and colour you’re happy with, it’s time to measure for your replacement slats. Luckily that’s a simple enough task. Just simply measure the slats on your existing blind from top to bottom of the slat and you have your measurements, once you have the drop measured, just count how many slats your blind currently has and you’re ready to place your order!

To order your vertical blinds replacement slats, go onto the individual page for the product  you’re looking to purchase, input your measurements and let us know how many slats you need and we’ll make them up and deliver them to you in a few days!

Once you have your new slats, just unhook the old slats from the headrail and then hook on your new slats to the headrail and you’re done!

Wasn’t that easy?

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

Yes, as a matter of fact there is!

Firstly, all of our vertical blinds slats are 89mm wide, so if you’re replacing slats from a blind you bought from us you’ll be fine, but you may want to measure your slats if your bought the original blind elsewhere just to make sure they’ll match up. If you slats are wider than 89mm simply order a few more slats to make up for the difference, or a few less slats if your blind’s slats are thinner than 89mm.

Secondly, we can supply our blinds slats with weights and chains, or simply just enclosed weights. With the weights and chains option, you will have some weights at the bottom of the slats to weigh them down and connecting chains to hold the slats together, but with the enclosed weights option, we’ll just provide the weights at the bottom of the slats.

And well, that’s everything you need to know about our vertical blinds replacement slats, if you still have a question that wasn’t answered here, feel free to visit our contact page and speak to a member of our team of blinds experts!