Green Coloured Blinds

Green Coloured Blinds Green Coloured Blinds

Five Green Blinds That We’ve Fallen In Love With

The colour green has seen a resurgence in interior design – and we welcome it with open arms! Since Pantone announced it’s very adventurously named ‘Greenery’ shade it’s 2017 Colour of the Year, the zesty tone is now back en vogue.

One of the easiest ways to lift your room is to use a window blind to great effect, and what better than to give it a splash of green! So, in celebration of the emerald tone, here are our five favourite green coloured blinds.

5. Bosa Apple Roller Blind

We’ll start the list off with a subtler flavour – fresh apple. This green is softer than some others that make this list but we just love the clean, simple colouring. We can almost smell the freshly cut apple from here!

Fresh Apple Livorno Roller Blind from DotcomBlinds

4. Lime Florence Dimout Roller Blind

The green vertical stripes work magically with the other tones of cream, soft grey and dark grey. Fully unrolled, this blind’s vertical lines will work to make your ceilings look higher and your window wider. The dimout nature of the fabric means a little bit of sunlight is allowed through. The result is a stunning back-lit green streak through your blind.

Lime Florence Dimout Roller Blind from DotcomBlinds

3. Bright Green Venetian

Bold, bright and beautifully contemporary – this green venetian blind makes a statement. The aluminium slats will help keep this blind looking fresh for longer, whilst providing you with an adaptable and cool shading solution.

Bright Green Venetian Blind From DotcomBlinds

2. Bottle Green Toscana Vertical Blind

The rich, dark green tones really lend an air of regality to your room, commanding yet dignified in its presence. The bottle green vertical blind is a superb way to control the light in your room whilst wowing your guests.

Bottle Green Toscana Vertical Blind from DotcomBlinds

1. Olive Venetian Blind

This tone of green is eye-catching yet suitable for a range of interiors. It is a warm and inviting tone that turns your window into a statement piece. We also found that by opening up the slats so that maximum light can come through, creates a beautiful, almost neon green hue around the window frame. Stunning!

Olive Venetian Blind from DotcomBlinds

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