How Wide Can Extra Wide Blinds Get?

How Wide Can Extra Wide Blinds Get? How Wide Can Extra Wide Blinds Get?

When decorating large spaces with expansive windows or glass doors, finding the right window treatments can be quite a challenge. Standard blinds often fall short in both size and aesthetic appeal, leaving gaps that compromise privacy and disrupt the overall look of a room. This is where extra wide blinds come into their own, offering not only a perfect fit but also enhancing the room's style and functionality. In this article, we will explore the extensive range of extra wide blinds available from DotcomBlinds, a leader in bespoke window solutions, and demonstrate how these products can transform your living or working space.

What Are Extra Wide Blinds?

Definition and Benefits

Extra wide blinds are precisely what they sound like: blinds designed to cover much larger widths than typical window treatments. Ideal for large window panes, sliding doors, and bi-fold doors, these blinds provide seamless coverage without the need for multiple panels. Here are some key benefits:

  • Single-panel coverage: Eliminates the light gaps between multiple standard blinds.

  • Aesthetic integrity: Maintains a clean, unbroken line across the window.

  • Customisation: Available in a variety of styles and fabrics to match any decor.

Materials and Construction

DotcomBlinds ensures that its extra wide blinds are not only large but also robust and durable. The blinds are constructed with larger metal barrels to support the weight of the extensive fabric used. This is crucial because a common issue with larger blinds is the bowing of the barrel, which can disrupt the blind's functionality and appearance. By choosing the correct barrel size, DotcomBlinds prevents this problem, ensuring a smooth and reliable operation.

The DotcomBlinds Range

At DotcomBlinds, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive selection of blinds suited to a wide range of window sizes. Our collection includes options for every requirement, from moderately wide windows to those that are exceptionally broad.

For those seeking standard solutions, our Roller Blinds start at a minimum width of 200mm and can extend up to 3450mm (3.4 meters), with a maximum drop of 4250mm (4.2 meters). For larger window spaces, our Premium XL Roller Blinds are ideal, reaching widths up to 4700mm (4.7 meters) and a drop of up to 5750mm (5.7 meters).

This variety ensures that whether you're outfitting a standard window or covering a large panoramic view, DotcomBlinds has a tailored solution to meet your needs perfectly.

Colour and Fabric Choices

The variety in colours and fabrics is vast, allowing for perfect coordination with any room’s decor. From subtle neutrals to bold, striking patterns, DotcomBlinds offers a palette and texture to suit every taste and design requirement. Whether you are looking for thermal efficiency, light filtering, or blackout capabilities, there is a fabric option designed to meet your needs.

Measuring and Installation

Step-by-Step Measuring Guide

Measuring your window for extra wide blinds is straightforward. The process involves:

  • Measure the width: Measure the interior width of the window frame at the top, middle, and bottom. Use the widest measurement to ensure the best fit.

  • Measure the drop: Measure the height from the top of the window frame to the desired length at the left, middle, and right. Again, use the longest measurement.

Simple Installation Process

Installing your extra wide blinds can be just as easy as installing standard-sized blinds, although it may require a bit more strength to lift the blinds into place. You'll need basic DIY tools and skills—essentially measuring, marking, drilling holes, and mounting the blinds. Detailed installation guides are available on the DotcomBlinds website to assist you through each step.

Before You Buy

Free Samples and Warranties

Before committing to a purchase, DotcomBlinds offers free fabric samples, allowing you to match the blinds' colour and texture with your existing decor. Most of the extra wide blinds come with a 3-year warranty, providing peace of mind about the quality and durability of your selection.

Customer Feedback

The confidence in DotcomBlinds' products is reflected in hundreds of 5-star reviews from satisfied customers. These testimonials attest to the quality of the products and the excellence of customer service, highlighting the positive experiences of those who have chosen DotcomBlinds for their window treatment solutions.


Choosing the right blinds for large windows doesn't have to be a daunting task. With DotcomBlinds, you can easily find extra wide blinds that meet your needs in terms of style, functionality, and size. By offering a robust range of options and dedicated support, DotcomBlinds ensures that your large windows are not just covered, but beautifully enhanced. Whether you are looking to create a statement piece or simply need functional window coverings, DotcomBlinds provides the solutions you need to achieve the perfect look and feel for your space.


What are the advantages of using extra wide blinds?

Extra wide blinds are specifically designed to cover large windows and glass doors seamlessly. These blinds eliminate the gaps created by using multiple standard blinds, ensuring an uninterrupted view and maintaining the room’s aesthetic integrity. They also come in a variety of styles and materials, allowing for customisation to match any interior decor.

How are extra wide blinds constructed to ensure durability?

DotcomBlinds manufactures its extra wide blinds with larger metal barrels to support the heavy fabric used. This construction prevents the barrel from bowing, which is common in larger blinds and can interfere with their functionality and appearance. This ensures that the blinds operate smoothly and reliably.

What size options are available for extra wide blinds at DotcomBlinds?

DotcomBlinds offers a range of sizes for extra wide blinds. The Standard Roller Blinds are available from 200mm to 3450mm in width and up to 4250mm in drop. For even larger windows, the Premium XL Roller Blinds can reach up to 4700mm in width and 5750mm in drop, providing coverage for nearly any large window setup.

How can I ensure a perfect fit when measuring for extra wide blinds?

To measure for extra wide blinds, measure the interior width of the window frame at the top, middle, and bottom, and select the widest measurement. For the drop, measure from the top of the frame to the desired length at the left, middle, and right sides of the window, using the longest measurement. These steps help ensure the blinds fit perfectly.

What support does DotcomBlinds offer before making a purchase?

Before purchasing, DotcomBlinds offers free fabric samples so customers can match the blinds’ colour and texture with their decor. Additionally, most blinds come with a 3-year warranty, giving buyers confidence in the quality and durability of their purchase. DotcomBlinds also provides detailed installation guides to assist customers through the setup process.