Perfect Purple Blinds

Perfect Purple Blinds Perfect Purple Blinds

Take A Look At Our Pretty Purple Blinds

Oh look, it’s time for another top 5 blinds list – Today we’re talking Purple Blinds!

Whether you want a soft purple, vivid lavender or hot heather colour added to your home’s windows, we have a wide range of pretty purple blinds that are just perfect for your home.

Morrilton Thistle Roman Blind

If you need a pretty purple blind to make your home perfect, then our Morrilton Thistle Roman Blind may just be what you’re looking for. This stunning textured Roman blind is soft to the touch and is finished in a stunning purple colour that catches the eye. As far as purple blinds go, we’d have to say this pretty purple Roman blind is as good as any other!

Prices start at £31.97 – Order yours here!

Arezzo Mulberry Patterned Roller Blind

If you’re looking for a more subtle use of purple, then perhaps our Arezzo Mulberry Roller Blind is up your street? This blind has a beautiful beige fabric, adorned with a subtle purple floral pattern. If you want to add purple vibe into your home, but are worried about drowning out other colours, this perfect purple patterned blind may be the one for you!

Prices start at £32.40 – Order yours here!

Lumberton Berry Roman Blind

On the other hand, if you’re not worried about purple overpowering your décor, our Lumberton Berry Roman Blind may be what you’re looking for! With it’s beautiful purple floral pattern, that looks as if it’s been lifted straight out of a renaissance painting, this powerful purple blind is only for the brave. But if you want blinds that make a statement, this purple beauty may be perfect for you!

Prices start at £26.64 – Order yours here!

Plum Double Roller Blind

If you need a purple blind that can keep your home well lit during the day and absolutely dark at night, then our Plum Double Roller Blind will be perfect for your home. Made up of two Plum coloured roller blinds, one in a Plum dimout fabric to let light in, and the other in a Plum Blackout fabric to keep light out, these double blinds is purple perfection for rooms that are used at day & night.

Prices start at £24.00 – Order yours here!

Purple Venetian Blind

If you just want to add a soft splash of purple to your home’s décor with no fuss, then our Purple Venetian Blind is what you need. Made from 25mm aluminium slats finished in a beautiful soft purple colour, these Purple Venetian Blinds are a purple perfectionists dream.

Prices start at £13.20 – Order yours here!

If all this talk of purple blinds, has got your engine running, then why not treat yourself and peruse our perfect range of pretty purple blinds here! Just make sure to order samples before placing an order, so that you can see and feel the blind’s material before spending any money.