What Are Wooden Blind Tapes And Why Have Them?
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Wooden Blinds With Tapes – Here's What You Need To Know

We’re big fans of choice here at DotcomBlinds. Across our entire range, you’ll see that we have plenty of colours, styles and operating mechanisms. Today, however, we’re focusing on our wooden venetian blind with fabric tape option.

So, what’s the deal with tape on wooden venetian blinds?

Faux Wood and Wooden Venetian Blinds Tape

The tape on a wooden venetian blind is mainly decorative. It is a strip of fabric that runs down each side of the blind, forming part of the ladder that holds the slats.

Many people enjoy tapes on a venetian blind because it covers the little holes in the slats that the cords of the laddering run through. The ladder runs between the strips of fabric and holds the slats in place and is absolutely necessary, so it is easy to see why people choose tapes. Sunlight can sometimes creep into the room at particular times of day through these holes.

Tapes on wooden venetian blinds are mainly down to taste, although some people argue there’s added privacy benefits. To be honest, though, I doubt there are many Peeping Toms out there capable of seeing through those tiny holes in the slats, so I believe the tape is there for shading purposes, added style and a splash of colour.

So, if you like the idea of fabric tapes on a wooden venetian blind, then you’re going to love our collection. It essentially boils down to two types – matching or contrasting tape.

Matching fabric tape is discreet and matches the colour of the slats. It’s subtler but no less stylish.

Shop Wooden Venetian Blinds With Tape:

50mm Alabaster Faux Wood Venetian Blind With Cream Tape
50mm Alabaster Faux Wood With Cream Tape
From £12.00
35mm Natural Wood Venetian Blind With Honey Tape
35mm Natural Wood With Honey Tape
From £24.00
50mm Chocolate Wood Slat With Chocolate Tape
50mm Chocolate Wood With Chocolate Tape
From £21.60

Contrasting fabric tapes are a beautiful addition to the wooden venetian blind. The fabric tapes add boldness and make a statement. Take our white wood slat blind with rusty red coloured fabric tape or our ebony wood coloured slat blind with olive fabric tape.

50mm White Wood With Rust Tape
50mm White Wood With Rust Tape
From £21.60
50mm Ebony Wood With Olive Tape
50mm Ebony Wood With Olive Tape
From £21.60

Fabric tape is down to taste most of the time, so why not order your free slat samples with fabric tape to get a feel for how they look and feel. Order as many as you like and get a good feel for what suits your room and what doesn’t.

To see our range of wooden venetian blinds with tape, select the Fabric Privacy Tape option on the filter on the left-hand side of the screen. Take a look at our wooden venetian blinds with tape now.

How to filter our choice of wooden venetian blinds by those with tapes

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