Commercial Blinds

Here at DotcomBlinds, we are proud to offer our made-to-measure blinds, curtains and cubicle tracks to commercial and residential clients. Whether you're a contractor looking for new shades for an office fit-out, a school looking for new classroom blinds, or even a tattoo studio looking for cubicle tracks and privacy curtains – We can help you!

With high-quality, made-to-measure products, top-of-the-line safety features, lightning-fast turnaround times, rock-solid warranties and discount structures available for repeat commercial clients, DotcomBlinds.com is the place to go for all things made to measure!

So, check out our commercial blinds, curtains and track offerings below to get your FREE online quote – Or give our customer service team an email ([email protected]) with your shading needs to find out how DotcomBlinds can help you!

Blinds for Schools

We’re happy to offer window shades for educational settings of all levels, be it nursery, primary school, secondary school, or universities. Our range of blinds is designed for use in educational settings and features wipe-clean fabrics, child-safe mechanisms, and fire-retardant materials. Browse our collection of made-to-measure blinds perfect for education settings and find the ideal blinds for your school or university.

Blinds For Offices

We have a range of made-to-measure window blinds perfect for use in offices. Whether you’re an FTSE 100 multi-national corporation or a small start-up, we have the perfect made-to-measure blinds to give your building a professional look and shading for your office that is conducive to a healthy work environment. Among the many features our blinds boast, you’ll find an extensive range of colours to match your office blinds to your company’s branding, safety features to minimize your liability, and durable mechanisms to ensure you won’t need to replace your blinds anytime soon.

Blinds For Healthcare

Whether you’re a small GP surgery, a large hospital, or even a spa, DotcomBlinds can help you with your shading needs and provide cubicle tracks and privacy curtains. Check out our range of made-to-measure blinds designed for use in healthcare and medical settings, with Biosafe anti-bacterial coatings, wipe-clean fabrics and quality parts that can survive the wear and tear of any healthcare setting.

Blinds For Landlords

Whether you’re a small independent landlord, a council housing service, or a large corporate housing provider, here at DotcomBlinds, we can help provide quality blinds at a competitive cost for your properties. Our range of landlord-friendly blinds are competitively priced, with costs starting from only £7.50, and come with all the safety features you need, such as fire-retardant fabric, child-safe mechanisms, as well as features like wipe clean fabrics to prevent staining and thermal fabrics to reduce heating costs.

Blinds For Interior Decorators

DotcomBlinds have a range of stunning high-end made-to-measure blinds that are perfect for interior designers. With trade discounts available to repeat customers, and a wide range of styles, colours and patterns, DotcomBlinds will surely have a set of blinds that perfectly fits almost any décor style your clients are looking for.