How to Measure Conservatory Blinds

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    Conservatories and bifold doors let in lots of light. This means it won’t be long before you start to feel as though you’re living in a greenhouse (or goldfish bowl). Here is a very simple and effective way to shade your windows from sunlight and curious eyes - the bracket-less way!

    When you look at the window, you’ll see a rubber seal that runs all the way around the glass. This is called a gasket. Take a credit card and push the card’s corner into the gasket to check that you are able to get the blind’s tab under it. For these blinds to work correctly you need a rubber gasket and not a foam gasket. Some gaskets are stuck down and if this is the case, your window isn’t suitable for pleated blinds. 

    Our pleated blinds for conservatories are held up by their own tension and therefore require relatively strong and rigid rubber gaskets to hold them in place. If your gaskets are quite soft and pliable (or if it’s a bit squishy), then there is a chance the pleated blind won’t be properly supported and can drop. If this is the case for your gasket or you’re not sure, get in touch with our helpful team who can discuss the options available.

    You will need to measure the visible glass: the width from the inside part of the window where the gasket ends on one side to where the gasket ends on the other – so just measure the visible glass area. The width of the blind is measured outside edge of the end cap to the outside edge of the endcap on the otherside, however if you have quite thick rubber gaskets (over 1cm deep) or the measurements are very close to the edge of the gasket, you may encounter some issues with the metal rivet on the outside of the headrail that controls the cord. Being on the outside of the headrail, this rivet can get pushed into the gasket and this can prevent the cords from moving freely, so please deduct 2mm from your width measurements if you feel that the rivet will be too close to the gasket. This is important to consider as we are not able to adjust your blinds after they've been made.

    Now repeat the method on the length of the window, again measuring the visible glass up to the rubber gasket. Enter in your measurements in the Width and Drop boxes. Sounds too easy to be true? Watch our video below and you'll see they really are easy-peasy window squeegee!