How to Install Cubicle Tracks

  • Our cubicle tracks are hospital quality, bespoke privacy screening solutions that can be used in a number of ways, perhaps for use whilst caring for a sick loved one or dividing a large room. Our cubicle track is Health Technical Memoranda (HTM) 66 compliant, and therefore safe to use within a health sector setting. Your cubicle track will come with a diagram tailored to the measurements you sent with your order, and so it should be followed.

    A line drawing of movatrack cubicle track


    Step 1

    Cubicle track and wall-footUsing the dimensions of the diagram sent with your track, mark the position on the wall where the wall shoes (see figure right - the part that attaches the track to the wall) will go.

    Fix using suitable fixings (not supplied). All dimensions will be to the centre of the track. It is recommended that the distance between the floor to the underside of the track is 2100mm.

    Step 2

    Assemble each part of the track, using the track inner joiners where applicable (see below). When fitting the inner track joiners, tighten the outside screws first and then the inner screws for the perfect join.

    Connecting cubcile tracks

    Step 3

    Lift the first section of the track to the wall shoes, ensuring the track is level. A second person supporting any bends will help make this task easy.

    Step 4

    Using the screws provided, secure the track into the wall shoe. Depending on the layout of the track, join each section together with overlaps (see below), taking care that all fixing holes are used and screws tightened securely for maximum stability.

    Joining curves and dividers for cubicles

    Step 5

    Attach suspension rods (see below), ensuring that at no point the track spans for more than 3000mm without support. If the track has a join, ensure the track is supported within 150mm from the join. Ensure grub screws are tightened securely using Lex key provided.

    Suspension rod for cubicle track

    Step 6

    If the track has no lateral support and spans more than 3000mm please ensure a V-hanger is used (see below). Use a plumb line to mark where the hanger will attach to the ceiling and track (see bottom). Ensure grub screws are tightened securely using Lex key provided.

    Attaching a v-hanger

    Attaching a v-hanger to the ceiling

    Step 7

    Once the track is fully installed, ensure the gliders run smoothly before hanging your curtain.