Installing a Heavy Weight Curtain Track

  • Installing a Heavy Weight Hand Drawn Curtain Track couldn’t be easier – we’ve done all the hard work in the manufacturing process, so all you have to do is unbox the track and follow these simple instructions!

    Step 1

    The first thing you need to install is the brackets to the wall. The brackets should be 100mm in from the end of the window track and spaced at no more than 600mm apart. Your track will come with the necessary number of brackets based on its length. Use pan head screws and use a washer if possible.

    Heavy weight curtain track bracket spacing

    Step 2

    If you are top fixing this track, simply hold the track in the place and drill in the necessary places for the brackets.

  • If you are face fixing, use the track with the brackets on to mark where you will need to drill and fix the brackets using appropriate fittings. Once you have drilled your hole and insert a raw plug, attach the bracket. Then put the track onto the brackets by pushing them in, and then raise the track into the desired position and fix it to the ceiling using appropriate screws. See below for how to fix your brackets according to whether it is face fix or top fix.

How to install the brackets for heavy weight curtain track
  • Step 3

Lift the track into place and put the lip of the lug on the front of the bracket into the top of the groove in the back of the track. When attaching make sure the locator is pointing downwards. Once the track is attached, push and turn the locator to the side so that it sits flush with the track and secures the track onto the brackets.

Click the heavy weight track into place
Turn the locator on the bracket to fir the curtain track