Installing a Medium Weight Curtain Track

  • With the Medium Weight Hand Drawn curtain track has the option to be top fixed or face fixed. To top fix the track means to attach it to the ceiling or top of the recess, whereas a face fix means to attach the track to the wall.

    Step 1

    Click the brackets on to the track, spaced 600mm apart, and no further than 100mm from either end.

    Bracket spacing for medium weight curtain track

    Step 2

    To top fix this track, raise the track into the desired position and fix it to the ceiling using appropriate screws. If you're planning on face fixing this track, hold the track in place whilst you mark where to drill for the brackets. Drill the holes, insert the raw plugs and then screw the bracket into place without the track attached. See below for how to fix your brackets according to whether it is face fix or top fix.

    Top or face fixing for a medium weight curtain track

    Step 3

For face fix tracks, once the brackets are in place, click the track onto the bracket.

How to fit the track to the bracket