How to Install a Venetian Blind

  • Step 1

    Put your venetian blind into the window area and tilt the head rail towards you so that you can see the position of the ladder cord mechanisms within the rail. This is because you need to position your brackets at least 5cm away from the mechanisms. Use a pencil to mark the place where the brackets will go.

    Venetian blind install
    Venetian blind handle

    Step 2

    Be sure you position your blind away from handles or vents on the window if it is going to be top fixed. The last thing you want is for your new shiny blinds to hit against your window handle everytime you use it!

    Step 3

    You can either fix your blind to the window frame or on the wall in front of the recess or on the ceiling or top of the recess. Depending on where you’re going to put it affects the position of the brackets. A face fixed bracket sees the blinds mounted to the surface of the window frame or wall using two screws in each bracket. A top fixed bracket involves the brackets being fitted directly above the blind, to the ceiling or top of the recess.

    Venetian Blind face FixVenetian Top fix

    Step 4

    To fit, ensure your brackets are in the correct place (see above) and are level. Use a spirit level to make sure the brackets are straight and use a pencil to mark where the holes are. This is where you need to drill. Once the hole has been drilled, insert the wallplug and then screw into the wall plug.

    Venetian Blind Brackets measurement

    Step 5

    Now the blind’s brackets are in place, all that’s left is to put up the blind. Open the swing arm on the bracket so that it protrudes. Put the front lip of the rail onto the front prongs of the bracket. Then, gently push the swing arm towards the back of the brackets to lock the rail into place.

    Step 6

    The only thing left to do at this point is to install your cord safety cleat. A cleat allows you to keep any loose ends out of reach of children - a key safety element and not something you should overlook. Your cord cleat should be installed close to the headrail, but no less than 1.5m above the floor. It must be out of reach of children. The cord should be tied around it in full when the blind is not in use and never knotted, tied together or tied to create a loop. If you need help at any point during the installation of the blind, get in touch with one of our trained members of staff who will happily talk you through the process. If you choose the chain operated blind, the chain tidy will be attached to the chain when the blind arrives. The chain tidy should be at a maximum distance from the control mechanism, keeping the chain taut (not under excessive tension however as this could negatively affect the longevity and operation of the blind). Put the retaining device on the wall, mark fixing holes with a pencil, drill the holes and screw the device to the wall with suitable fixings.

    child safe venetian blinds