How to Order

The process of ordering a blind couldn’t be easier with DotcomBlinds. To get the best results, here’s the best way to find and order your blind: Browse our selection of blinds, deciding on the style. Do you want a roller blind or a venetian? Vertical or blackout? Your choice of blind will be essential, affecting the way you shade and style your room.

Next, pick a colour or pattern. There’s a blind for every taste and room, from bright, bold colours to soft, subtle hues.

The third decision to make is the operation. The operation of a blind relates to how you are able to open and close it, and in some cases, adjust the amount of light coming through. Take a look at our operations page to find out more.

When you are ready to proceed, take a look at the handy measuring guide that matches the blind and the window you want to put it in.

Use the measuring guide to find out the size of the blind, or blinds, and input them on the product page. Get your price and then proceed to the checkout and order your blind – it doesn’t get much easier than that!