About Our Roller Blind Options

About Our Roller Blind Options About Our Roller Blind Options

What type is right for you?

If you’ve spent much time browsing the DotcomBlinds webstore, you’ll know that we have an absolute boatload of different Roller Blinds for you to choose from, ranging from your traditional Chain Operated Roller Blind, to futuristic high-tech Smart Roller Blinds!

After a quick look, we currently stock a whopping SEVEN different types of Roller Blinds (not including different fabric options), so we thought we should probably walk you through all the options we have when it comes to Roller Blinds from DotcomBlinds.

So, strap in and get ready to learn about all the different varieties of Roller Blinds you can choose from!

Chain Operated Roller Blinds

Let’s start off with the simplest type of Roller Blind, the good ol’ Chain Operated Roller Blind we’re all familiar with, you’ve probably seen hundreds of these blinds in your life.

As you can guess, these are your standard type of Roller Blind, with a single piece of fabric attached to a roller tube which you can move up and down with the help of a handy chain.

There’s not much more to say about these shades as we should all be familiar with the standard Roller Blind.

Cordless Roller Blinds

Moving onto another common variety of Roller Blinds, we have our Cordless Roller Blind option. While this set up is still common, they’re a tad more niche than their chain operated cousins.

Cordless Roller Blinds use a handy crank operation to open and close the shade, rather than a chain. For these blinds, you simply hook your handle onto a crank mechanism and twist it to raise and lower the blinds fabric.

Cordless Roller Blinds are popular in schools and homes with young children, as the lack of a chain reduces the likelihood of any blinds-related accidents.

XL Roller Blinds

We’ll give you 3 guesses at to what XL Roller Blinds are… Wow you only needed one guess, that’s right XL Roller Blinds are supersized Roller Blinds, which we can make to extra-large sizes!

Our XL Roller Blinds can be made up to 4.7m wide or up to 5.75m tall! To deal with the large fabric sizes, we use rugged XL components to ensure that our XL Roller Blinds are as hardy and easy to use as their standard sized cousins.

Currently, we can make our XL Roller Blinds, with either a standard chain operation or a remote control operation, giving you plenty of options for how to control your extra large blinds.

Double Roller Blinds

Now we’re starting to veer away from your garden variety Roller Blinds, as we move onto our Double Roller Blinds. When we designed these, our team asked the question “What’s better than a single Roller Blind?” and came up with the answer “a Double Roller Blind”!

That’s right, our Double Roller Blinds feature two standard Roller Blinds joined together on a single bracket, giving you twice the shading options for your windows. Typically, we’ll use a Dimout Blind and a Blackout Blind, giving you a great level of light control.

These blinds are ideal for spare bedrooms, home offices and living spaces as you have the option to create a light shade with a dimout layer or create a blackout effect with the blackout layer.

Cassette Blinds

Next up, we have a specialist blind that’s perfect for bedrooms and home cinemas alike, our Cassette Blackout Roller Blinds, these blinds are the ultimate blackout shade giving you the best blackout effect you could possibly have.

Our Cassette Blinds pair our Bosa Blackout fabric on a Roller Blind, with a cassette and side channel system to prevent any light bleed through your windows to create a total blackout effect.

These Cassette Blinds are available with either a standard chain operation or a remote control operation and can be made in XL sizes to shade any window in your home.

Remote Control Blinds

Moving on, we have our Remote Control Roller Blinds which are (unsurprisingly) controlled with a handy remote control, allowing you to open and close your blinds with the touch of button.

Our Remote Control Roller Blinds are available with battery or solar powered motors, or a mains electric motor for XL sized blinds.

As well as a handheld remote control, we also offer a wall mounted switch for controlling your Remote Control Roller Blinds, allowing you to open and close your blinds while also turning your lights on and off.

Smart Control Blinds

Finally, we have the pinnacle of Roller Blinds technology, our Smart Controlled Roller Blinds, powered by bleeding edge smart home technology, allowing you control your home’s shades in more ways than ever before.

We currently offer two smart motors to power our smart blinds, our MotionBlinds motor which can be controlled with a smart app, or our top notch Eve MotionBlinds motor which can be controlled in almost limitless ways.

Both our standard MotionBlinds and the more snazzy Eve MotionBlinds will be usable out of the box thanks to their manual pull cord, and can be set up incredibly quickly if you want to use the smart features!


Now after reading this blog, you should have a good idea on all the differences between the varieties of Roller Blinds we have on offer here at DotcomBlinds. But if you have any unanswered questions about our Roller Blinds, why not email our team of experts at [email protected] or give us a call on 0800 1422 417.