Say Goodbye To Net Curtains

Say Goodbye To Net Curtains Say Goodbye To Net Curtains

Our Favourite Alternatives To Net Curtains

If you want to stop passers-by looking through your windows into your home, but don’t want to block out the natural light from outside, a net curtain will do a mighty fine job for you.

The lacy net-like material of net curtains will make it so you can’t really see into your home, but will still let light from outside pour into your home to keep it well lit during the day. So for this purpose net curtains are pretty good…

…However there’s a big ‘”but” coming up. While net curtains do a good job of letting light in and stopping strangers from peaking into your home, they do a horrible job at looking… well… nice.

While we’re sure that back in the day net curtains would have been seen as stylish, that’s no longer the case today and net curtains can look a bit tacky when you compare them to more contemporary window shades.

Net curtains just aren’t in fashion anymore and if you’re a style conscious individual (of course you are, you’re on the DotcomBlinds site!) then the lacy look of net curtains may just make your skin crawl, leaving you looking for a cool new alternative.

So, what alternatives do you have to net curtains? Well, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite alternatives to net curtains that you can use in your home, that look stylish and still give you the privacy and natural light that net curtains allow!

Saturn White Sheer Roller Blind

This Saturn White Sheer Roller Blind is a great alternative to net curtains, made in a stunning white finish with our superb Saturn Sheer fabric. This blind will do pretty much all you’d expect from a net curtain, but it does it while looking better at the same time!

This roller blind will let light from outside pour into your home and make it harder for people to see into your home, but as this is a solid blind, you’ll find that this will provide you with more privacy than an actual net curtain would.

And the final cherry on top for this blind is that it is incredibly budget friendly, with prices starting from just £14.40!

Teramo Light Grey Vertical Blind

If roller blinds aren’t really your thing, then maybe our Teramo Light Grey Vertical Blind would be more up your street? Made in our Teramo screen fabric, this blind will do an excellent job at letting light into your home, while also keeping your home’s interior hidden from prying eyes.

Our Teramo fabric will let in around 3% of external light, meaning you’ll get a bit less light in than if you were to use a net curtain, but we’ve designed the fabric so that the light it lets in won’t cause any glare on TV or computer screens. So it’s a case of swings and roundabouts, you’ll get a bit less light, but that’s balanced by avoiding annoyances like screen flare.

Our Teramo Light Grey fabric is also available to be made as a roller blind!

White Deluxe Double Roller Blind

If you’re looking for a blind that can do the job of a net curtain and much more, then our White Deluxe Double Roller Blind may be the blind for you! This blind is made of two individual roller blinds, one in our Teramo White Screen fabric which can be used in the same way as a net curtain and our Bosa White Blackout fabric, which is a blackout blind.

As this blind has a screen fabric layer, it can be used similarly to a net curtain during the day to let light in and secure privacy. Then at night, you can use the blackout blind to stop all light from leaking into your home to create a nice dark environment, perfect for sleeping in.

If you’re looking for an alternative to a net blind, that gives you added utility, then our White Deluxe Double Roller Blind may be just the thing you’re looking for!

*Pricing correct at time of publishing (May 2022)

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