A Quick Chat About Reflective Blinds

A Quick Chat About Reflective Blinds A Quick Chat About Reflective Blinds

What Is A Solar Reflective Blind?

If you’ve been looking around our website, you’ve probably seen a mention or two about our solar reflective blinds. If you’re not quite sure what ‘solar reflective’ blinds are, then you’re in the right place because we’re going to explain what makes a blind solar reflective, and why you’d want this feature!

First Off, What’s A Solar Reflective Blind?

For the uninitiated, solar reflective blinds are like normal blinds rather than a specific type of blinds, it is a feature found on most types of blinds we sell or there are solar reflective versions.

The only difference between your everyday run-of-the-mill blind and a solar reflective blind, is that our solar reflective blinds have a backing that aids the reflection of sunlight back out of the room. This backing is predominantly white in colour, as this is the most reflective colour in the spectrum (well, it’d be a bit anti-social to have a shiny backing bouncing the light and heat back out into the street so we stick to white!).

This reflective backing will help keep your home cool in the Summertime, as the reflective backing will bounce heat and light rays away from your windows, which prevents heat coming into your home through the windows and helps you to avoid a ‘greenhouse’ effect in your home.

So, the long and short of it is: solar reflective blinds will help you keep your home cool!

Are Solar Reflective Blinds Like Solar Blinds?

You may have also seen something about ‘solar blinds’ on our website, which we admit can be a bit confusing. But solar blinds and solar reflective blinds are completely different things.

When you see us talking about solar reflective blinds, we’re talking about our blinds that have a solar reflective backing on the fabric.

When you see us talk about our solar blinds, we’re referring to our electric roller blinds which are powered by a small energy panel you can install on your windows.

I hope that clears up any confusion with our solar blinds or solar reflective blinds. Now let’s move onto the next question!

Why Would I Want A Solar Reflective Blind?

Well, there are numerous reasons why you might want a solar reflective blind, but the big reason that makes most people opt for solar reflective blinds is that they help keep your home cool.

If your home gets unbearably hot in the Summer, or you have a room with a South facing window, then solar reflective blinds will help you beat the heat when it’s warm outside.

The other reason why you may want solar reflective blinds, is that the solar reflective backing will look the same, no matter what colour your blind is, which allows you to have different coloured blinds around your home, but will keep the look of your windows uniform white from the outside.

Do Solar Reflective Blinds Cost More?

That’s another great question, the answer is a resounding “NO”!

It won’t cost a single penny extra for you to have a solar reflective blind, rather than a normal blind.

Just be aware, we don’t offer solar reflective backings on all of our fabrics, so if you’re looking at a cheaper blind without a solar reflective backing like our Saturn Roller Blinds, it will be a tad more expensive to move up to a different fabric like our Bosa fabric that can be made with a solar reflective backing.

How Can I Find Your Solar Reflective Blinds?

Finally, we move onto how you can find our solar reflective blinds!

Well, all you need to do is click this link here which will take you to a list of all the blinds we can make with a solar reflective backing.