Competition and Consumers Bill - Why You Can Trust Our Reviews

Competition and Consumers Bill - Why You Can Trust Our Reviews Competition and Consumers Bill - Why You Can Trust Our Reviews

DotcomBlinds & Feefo Keeping You Safe!

Here at DotcomBlinds, we know that online reviews are an essential tool for our customers when making decisions about what to buy and where to buy it from, especially if they haven’t experienced buying blinds online before.

At DotcomBlinds, we believe that transparency and authenticity are critical, not only to us as a business but also too our loyal customers, and that's why we have chosen to partner with Feefo to provide our customers with genuine reviews.


Unfortunately, in recent years it has become increasingly challenging to identify genuine reviews of products as some naughty businesses cheat the system and hide any bad reviews by writing their own positive reviews.

Luckily, The UK government has introduced the Competition and Consumers Bill to combat fake reviews and protect consumers, which should help weed out bad actors - The Competition and Consumers Bill is a UK government initiative aimed at preventing fake reviews by introducing measures to ensure that businesses cannot publish fake reviews or manipulate online review platforms – Which I’m sure we’ll all agree is a step in the right direction!


Because we know so many of our amazing customers rely on online reviews to help inform their purchases, we take the authenticity of our reviews seriously! Which is why DotcomBlinds use Feefo to collect and publish our reviews.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Feefo, they are an independent review platform that specialises in authentic, verified reviews. Unlike other review platforms, Feefo only allows verified customers to leave reviews, ensuring that only genuine feedback is published – So that you can rest safe knowing you’re not being misled about what you’re buying by a shady corporation.

To ensure that all the reviews you see on the DotcomBlinds website are 100% genuine and written by everyday shoppers just like you, Feefo will get in touch with you directly via email a few days after we deliver your blinds asking for your feedback – As only genuine customers will get a review request, you can rest easy knowing our reviews our 100% legit!

All of this is why the DotcomBlinds team are so proud of our 4.7 star rating for our Customer’s Experience shopping with us, knowing that 100s of real customers have left us amazing reviews and even more proud to have received Feefo’s Platinum Award for Customer Experience this year!

To wrap things up, the Competition and Consumers Bill is a step in the right direction to deal with the scourge of fake reviews and make sure all online businesses hold themselves to the same standards that the DotcomBlinds team follow every single day of the year whilst we work with Feefo to ensure that you only see reviews that are genuine and reflect the experience of shopping at

All this talk of reviews has got us feeling good – So why don’t you check out what our customers say about us!