Quick Tips For Keeping Cool

Quick Tips For Keeping Cool Quick Tips For Keeping Cool

How To Beat The Heat This Summer

Summertime is all well and good, I enjoy frolicking in the Sun and BBQs on the beach as much as the next person, the weather is glorious at the moment and when you’re outside and enjoying life it is amazing.

But, when you’re inside it’s a totally different story, that glorious weather turns our British homes into Greenhouses in the flash of an eye, one day your home is freezing cold and the next day you’re sat at home sweating and it’s not even lunchtime yet, while half of us are reaching for the SPF 50, the other unlucky half of us reach for our tower fans.

If you’re staying indoors a lot, you’re probably wondering how you can keep cool, luckily we know a thing or two about keeping rooms cool, so we’ve taken the liberty of listing out a few easy ways for you to beat the heat this Summer!

Keep Your Blinds Closed & Windows Open

When it’s hot outside, the first thing most people do to try cool down is crack open their windows, which works very well, there’s nothing better on a hot day than a nice Summer breeze, but once you open your windows it’s possible you make the mistake of leaving your blinds open.

While it makes sense to have your blinds open to let in the fresh air, you’re actually sabotaging your attempts at keeping cool! With your blinds or curtains open you’re letting heat rays beam into your home through your windows, which will end up with you feeling like an ant under a magnifying glass in no time.

By keeping your blinds closed during the day you’ll block the heat rays from pouring into your home and if you have a set of our ‘Solar-Reflective’ blinds you can actually repel those pesky heat rays. With your blinds closed, blocking out heat and your windows open, letting in fresh air you’ll be cool as a cucumber in no time.

Break Out The Fans

Another great way to beat the heat is by using fans to help keep you nice and cool. The feeling of the sweet breeze from a tower fan on a hot day is second to none and fans are worth their weight in gold during the Summertime. You’ll want to make sure you buy a fan before a heatwave hits, because cooling fans fly off the shelves as the country rushes to cool down.

But, if your home is hot and stuff, you’ll end up just blowing warm air around your home which won’t help keep you cool on a warm day, because of this, you should place your fan by an open window in your home to let it suck fresh air in from outside and blow it around your home, rather than just blowing around air that’s already hot.

Keep Doors Open

In the Summertime, rooms get warm and stuffy quickly as the air in rooms gets hotter and without a breeze that warm air turns into annoying stale heat over time. This gets much worse when you have your doors closed in your home, as it keeps the hot air contained in each room, when you walk into a room the stale heat will hit you like a brick wall.

To avoid this buildup of stuffy heat, you should keep all the internal doors in your home open, this will allow the air to move around your home and make it harder for heat to build up in any one room and allow air to flow around your home.

Even when you have your fans turned on, it’s still important to keep your doors open, as your fans will blow a cool breeze throughout your home and circulate fresh air into your home!

Bring Out Your Summer Clothes

It’s almost July, it’s 26 Celsius outside and you’re wearing a jumper? No wonder you’re hot! We’ve all been there, Summer arrives on the scene a few weeks before you grab the shorts out from the back of your wardrobe and well, you’re paying the price for that now aren’t you?

So if you’re getting hot and sweaty, it’s time to break out your Summer wardrobe. Just by swapping from Jeans and a Jumper into a T-Shirt and Shorts will pay dividends and keep you from overheating when it’s warm out. So hide away your jeans and break out your comfy Summer clothes to keep cool!

Cut Down On Cooking

On a hot Summer’s day like today, your home is hot enough already and then comes Dinner time, which means you need to cook something to eat, which means standing by a hot oven or boiling stove as you whip up your dinner, considering it’s already boiling before you turn the oven on, you’re in for a bad time.

To keep cool, you need to do away with your oven on particularly hot days, we’re not saying to not eat, but prepare your food in other ways. To completely avoid cooking a nice Salad is a perfect meal on a hot day that won’t warm your home up, or if you have a BBQ, doing your cooking outside will avoid you adding extra heat to your home.


And there you have it, some nice and easy ways for you to beat the heat this Summer! Hopefully this advice helps to keep you nice and cool rather than hot and bothered, whether you’re cracking all of your windows, setting up fans in every room of your home or busting out your shorts we hope you can keep nice and cool this Summer.