Our New & Improved Prestige Blinds

Our New & Improved Prestige Blinds Our New & Improved Prestige Blinds

DotcomBlinds Launches New Dual Control BiFold & Conservatory Blinds


Here at DotcomBlinds, we always have our ears to the ground when it comes to what our products and features our customers want to see from us, one of these hotly requested features has been ‘Dual Control’ for our Prestige range of BiFold Door Blinds and Conservatory Blinds.

And wouldn’t you know it, as always, we have heard you and got the eggheads in our production team to work on a new system and today we’re happy to announce that we have officially launched the hotly requested Dual Control system for the majority of our BiFold Door Blinds and Conservatory Blinds ranges!

The new control system will be available as a control option for all of our Pleated and Honeycomb Prestige Blinds as of today – However for the time being, our Venetian Prestige Blinds ranges are only available with single control.

So, What Is Dual Control?

Good question curious reader, well before today our Prestige range of BiFold Door Blinds and Conservatory Blinds, could only be opened and closed from the top down (Meaning you moved the bottom of the blind up and down the window).

But with our new Dual Control system, the blind can be moved from both the top and bottom, meaning that you can lower and raise both ends of the blinds, to give you the perfect level of shade.

For the visual learners out there, here’s a quick side by side comparison to show the difference between the two systems.

Picture of Single Control BiFold Door Blinds

Picture of Dual Control BiFold Door Blinds

(Single Control System Top, Dual Control System Bottom)

As you can see, the dual control system gives you much more control over what areas of your Conservatory or BiFold Door you shade at any given time.

Is Single Control Still Available?

Another great question, you’re on fire today clever reader! But to answer your question, YES, you can still buy your Prestige Pleated or Honeycomb Blinds with our single control system should you want to!

While we imagine, most customers will want the all singing and dancing dual control system, we’ll be keeping the single control option for people who already have some of our single control blinds and those who want to keep things simple.

Of course, our range of Prestige Venetian Blinds will remain available with the Single Control option too, as Dual Control is not currently available for it.

Will Dual Control Cost Me More?

Look at you, asking the perfect questions for us to answer in this blog! No, dual control will not cost you any more or less than our single control system, we have developed this system so that Dual Control Blinds will cost exactly the same as their Single Control counterparts.

Do I Need To Measure Or Install Dual Control Blinds In A Different Way?

Another great question! Not at all, the dual control system will not impact how you measure your windows for blinds, nor the process of installing our blinds.

To measure your windows, just follow our standard Prestige Blinds measuring guide, which can be found here.

To install your Dual Control blinds, just follow our standard Prestige Blinds installation guide, which can be found here.

This All Sounds Great, How Can I Order Dual Control Blinds?

It’s pretty simple really, whenever you’re looking at any of our Prestige Pleated or Honeycomb Blinds, you should see a little tickbox underneath the Measurements Box asking if you want Single Control or Dual Control.

If you want to be #TeamDualControl just click the box that says Dual Control.

If you want to be #TeamSingleControl just click the box that says Single Control.

It really is that easy!


And that’s all the info you could possibly need about our Dual Control options for our Prestige Pleated and Prestige Honeycomb ranges, so why don’t you check out our Prestige Range for BiFold Door Blinds or Conservatory Blinds and get shopping!

If you have any other questions about our Dual Control Prestige Blinds, get in touch with us and a member of our brilliant customer service team can answer any more specific questions you have!