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Catania Mist XL Mains Electric Roller Blind

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Available in Other Colours
Available in Other Colours
  • Catania Cherry
  • Catania Tan
  • Catania Heather
  • Catania Mustard
  • Catania Coal
  • Catania Lawn
  • Catania Sandstone
  • Catania Cobalt
  • Catania Frost
  • Catania Marine
  • Catania Apple
  • Catania Surf
  • Catania Graphite
Product Description
Product Description

Catania Mist XL Mains Electric Roller Blind

The Catania Mist XL Mains Electric Roller Blind is a high quality Dimout fabric on a heavy duty mains electric roller blind capable of going to widths and drops standard electric roller blinds can't reach. To account for these larger sizes the barrel and brackets are slightly larger and uses mains electricity to operate, making it ideal for high installations where it isn't always easy to access the blind to charge a battery. The maximum width our XL mains electric blinds can reach is a width of 4850mm (4.85m) with a drop of 2150mm (2.15m). Naturally, as the width of the blind is reduced we're able to increase the drop, so we can manufacture this blind to a drop of 5750mm (5.75m) if the width is 1850mm (1.85m) or less.

This blinds fabric is made from 100% Polyester and is as versatile as it is beautiful. Supplied with a Silver Tear Drop Bottom Bar.

XL Mains Electric Benefits

œ“Mains powered electric blind
œ“Perfect for heavy-duty and XL wide window covering
œ“Fabric fronted aluminium bottom bar
œ“Larger and more robust barrel for that XL width

Please note controllers are sold separately. Our full range of controllers can be viewed here.

This blind is supplied with a 2m power cable running from the blind and should be installed to the mains supply by a fully qualified electrician. The blind is supplied without a UK 3-Pin Plug.

Not looking to go XL? Fear not, we have the perfect solution for you; check out our extensive range of Electric Roller Blinds more suited to the average window.

Order yourself a free fabric sample to see it in person and check out the technical specs below for more information!

Geeky Stuff
Geeky Stuff

Technical Specifications

These blinds need to be hardwired to mains electricity to power the motor but it is controlled by remote control (not included). By default the motor is located on the right-hand side of the blind, but this can be changed to the left side should you require – just get in touch after your order has been placed. The reason it is powered by mains electricity is so that it can be installed at heights that may be out of reach for a charger or chain.

As a result, we strongly recommend that the wiring is done by a qualified electrician. Please note this blind is supplied with a 2m AC 230v 50/60hz wire but not with a 3-pin plug. We are not able to provide longer cable and we don't have the capcity to sell 3-pin plugs.

The XL Mains Electric Blind consists of a metal barrel with a diameter of 53mm. The brackets are 70mm from front to back, 90mm from top to bottom and the top fixing area is 38mm wide.

The maximum width can be 4700mm (4.7m) with a drop of 2150mm (2.15m). Naturally, as the width of the blind is reduced we’re able to increase the drop, so we can manufacture this blind to a drop of 5750mm (5.7m) if the width is 1700mm (1.7m) or less.

Please note this blind is supplied with a 2m AC 230v 50/60hz wire but not with a 3-pin plug.

Supplied with white metal brackets. The motor is concealed within the barrel of the blind and has an inbuilt receiver.

Motor Specifications

Nominal Voltage: 230v – 50HZ
Power Tolerances: 100-253v
Thermal Time: 4 mins
Wires in Cable: 3
Wire section: 0.75
Insulation class: Class II
Type of limit switch: Progressive
LSU capacity: 32 turns
Repeatability: +-2
System of protection: IP44
Nominal Speed: 28rpm
Noise level: 35dB
Rated power: 115W
Rated current: 0.485A
Weight: 1.2kg

Bracket Dimensions.

Naturally with XL Roller Blinds the brackets required to hold the larger blinds need to be a little "beefier" too! Brackets measure at 73mm(w) x 91.5mm(h) x 37.2mm(d).


XL Wide Sizes
XL Wide Sizes

Premium XL Wide Blind Sizes

Our Premium XL Roller Blinds can be made to a maximum width of 4700mm (4.7m) and a maximum drop of 5750mm (5.75m)

When manufacturing our blinds we take into consideration the weight of the hardware as well as the fabric to ensure smooth operation of the blind, the proportion of width/drop availability of our Premium XL blinds is displayed below:

Please note there is a chance your XL roller blind will have a join in the fabric running horizontally near the top of the blind. This join is welded to ensure no light can get through.

How to Install
How to Install

How to XL Mains Electric Blinds

Step 1

For our wider blinds, you'll find that the brackets are the same for both sides, and this is to ensure functionality whilst the blind is in situ.

Place your first bracket into position, ensuring your blind won't get in the way of any handles or vents. The brackets can be top fixed or face fixed.

Measure the distance from the window to the bracket and mark the spot you need to drill and repeat this on the other side, ensuring the brackets are level (a spirit level can help gauge this).

Drill the hole, starting with a smaller pilot hole and then going to the wider 5mm drill bit. You should use a thin wood drill bit if attaching it to the window frame and consider using the smaller screws supplied. If you are fitting the blind to the wall, use a masonry drill bit with the wall plugs provided (make sure the drill bit and the wall plugs are the same size).

Important Note: Ensure there is enough space at the pin-end bracket (the end opposite the mechanism) to allow for free movement of the barrel. The pin-end of the blind is sprung to allow for easy removal of the blind and should not be fully compressed as this can cause the barrel to rub on the bracket and make operation stiff.

Step 2

Once the brackets are up you can add the bracket covers if you ordered them. These optional extras will simply slide onto the brackets, giving your blind a professional and clean finishing touch if outside of the recess. The bracket covers are designed to have a nice tight fit, if you ever need to remove them insert a flat screwdriver into the cutout at the bottom inside of the cover and twist, this will release the cover.

Note: If you wish to use bracket covers on a blind going into the recess, be sure to account for the size of the cover before screwing in the brackets as it might be a tight fit.

Now it is time to fit the blind. First, attach the end opposite the controls (known as the pin-end), push gently against the pin-end to suppress the pin, lift the control end up and attach to the control end bracket. Allow the blind to drop into its locked position. The bracket needs to sit between the two collars, on the part coloured blue in the illustration. Once locked in place, the blind will need to be pushed up first if it is to be removed and then pushed towards the pin end for the spring to compress, allowing you to pull the mechanism end out.

Changing the Roll

If you wish to change the way the blind is rolled, which is sometimes a good idea if you are trying to avoid window handles or other protruding objects, then simply unravel the blind all the way to the metal barrel and then re-roll it in the direction you want. Note: Make sure your hands are clean, you wouldn’t want to mark you nice new shiny blind! It’s also a good idea to have your hands at equal lengths to ensure that when you re-roll the blind the roll is even, this will prevent any gather at one end and exposed barrel at the other.


Step 3 ** IMPORTANT **

Your XL Mains Electric blind is supplied with a 2m power cable running from the blind and should be installed to the mains supply by a fully qualified electrician.
The blind is supplied without a UK 3-Pin Plug.

How to programme your XL Mains Electric Roller Blind

The aim of the game here is to get your remote control talking to your blind so that you can recline in shaded bliss, controlling your blind with the touch of a button. To get there you need to follow these simple steps.

First thing we need to do is pair the controller to the motor, think of it like connecting a bluetooth device to your phone (only it’s not bluetooth and it’s easier!) On the motor, insert a small screwdriver into the hole marked (see fig 2) the prog button is located at the control end of the blind, (where the mains cable comes out and the small anterior is located, press and hold for one second. This is the ‘PROG’ button. The motor will shunt once. On the remote, press the ‘Up’ button and the motor will shunt again.


Changing the direction of travel
Now, depending on how the blind was installed, the motor’s world can become a bit topsy-turvy. Up means down, down means up, leaving you scratching your head in confusion. Don’t worry, it’s easy to fix. This step lets you tell the blind which direction you want it to move in when you press the relevant buttons on the remote.
Press and hold the “STOP” button on the transmitter for five seconds. The motor will shunt once. Press the ‘Down’ button and the motor will shunt again. Everything has been restored to its rightful place.

Limit positions
The remote is speaking with the motor, the motor knows which way is up and which way is down, so now you need to tell it where the top and bottom of the window is.
Using the thin screwdriver, press the “PROG” button on the back of the remote, holding it for one second. The motor will shunt once.
Now you need to adjust the blind to the spot where you want it to stop every time the blind rises by using the up and down buttons. Once it is in place, press the “PROG” button on the back of the remote for one second, saving the limit stop.
To set the bottom limit stop, press the down button until it is in place, press and hold the “PROG” button for one second and the motor will shunt. Press and hold the “PROG” button again for one second and it will shunt again, indicating the bottom limit stop is set.

Stop points in between
This is the exciting part, the reason you opted for an electric blind in the first place. With the top and bottom limits set, you can add up to four more stop points in between, so that the blind will stop at various heights.
To do this, adjust the blind to the spot where you want it to stop every time the blind rises or lowers by using the up and down buttons. Once it is in place, press the “PROG” button on the back of the remote, the motor will shunt one. Press the same “PROG” button again and the motor will shunt once more saving the limit stop.
The motor can store a maximum of six stops, with the furthest two called the UP and DOWN limit stops. The stops in between are called stop points. You can’t set stop points outside of the limit stops. You are able to finer tune the stop points’ positioning, or delete individual stop points separately. Pressing the Up or Down button twice within one second on the remote will instruct the motor to go to the top or bottom without stopping at the middle stop points.

Delete Stop Points
Run the motor to the stop point you wish to delete. Press the “PROG” button on the back of the remote for seven seconds. The motor will shunt once and within seven seconds it will shunt again, indicating that the stop point has been cleared.

Deleting All Limit and Stop Points
By deleting all of the memories stored in the motor, you will be reverting it back to factory settings.
Method 1 : Press the ‘Stop’ button for five seconds. The motor will shunt once. Press and hold the “PROG” button on the back of the remote for seven seconds and the motor will shunt again. The motor will shunt twice once more, indicating that the memory has been cleared.
Method 2 : Press the “PROG” button on the motor for 7 seconds. The motor will first shunt once and then again after 7 seconds indicating the memory has been cleared.

And there you have it: you’ve programmed your DotcomBlinds blind and you’re all set to enjoy your blind in electrical bliss.

‘Why do I have to do this?’
‘Can't you have done it for me when you made my blind?’
Good point and the short answer is yes! However, knowing where you want to set your stops is a completely personal thing and if we did it for you then it could cause you frustration when installing and operating the blind and you'd end up performing a factory reset and doing it yourself! Instead we test every motor and controller and then in the final stage of testing, we reset them. This means we have peace of mind knowing that all's good and you'll be able to set it up the way you want.

Tear Drop Bottom Bar
Tear Drop Bottom Bar

Tear Drop Bottom Bars

Our Premium XL Roller Blind range now includes an upgraded Tear Drop Aluminium Bottom Bar. Tear Drop bottom bars provide the perfect finish to your new blind. Available in White, Silver or Black finish, we automatically colour match your chosen fabric to the appropriate bar finish.
Please note that the main product images show the standard plastic-wrapped bottom bar. Our Premium XL Range will have a finish similar to:

Tear Drop Bottom Bars in White, Silver and Black finish.

If you wish to change the colour from the default, please email us at [email protected] as soon as you’ve placed your order, and we can make that change.

2 Year Warranty

A blind from DotcomBlinds is made to the highest standards, designed to provide you with years of service and shade.
In fact, we’re so confident and proud of our blinds, we offer a 2 year warranty on all our blinds. This is one of the longest warranties available and a clear sign of the quality of our blinds.

Obviously, there are a few exclusions:
✖ Damage caused by poor installation/not following fitting instructions (don’t worry, installation is easy, read this.)
✖ Misuse or Failing to maintain the blind
✖ General wear and tear and fading (these blinds are exposed to very intense UV rays)
✖ Alteration to the blind
✖ Exposure to the elements or fitted in an unsuitable location (these are indoor blinds!)

However, if your blind stops functioning for any reasons other than those listed above, get in touch. Our warranty covers:
Manufacturing defects
Fabric/slat colour fading within a year
Mechanical malfunction
2 year warranty on battery motors used in electric roller blinds

So, in summary, avoid grossly mistreating your blind, show it a little TLC every so often and don’t use it in ways it wasn’t intended. If you do all those things and something goes wrong with the blind, you’re golden – we’ve got you covered and we’ll and repair or replace it free of charge.

How To Measure
How To Measure

How to Measure

Now, you can’t mess this one up. It’s what we call ‘easy’ here at DotcomBlinds. But just in case you need some help, follow this quick guide.

First thing's first, identify whether your blind is going inside or outside of a recess. 

Inside the recess

A recess fit blind means you supply us with the width and drop of your recess – from top to bottom and wall to wall. We make deductions of 6mm to the width to account for the brackets to ensure your blind fits within the recess perfectly.

To measure a roller blind to fit inside the recess of your standard window, simply measure the full width and the height of the recess. Then input those measurements into the product page with your order selecting the ‘recess’ option. We’ll do the rest, leaving you the well-deserved excuse to put your feet up, you worked hard for it after all!

Don’t be tempted to deduct any measurements, we do this for you. Make sure you use a metal tape measure; a cloth one can stretch and give you more millimetres per centimetre than a pound-shop ruler. Also, take your measurements in three places and give us the smallest (if there is a smallest). You will find that some recesses shift and settle over time.

Outside the recess

A blind going outside of a recess is usually called an exact fit blind. An exact fit blind means we won’t make any deductions to the width or drop measurements. Exact fit is the bracket to bracket measurement and is commonly found installed outside of a recess. The size you give us is the size your blind is made to.

If you want your blind to hang outside the recess, measure the height and width but be sure to add some overlap to reduce light leakage. This overlap should be about 70mm at the top and bottom and 50mm each side, ensuring you suffer no dazzling strips of sunlight once your blind is happily installed. Please select the ‘exact’ size option when ordering. 

Right-Size Guarantee
Right-Size Guarantee

Right-Size Guarantee

Sometimes you just need some peace of mind when you come to place an order for your blinds. With DotcomBlind’s Right-Size Guarantee you can have just that. With our Right-Size Guarantee we will replace a blind with the correct size if you get the measurements wrong when you order. Please note, the Right Size Guarantee excludes Cassette Blinds.

Why do I need this Insurance?

We can’t accept returns or provide refunds for blinds that are mismeasured because all of our blinds are made to measure and so the onus is on the customer to get the measurements right for their blinds. Sometimes you might just be having an off-day, get your centimetres and inches mixed up and end up with a blind that is nigh-on useless. With our Right-Size Guarantee we will take that blind back, remake it to the correct size for you and send it back, saving you from having to buy a totally new blind! The Right Size Guarantee covers all made-to-measure blinds and curtains except our Cassette Blinds.

How does it work?

✔  Purchase Right-Size Guarantee when you place your order
✔  If one of your blinds has been measured incorrectly, get in touch with us within 14 days and we’ll tell you how to return the blind to us.
✔  Once your blind is with us, we’ll remake it or adjust the blind to your correct measurements and send it back.
✔  Please read our terms and conditions for full details as you will incur additional costs returning the blind to us. 

Shop with Klarna
Shop with Klarna

Buy Now Pay Later with Klarna

DotcomBlinds is pleased to be partnered with Klarna, providing you with more ways to pay.

At the checkout you will see Klarna provides two options: Pay in 3 Instalments or Pay Later.

Pay in 3 Instalments

With Klarna’s option to pay in three instalments, you can spread the cost of your purchase across three interest-free monthly payments.
To pay with Klarna’s ‘Pay in 3 Instalments’ option, you just need to be a UK resident over the age of 18 years old and have a valid payment card.

Pay Later In 30 Days

The second Klarna payment option you’ll find in the checkout is to buy now & pay later with their ‘Pay Later in 30 Days’ option at the checkout.
With this payment option, you make your purchase now and don’t pay until 30 days after we have shipped your product to you, giving you plenty of time to save up!
To pay with Klarna’s ‘Pay Later in 30 Days’ option, you just need to be a UK resident over the age of 18 years old and have a valid payment card.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Next Day Free Samples

Moisture resistant blinds are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens where there may be a lot of moisture present. Our Moisture Resistant material is rot-proof and Biosafe®. This is because it will not absorb and retain any water under normal circumstances, which is key to preventing the build-up of bacteria or mold in these warm, damp spaces.

We offer a range of moisture resistant blinds – including bathroom blinds, kitchen blinds, and roller blinds. With our measuring guides and unparalleled customer service, you can ensure your blinds are perfect for the room they are used in. 


Moisture Resistant

These blinds are super easy to clean and perfect for busy households; simply wipe over with a dry cloth to remove dust and any debris or use a damp cloth to remove stains. Ideal for homes with kids or areas close to food preparation (including use around the kitchen sink). Please consider the type of fabric best suited to the situation, for example, PVC fabric blind may be a better choice is you plan to clean your blind more vigorously. If you’re unsure of the type of fabric you will need, please feel free to order as many free samples as you need.

Wipe Clean

Fire retardancy is a worthy feature to look out for with a window blind. A fire-retardant blind provides peace of mind, knowing that you have a product in place that will protect your loved ones. It is a high quality and safe alternative in case somebody leaves a candle on the windowsill, or you install a blind close to your hob in the kitchen. This material will only smolder if presented with a flame, and once the source of heat has been removed, it is designed to self-extinguish.

This can be added to your fabric by selecting this add-on at the checkout.

If you are unsure about whether the type of blind you are interested in is fire retardant, please speak to our customer service team.

Fire Retardant

Ideal for children’s play areas, communal areas, bathrooms and homes with pets. Our Anti-Bacterial, anti-microbial blinds are treated to kill bacteria. Biosafe® is the international accreditation standard for an antimicrobial formula that ensures the effective inhibition of infection. What’s more, it is an inherent formula, which means it will not wear off over time. This formula is used in hospitals, care homes, and health care centres across the country.

The term anti-bacterial can sometimes throw up visions of grey, lifeless blinds – however, we have a huge number of anti-bacterial blinds perfect for your home. In particular, the roller blinds range is a popular choice for tackling bacteria in the home.

Anti Bacterial

Just what you need when you retreat indoors on a scorching summer’s day. Our solar reflective fabric has a special backing that bounces back the sun’s rays. This reduces heat and glare building up in a room beyond the abilities of a regular blind, ideal for rooms exposed to a lot of sunlight, giving you an element of solar control. Please note that the backs of these fabrics will appear different to the front of the blind due to the solar reflective properties.

Solar Reflective
Our Range of Made to Measure XL Wide Width Roller Blinds are a range of premium high-end oversized blinds designed to meet the needs of larger windows. Available in a huge selection of Dimout, Blackout and Screen Fabric perfect to give you the desired amount of shading required XL Wide Width Roller Blinds can be made to a maximum width of 4700mm (4.7m) with a drop of up to 5750mm (5.75m).
Premium XL Roller Blind Sizing
mm 800 1100 1400 1700 2000 2300 2600 2900 3200 3500 3800 4100 4400 4700
XL Mains Electric Roller Blind Sizing
mm 650 950 1250 1550 1850 2150 2450 2750 3050 3350 3650 3950 4250 4550 4700

Dimout fabric dims any exterior light entering the room but doesn’t block it out completely. This is really effective at cutting glare on screens without casting the room into total darkness. We find many people use this type of roller blind in living rooms as it stops sunlight from shining onto television screens or making the room too bright and uncomfortable. Generally, dimout fabric is thinner than blackout, has an open weave and comes in a variety of opacities. Opacity refers to how much light is blocked (think transparency in reverse), and we refer to its light and medium (high opacity blinds are blackout blinds) simply for ease of understanding. Light opacity dimout roller blinds are nearer voile and sheer fabrics, letting in lots of light, just filtering down direct beams of sunlight. The wonderful thing with dimout fabric is that it catches the sunlight and changes tone as the sun moves across the sky, which is simply captivating, especially when the fabric seems to glow.

Mains Electric Roller Blind

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Highstreet Price Comparison

Our highstreet price comparison calculator works on an average price based on similar made-to-measure blinds sold by highstreet retailers. We compare their blinds to ours using the same measurements, same type of fabric and same mechanism, doing our best to find a like-for-like system. To find out more, click here.