• Delivered in 10 to 14 working days.
Delivered in 10 to 14 working days.

Mankato Sand Roman Blind

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  • Light Filtering
    Light Filtering
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  • Blackout Lining
    Blackout Lining
  • Thermal Blackout Lining
    Thermal Blackout Lining
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Delivered in 10 to 14 working days.

Available in Other Colours
Available in Other Colours
  • Fern
  • Praline
  • Fog
  • Flint
  • Silver
  • Rust
  • Lime
  • Cherry
  • Mercury
  • Heather
  • Oyster
  • Moonstone
  • Frost
  • Powder
  • Blush
  • Bronze
  • Indigo
  • Onyx
  • Plum
  • Kingfisher
Product Description
Product Description

The Mankato Sand Roman Blind stylishly showcases a yellow coloured fabric in this stunning range.
Our Mankato Sand Roman Blind is composed of 86% Polyester & 14% Viscose and is available with a choice of linings, including Light Filtering, Blackout and Thermal, which can change the opacity of the fabric to either a dimout or blackout Roman. This Roman Blind is ideal for nearly any setting. The yellow colouring can add a classy and classic look to any room.

Not quite what you're looking for? We have a huge range of Roman Blinds available, why not check them by clicking here?

Please note that the images feature a version with a headbox, which is currently unavailable. The header of the supplied product may look slightly different, but functionality remains the same.

How To Measure
How To Measure

How to Measure

Now, you can’t mess this one up. It’s what we call ‘easy’ here at DotcomBlinds. But just in case you need some help, follow this quick guide.

First thing's first, identify whether your blind is going inside or outside of a recess. 

Inside the recess

A recess fit blind means you supply us with the width and drop of your recess – from top to bottom and wall to wall. We make the industry-standard 10-12mm deductions on the width to account for the recess and to ensure your blind fits within the recess perfectly. We also deduct 8-10mm from the drop to ensure the blind sits slightly above the window sill when fully extended.

If you wish for your blind to reach fully down to the window sill please add 10mm to your final drop measurement when choosing 'recess' on the website. This negates the deductions we will make.

To measure a roller blind to fit inside the recess of your standard window, simply measure the full width and the height of the recess. Then input those measurements into the product page with your order selecting the ‘recess’ option. We’ll do the rest, leaving you the well-deserved excuse to put your feet up, you worked hard for it after all!

Don’t be tempted to deduct any measurements, we do this for you. Make sure you use a metal tape measure; a cloth one can stretch and give you more millimetres per centimetre than a pound-shop ruler. Also, take your measurements in three places and give us the smallest (if there is a smallest). You will find that some recesses shift and settle over time.

Outside the recess

A blind going outside of a recess is usually called an exact fit blind. An exact fit blind means we won’t make any deductions to the width or drop measurements. Exact fit is the bracket to bracket measurement and is commonly found installed outside of a recess. The size you give us is the size your blind is made to.

If you want your blind to hang outside the recess, measure the height and width but be sure to add some overlap to reduce light leakage. This overlap should be about 70mm at the top and bottom and 50mm each side, ensuring you suffer no dazzling strips of sunlight once your blind is happily installed. Please select the ‘exact’ size option when ordering. 

How to Install
How to Install

Rome wasn’t built in a day but we reckon you can install a Roman blind in ten minutes. It’s easy to do and suited to nearly any DIY skill level. Once you open the box, you’ll find brackets, screws and fixings and your blind enclosed. The brackets will go up first and then the blind will pop into the brackets. Follow these steps and let us show you the way!

Step 1

The brackets need to go as close to the end of the headrail as you can get them without getting in the way of the control mechanism. Measure where they need to be on the headrail and then use this measurement at the window. Ensure the brackets will be installed level, and that the blind will not get in the way of window handles.

Step 1

Step 2

Use a pencil to mark where you will need to drill holes to fix the brackets. Note: If the blind is long, you may need to install more brackets along the length using the same method above.

Step 3

Use the appropriate raw plugs where necessary the ensure the brackets are secured. Your brackets are up, now’s the easy part!

Step 4

Gently peel back the fabric back from the Velcro on the headrail exposing the metal. This makes things clearer to work with and you won’t get the fabric caught up in the bracket.

Step 5

Push the headrail into the bracket and make sure the plastic barb hooks into the rail, locking it into place. Repeat on all brackets.

Step 6

Reattach the fabric making sure it covers up the brackets.

Step 7

The only thing left to do is to install your chain safety device. Keeping the chain taut with the device attached (but not too tight or you won’t be able to operate the blind), attach the safety device to the wall in a similar fashion to how you fixed the brackets (this may include using raw plugs).

Geeky Stuff
Geeky Stuff

The fabric of the roman blind is attached to the headrail with strong Velcro, which makes it easy to detach for cleaning. This also ensures the fabric covers the headrail, hiding it from view. The cords that pull the fabric up into the creases are attached to enclosed bars that run the width of the blind.

The cords are also easily detachable for cleaning and improved child safety. The bottom of the fabric has an enclosed weight which runs the length of the fabric and helps the fabric to hang straight and without creases.

The chain is made from nickel and smoothly raises and lowers the blind. The brackets require at least 40mm of recess depth to be fitted easily. The headrail is 28mm from front to back and 40mm from top to bottom at its longest part. The gather is stacked, meaning each pleat falls in behind the other leaving a neat, rectangular gather at the top. Our blackout and thermal linings are made from 100% polyester.

If you choose 'recess' as a fit option, we will deduct 1cm from the given width measurement and 1cm from the given drop measurement. This is to ensure the blind can fit into a recess and to ensure the fabric doesn't rest on the windowsill, where it can bulge or hang incorrectly. You do not need to take these deductions into account when measuring a recess, we will apply these automatically when you order a recess fit Roman blind.

Lining Options
Lining Options

We offer a choice of linings for our Roman Blinds, allowing you to ensure your blind suits the needs of your home, beyond simply being decorative.

Light Filtering Lining

The light filtering lining is the lining that comes as standard with our Roman Blinds. It is a light cream/ivory coloured fabric which filters the amount of daylight coming through the fabric. It doesn’t block all light; it simply lowers light levels.

Blackout Lining

Adding the blackout lining will block all daylight from entering the room. It also thickens the fabric which creates a luxurious finish and will help to deaden exterior noise. Made from 100% polyester.

Thermal Blackout Lining

The thermal lining will help to maintain the temperature in the home by increasing the insulation around your windows. Thanks to the blackout nature of the Thermal Lining, it will also make the room darker and lower exterior sound levels. Made from 100% polyester, this lining is also capable of keeping heat out during those hot summer months and maintaining cool temperatures inside.

Right-Size Guarantee
Right-Size Guarantee

Right-Size Guarantee

Sometimes you just need some peace of mind when you come to place an order for your blinds. With DotcomBlind’s Right-Size Guarantee you can have just that. With our Right-Size Guarantee we will replace one blind or curtain with the correct size if you get the measurements wrong when you order. Please note, the Right Size Guarantee excludes Cassette Blinds.

Why do I need this Insurance?

We can’t accept returns or provide refunds for blinds that are mis-measured because all of our blinds are made to measure and so the onus is on the customer to get the measurements right for their blinds. Sometimes you might just be having an off-day, get your centimetres and inches mixed up and end up with a blind that is nigh-on useless. With our Right-Size Guarantee we will take that one blind back, remake it to the correct size for you and send it back, saving you from having to buy a totally new blind! The Right Size Guarantee covers all made-to-measure blinds and curtains except our Cassette Blinds.

How does it work?

✔  Purchase Right-Size Guarantee when you place your order
✔  If one of your blinds has been measured incorrectly, get in touch with us within 14 days and we’ll tell you how to return the blind to us.
✔  Once your blind is with us, we’ll remake it or adjust the blind to your correct measurements and send it back.
✔  Please read our terms and conditions for full details as you will incur additional costs returning the blind to us. 

Shop with Klarna
Shop with Klarna

Buy Now Pay Later with Klarna

DotcomBlinds is pleased to be partnered with Klarna, providing you with more ways to pay.

At the checkout you will see Klarna provides two options: Pay in 3 Instalments or Pay Later.

Pay in 3 Instalments

With Klarna’s option to pay in three instalments, you can spread the cost of your purchase across three interest-free monthly payments.
To pay with Klarna’s ‘Pay in 3 Instalments’ option, you just need to be a UK resident over the age of 18 years old and have a valid payment card.

Pay Later In 30 Days

The second Klarna payment option you’ll find in the checkout is to buy now & pay later with their ‘Pay Later in 30 Days’ option at the checkout.
With this payment option, you make your purchase now and don’t pay until 30 days after we have shipped your product to you, giving you plenty of time to save up!
To pay with Klarna’s ‘Pay Later in 30 Days’ option, you just need to be a UK resident over the age of 18 years old and have a valid payment card.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Next Day Free Samples
Care Instructions
Care Instructions

We recommend the fabric is professionally dry-cleaned. The blind is designed for easy access to the fabric, with Velcro at the top for easy separation. The cords can be unclipped easily too.

Child Safety
Child Safety

Our Roman Blinds come with a chain tidy as standard which must be fitted to keep the chain taut and out of reach of children. Providing additional safety levels, these roman blinds are attached to the headrail by Velcro only, which whilst strong enough to hold the fabric, can separate under excessive weight

Likewise, the lateral cords that draw the blind up and down are designed to separate under any excessive weight too. This is because the swivel clip connecting the cord to the enclosed rod doesn’t have a bottom and will simply be pulled apart. Likewise, this also makes it easy to reconnect.

Alongside these safety measures inherently built into our roman blinds, we also recommend simple preventative steps are taken to stop children from coming into contact with the blind. Don’t install this blind in a window with easy access for children. Do not let children play with the blind, sit on the windowsill next to the blind or encourage them to operate the blind. Remove furniture from areas close to the window to stop children from climbing. Do not tie cords together and always install the child safety device.

For more information do not hesitate to get in touch.

1 Year Warranty
1 Year Warranty

1 Year Warranty

A blind from DotcomBlinds is made to the highest standards, designed to provide you with years of service and shade.
In fact, we’re so confident and proud of our blinds, we offer a 1 year warranty on our blinds.

Obviously, there are a few exclusions:
✖ Damage caused by poor installation/not following fitting instructions (don’t worry, installation is easy, read this.)
✖ Misuse or Failing to maintain the blind
✖ General wear and tear and fading (these blinds are exposed to very intense UV rays)
✖ Alteration to the blind
✖ Exposure to the elements or fitted in an unsuitable location (these are indoor blinds!)

However, if your blind stops functioning for any reasons other than those listed above, get in touch. Our warranty covers:
Manufacturing defects
Fabric/slat colour fading within a year
Mechanical malfunction
2 year warranty on battery and mains electric motors used in electric roller blinds

So, in summary, avoid grossly mistreating your blind, show it a little TLC every so often and don’t use it in ways it wasn’t intended. If you do all those things and something goes wrong with the blind, you’re golden – we’ve got you covered and we’ll and repair or replace it free of charge.

This blind features a dimout fabric, which will provide shade to a room without completely blocking out exterior light; helping to create a bright but shaded space. Dimout fabrics are ideal for living spaces in your home, filtering exterior light to provide shade and reduce glare while keeping the space bright during the day.

This blind features a blackout fabric, proving the light-blocking benefits you would expect from a blackout blind. This fabric will not allow exterior light to pass through it, helping to create a dark environment in your home, which is ideal for bedrooms and home cinemas. Please be aware a minimal amount of light may still leak into a room around the edges of the blind.

This blind features a thick thermal fabric, which will help provide additional insulation to your home’s windows, making your home more thermally efficient. In winter, these blinds will keep your home warmer by minimising heat loss through your windows, and in summer, they will keep your home cooler by minimising the amount of outside heat that enters your interiors.

This blind uses a chain mechanism for its operation. By moving the chain, you can lift the blind fabric up, or lower it. Our chain mechanisms are child-safe and should always be installed with any additional safety accessories provided such as P clips.

This blind features a pattern on the fabric. Patterned fabrics are ideal for turning your windows into the centrepiece of a room’s decor or helping to reinforce a room's decor theme. Be sure to order FREE fabric samples to get a feel for the look and feel of the fabric in person before making a purchase.

This blind features a plain fabric with a solid colour. Plain fabrics are incredibly versatile and can easily be matched to the existing decor in your home or add a fresh new colour to your windows. Be sure to order FREE fabric samples to get a feel for the look and feel of the fabric in person before making a purchase.


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Our highstreet price comparison calculator works on an average price based on similar made-to-measure blinds sold by highstreet retailers. We compare their blinds to ours using the same measurements, same type of fabric and same mechanism, doing our best to find a like-for-like system. To find out more, click here.