All About Our Solar Blinds

All About Our Solar Blinds All About Our Solar Blinds

What You Need To Know About Solar Blinds

Have you been hearing a lot about Solar Blinds? But you’re not exactly sure what they are? Well, no worries because as usual we’ve got you covered!

We like to think ourselves as a one-stop-shop for everything blinds related, so of course we know all about Solar Blinds: what they do, how they work and why you should want them. So, keep reading through and we’ll give you the low-down on everything you need to know about Solar Blinds.

So… What Are Solar Blinds?

Well in different places, ‘Solar Blinds’ can mean a few different things, some retailers will call their blinds with Solar Reflective Backing ‘Solar Blinds’ but this is somewhat of a misnomer. All a Solar Reflective backing on a blind will do is keep your home a bit cooler in the Summer, by bouncing away heat from the Sun, at DotcomBlinds we simply call this type of blind a ‘Solar Reflective’ blind.

But what we here at DotcomBlinds call a ‘Solar Blind’ is one of our Solar Powered Electric Blinds. We have a few different systems for our Electric Blinds: Mains powered, battery powered and solar powered. So, when we talk about ‘Solar Blinds’ we’re talking about our battery powered electric roller blinds, which have a solar panel charger.

So, in short, a ‘Solar Blind’ is simply just a battery powered electric blind which is charged by renewable solar energy, rather than from a battery or mains electricity.

How Do Solar Blinds Work?

Our Solar Powered Electric Blinds work pretty much the same as any other Electric Blind, where a remote-controlled motor moves the blinds up or down. But rather than using a battery or mains electricity to power the blind, it has a small solar panel installed on it, which continuously charges the blind. All of this means that you avoid using more electricity at home and your electric blinds will be powered entirely by renewable energy.

It may all sound a bit ‘Hippy-Dippy’ of us, but the team at DotcomBlinds are committed to sustainability and pushing green initiatives, so being able to provide electric blinds which are powered by a green, renewable energy is very important for us.

The solar panel attached to your electric blinds, will sit behind the blind itself, so that is facing out of the window, from there the Sun’s rays will hit the solar panel and keep the blind charged up.

Why Would You Want A Solar Blind?

Well, there are a few reasons why you may want a solar powered window blind: with electricity prices steadily rising, lots of people are looking for ways to cut their bills and swapping appliances from mains electricity to solar powered is an easy way to do that; if sustainability is a big important issue for you, then solar powered blinds are an attractive proposition, allowing you to use renewable power in your own home; or maybe you’re just a bit of a techie nerd (no shade here, this was written by a fellow techie nerd) and you just want to show off some fancy tech to your friends.

Whatever personal reason you have for wanting a Solar Blind, DotcomBlinds are here to get that new Solar Blind into your home!

Where Do Solar Blinds Work Best?

As these Solar Blinds are charged by the heat from the Sun, you’ll need to make sure that your Solar Blind is located in a window the gets sunlight through the day.

South facing windows are the best for these solar window blinds as they will have Sunlight pretty much all day long, as such they will reach full charge very quickly.

East and West facing windows will also fare well for solar powered blinds, but will need a bit longer to reach full charge than in a South facing window.

North facing windows will get a minimal amount of Sun, but as long as the window gets some Sun throughout the day, it will work and charge your solar window blind, just be wary that it may take a few days to fully charge.

Long story short, as long as the window you’re putting your Solar Blind in gets some Sunlight throughout the day your Solar Blind will get powered by the Sunlight.

How Much Do Solar Blinds Cost?

It’s all well and good knowing that Solar Blinds exist, they’re of no use to you if you can’t afford them, so you should know the cost details for these Solar Blinds before you get your heart set on them!

Here at DotcomBlinds, we can upgrade your Electric Roller Blinds to be solar powered for only £74 with our Solar Panel Charger. When you factor in the fact you can use the solar charger to charge multiple blinds, the rising prices of electricity and how much electricity you will save over the lifetime of your Solar Blind (compared to a regular Electric Window Blind) and you can see that £74 is a good deal for a solar charger.

All in all, it will only cost £74 to get a solar charger for your Solar Blinds.

How Can You Order Solar Blinds?

If we’ve sold you on our Solar Blinds, you’re probably about to ask how you can order some Solar Blinds for your home, well it’s pretty simple.

When you order an Electric Blind from us, you can go to the accessories category and simply add a solar charger to your basket. Or, when you go to complete your blinds order, you should see a pop up at the checkout page asking if you would like to add a solar charger to your order, so just click on that to add a solar charger to your order!

And well that is it, everything you should know about our Solar Powered Electric Blinds before placing an order.

If you still have a few questions about our Solar Blinds, Electric Blinds or any other type of blinds, you can check out our FAQs page or visit our contact page and get in touch with a member of our team of blinds experts!