Get Better Sleep
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4 Really Simple Tips To Help Improve Your Sleep


Getting a good night’s sleep is important for both your physical and mental health, but lots of us find it hard to get good sleep consistently, according to the Royal Society For Public Health (RSPH) the average Brit sleeps for only 6.8 hours a night which is almost a whole hour less than the 7.7 hours people feel they need and 54% of Brits say they have felt stressed as a result of poor sleep.

With sleep tied so closely to our health, it’s important to make sure you get a good amount of time snoozing, as poor sleep is linked to weight gain, various diseases and impaired brain function, so getting better sleep could very well save your life.

So today we’ll be exploring some ways you can improve the quality of your sleep.

Man running up stairsExercise During The Day

People who regularly exercise during the day time, sleep better at night and feel less sleepy throughout the day. Regular exercise helps deal with symptoms of insomnia and sleep apnea as well as increasing the amount of time you spend in in deep sleep. The more vigorous your exercise the more sleep benefits you’ll notice, but even light exercise helps improve sleep quality.

But it is important to exercise during the day time well before it’s bed time, exercise speeds up your metabolism, increases your body temperature and stimulates various hormones, so if you exercise too close to bed time, these things can interfere with your sleep.

Blackout Blinds

We wouldn’t be a very good blinds company if we didn’t shout out blackout blinds here would we? But blackout blinds are an amazing way to help your sleep, by creating a completely dark environment to sleep in, blackout blinds eliminate the possibility of light pollution causing distractions from sleep.

A dark environment also works with your body’s natural clock, where humans are tuned to sleep when it’s dark out so this will help you fall into a natural slumber and avoid the possibility of lights outside from passing cars etc rousing you from your sleep.

So if you’d like to try our blackout blinds to help you get better sleep, order a sample today!

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Don’t Consume Caffeine In The EveningCup of coffee with coffee beans

Caffeine has numerous benefits and is consumed by most people daily in one way or another. A single dose of caffeine from an energy drink or cup of coffee can enhance focus and energy.

However caffeine can stay active in your blood for 6-8 hours, so it’s not recommended to consume any caffeine after the mid afternoon to ensure that it’s out of your system come bedtime, so simply not having a coffee after 3-4pm can help increase the quality and ease of your sleep. If you really do need a cup of coffee in the evening, we recommend that you stick with the decaf.

Make Sure You Have A Cool Room

We’ve all had the issue before, you can’t sleep because it’s too hot in your room and we all know first hand that warm temperatures aren’t conducive to a good nights sleep, throughout the day your body temperature will peak in the evening and drop to it’s lowest levels while you sleep, so a cool 16-18°C (60-65°F) is thought to be an ideal temperature in a bedroom, if it gets hotter than that you’ll likely be restless and in a room much colder you’ll find it difficult to fall asleep and wake up.

So make sure your blinds are closed in the day to stop heat from coming in and maybe have a fan for those warm nights or an open window to help you drift off.