The Price of Blinds

The Price of Blinds The Price of Blinds

What’s the Typical Cost of a Roller Blind?

*Blog updated 04/01/2024 to reflect changes to product range*

Quality made to measure roller blinds can cost less than you think. To get an idea, browse our collection of roller blinds, which typically start from £7.50.

Saturn Black Dimout Roller Blind

Saturn Black Dimout Roller Blind

From £7.50
Saturn Ozone Dimout Roller Blind

Saturn Ozone Dimout Roller Blind

From £7.50
Saturn Pearl Dimout Roller Blind

Saturn Pearl Dimout Roller Blind

From £7.50

How much you’ll pay for your roller blind basically comes down to the size of your window. The bigger the window the more the blind costs, but for an average sized window with a lower priced blind that you’ll install yourself, you’re looking at a price from £30 or so.

You’re able to change the way the blind is operated by swapping out the roller blinds’ chain to a crank or remote-controlled battery-operated blind by shopping in our Electric Blinds category. Those cost a little more but can really change the way your blind functions, tailoring it to you and the environment you install them in. It also makes them Child Safe Plus which removes any cords or chains that pose the small risk of entanglement.

DotcomBlinds' product page showing different methods of operating a roller blind

Roller Blind Delivery Costs

A delivery man with a DotcomBlinds parcelOur charge for standard delivery is £9.99 and you’ll usually have your blind with you between 3-5 working days. For orders over £199 we give you free standard delivery!

We also offer a next working day delivery service on selected blinds that will see an order placed before 11 am dispatched that very day, arriving with you the very next day. Naturally, this varies for the Channel Islands and the Scottish Highlands (see more delivery details here).

Our Roller Blinds Cost Less Than The Highstreet

We compare our blind prices to major highstreet retailers to ensure that we are competitive and to give our customers the best possible deal. These large chains can afford to inflate prices that will push most shoppers out of the market, turn blinds into high-ticket items and just generally make them inaccessible to most people, which we don’t stand for. Keep blinds affordable and at realistic prices.

As a result, you can see how much you save compared to shopping at these highstreet retailers on each product page as you shop. Read more about our pricing claims here.

Readymade vs Made To Measure Blinds

Scissors cutting through blind fabricsNaturally, there are going to be cheaper options available, such as readymade blinds from your hardware shop. These blinds can be handy if you’re in a hurry or just happen to have windows that match the blinds sizes available, but if not, you’ll have to cut them down to size.

This can be a risky business if you don’t have the best hand-eye coordination. The fact that these blinds give you the ability to cut your blind to size also indicates the quality of the materials used. With made to measure blinds you are paying for components that are built to last and survive the rigours of daily use.

For example, having the ability to cut the barrel of a readymade blind down to size suggests it will be made of cardboard, perhaps plastic at best. These materials will sag after a period of time and don’t hold up so well when exposed to damp conditions, heat, cold and weight. Instead, our made to measure roller blinds have metal barrels that are strong and sturdy. No sagging, bending or warping, it's no wonders some say these are the best roller blinds you can buy!

It comes down to an old proverb that rings as true today as it ever has: buy cheap buy twice. If you go for the cheapest, poorest made blinds then you’ll find you need to replace them over and over again. But let’s not get too cynical here!

Why Choose DotcomBlinds

With a roller blind from DotcomBlinds you will be getting a high-quality roller blind that will probably out-live the window you install it to. We keep our blinds affordable, offer you the choice and provide options to help make the buying journey as smooth as possible, from our handy measuring and fitting service to our simple instructions.

Browse today and find your next made to measure roller blind from DotcomBlinds, it’ll be the best roller blind you’ll ever buy.