Spread Cheer This Year With DotcomBlinds

Spread Cheer This Year With DotcomBlinds Spread Cheer This Year With DotcomBlinds

How to secretly measure your friend’s windows!

December is fast approaching which means you need to get shopping for presents, whether you want to wish your friends a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hannukah, or just get them a gift to show how much you care about them, you can’t beat a good set of made-to-measure blinds as a practical, yet thoughtful gift this year… and no we’re not just saying that because we sell blinds!

Why give the gift of blinds?

If you’ve followed us for a while, you’ll know that the DotcomBlinds team are all about sustainability, whether it’s by ensuring our Thermal Blinds keep the cold out, offering replacement slats to minimize waste, or the fact our flagship UK factory is powered by the solar panels that cover its roof!

As we love sustainability so much, it pains our team when we see people getting cheap gifts in the holiday season that will end up hiding in the back of a cupboard for a few years before making their way to a bin when you’re sure the gift giver won’t be offended (Yes, we’re talking about you Aunt Debra! We don’t need any more plastic doohickies for the kitchen!).

Now, there’s one gift that will never go to waste… a good quality set of made-to-measure window blinds!

A new set of blinds from us will be a practical gift, that is actually useful for the recipient, keeping their homes shaded in style, all while keeping heating bills down in the Winter and cooling bills down in the Summer!

So getting your friends and family a new set of blinds is a Win-Win-Win scenario – The recipient wins with a fantastic gift – You win gaining the title of the “best gift giver” – And the environment wins too!

So, how can I measure my friends & families windows in secret?

Now, this is the hard part of the equation, a good gift should be a surprise, so how can you measure your friends & families windows without them cottoning onto the fact you’re buying them a wicked set of blinds? – Well, call us James Bond Blind as we’re going to help you on your secret mission!

But before you think of sneaking about haphazardly measuring windows, you should consult our measuring guides here so that you know what you’re doing when it’s time for your secret mission!

Now that you know how to measure windows, it is time to crack on with your secret measuring mission, but how can you get to their windows without giving the game away?

Secret Measuring Option 1: A Sneaky Cup of Tea

If you’re thinking of giving the gift of blinds to a close friend or family member, the easiest way to secretly measure their windows is with a strategy we call “The Sneaky Cup of Tea” – Luckily you won’t need any laser pens or spy satellites to get this done – The only secret gadget you need is a measuring tape!

Now, what you want to do is pop around to your gift recipient’s home, once your comfortably seated you’ll want to ask for a cup of tea (or coffee!) – This will buy you a few minutes to sneakily measure their windows whilst they make your cup of tea – So quickly but carefully measure whatever window you’ll be buying a blind for and the job is a good’un!

Secret Measuring Option 2: The High-Tech Measurement Heist

This option is for super-secret shading spies who have the high-tech gadget known as a “laser measure” this fancy device uses lasers to quickly measure spaces, making it easy to quickly and slyly get measurements for your targets window recess without them noticing!

You’ll want to pop around to your targets home for a catch up, then slyly make your way over to the window you’ll be shading with your glorious gift. Once your by the window in question, sneakily take the width and drop measurements of the recess using your handy laser measuring device to know what size blind they’ll need – Then once you have the measurements you need, make your exit and head straight to the DotcomBlinds store!

Secret Measuring Option 3: The Inside Man (Or Lady)

Any good secret agent will tell you that the key to pulling off a successful mission is to have a good source for intelligence. It doesn’t matter if you’re breaking into a secret base, or buying a set of blinds, having a mole on the inside can ensure your success!

If you can’t easily make it to your gift recipients house to measure on the downlow, the next best option is to get your gift recipient’s spouse or partner in on the subterfuge – Tell them you’ll be buying their partner a set of blinds for Christmas and have them secretly measure the windows for you! This strategy has the added bonus of being able to get some extra inside information, such as which windows are in need of new shades and what type of blinds your gift recipient would prefer.


And there you have it, three top secret blinds measuring strategies for you to measure your friends and families windows to give them the generous gift of made to measure window blinds this year.

If you have any questions about our blinds or how to measure up to gift someone a new set of shades this year get in contact with us to speak to one of our expert blinds specialists!