We’ve Launched Our Smart Blinds!

We’ve Launched Our Smart Blinds! We’ve Launched Our Smart Blinds!

The future is now, with Smart Blinds!

Once again, the people asked and DotcomBlinds delivered! That’s right, we’re finally launching our long-awaited Smart Blinds collection!

We have now added over 100 new Smart Roller Blinds to our collection, ready to help turn your home from “just a home” into a smart home. Our new Smart Roller Blinds are powered with top-of-the-line smart motors, giving you complete control of your home’s blinds.

Our New Smart Motors

For our new range of Smart Roller Blinds, you’ll have the choice between two different cutting-edge smart motors: the MotionBlinds motor and the Eve MotionBlinds motor. There are a few differences between the motor, but put simply, the standard MotionBlinds motor is a nice jumping off point, whereas the Eve MotionBlinds motor is the supercharged “do-it-all” version, for all the smart home nerds!

The main differences between these motors is how they can be controlled, so let’s look at the differences below.

  • The MotionBlinds Motor can be controlled via a Bluetooth App, allowing you to remotely control your shades with your mobile phone; with a ‘one touch’ pull cord on the motor itself; or with your existing smart home tech when you use the MotionBlinds bridging unit (sold separately)

  • The Eve MotionBlinds Motor on the other hand, can do everything the standard MotionBlinds motor can, but it is also compatible with all Apple smart home technology out of the gate; and can be controlled with other smart home systems when using a bridging unit (sold separately).

Our Smart Blinds vs Our Electric Blinds

If you’ve bought blinds from us before, you’ll know that we also have a range of remote-controlled electric roller blinds and you may be wondering why we have smart blinds and electric blinds.

Well, the big difference is that our remote-controlled electric blinds is operated by (you guessed it) a remote control rather than apps or any smart home tech. So our electric remote controlled blinds are better suited for people without smart home tech in their homes, whereas our new smart blinds are better suited to people who have a passion for smart home tech.

Both our remote-controlled blinds and our new smart blinds serve different purposes for different people so we will continue to sell our remote controlled shades as well as our smart blinds for the foreseeable future.


Now that you know the basics about our new smart blinds, using both MotionBlinds motors and Eve MotionBlinds motors, why not head over to our Smart Blinds collection here to begin your smart shades journey!