Cord Drawn Curtain Track

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DotcomBlind’s Right-Size Guarantee will replace a blind or curtain with the correct size if you get the measurements wrong.
Click here for details.

Product Description

The ability to open and close your curtains with a cord, similar to that of a blind, is not something to be overlooked. It offers ease and convenience with its choice of draw – left, right or split. This track has 12 roller runners per linear metre and comes with the operating cord and pulley system already fitted, making for simple installation.

Additional information

Right-Size Guarantee

Right-Size Guarantee

Sometimes you just need some peace of mind when you come to place an order for your blinds. With DotcomBlind’s Right-Size Guarantee you can have just that. With our Right-Size Guarantee we will replace a blind with the correct size if you get the measurements wrong when you order.

Why do I need this Insurance?

We can’t accept returns or provide refunds for blinds that are mis-measured because all of our blinds are made to measure and so the onus is on the customer to get the measurements right for their blinds. Sometimes you might just be having an off-day, get your centimetres and inches mixed up and end up with a blind that is nigh-on useless. With our Right-Size Guarantee we will take that blind back, remake it to the correct size for you and send it back, saving you from having to buy a totally new blind!

How does it work?

✔  Purchase Right-Size Guarantee when you place your order
✔  If one of your blinds has been measured incorrectly, get in touch with us within 14 days and we’ll tell you how to return the blind to us.
✔  Once your blind is with us, we’ll remake it or adjust the blind to your correct measurements and send it back.
✔  Please read our terms and conditions for full details as you will incur additional costs returning the blind to us. 

3 Year Warranty

3 Year Warranty

A curtain track from DotcomBlinds is made to the highest standards, designed to provide you with years of service and shade.
In fact, we’re so confident and proud of our curtain tracks, we offer a 3 year warranty on all our blinds. This is one of the longest warranties available and a clear sign of the quality of our curtain tracks.

Obviously, there are a few exclusions:
✖ Damage caused by poor installation/not following fitting instructions (don’t worry, installation is easy, read this.)
✖ Misuse or Failing to maintain the curtain track
✖ General wear and tear and fading (these blinds are exposed to very intense UV rays)
✖ Alteration to the curtain track
✖ Exposure to the elements or fitted in an unsuitable location (these are indoor tracks!)

However, if your curtain track stops functioning for any reasons other than those listed above, get in touch. Our warranty covers:
Manufacturing defects
Fabric/slat colour fading within a year
Mechanical malfunction
2 year warranty on battery motors used in electric roller blinds

So, in summary, avoid grossly mistreating your blind, show it a little TLC every so often and don’t use it in ways it wasn’t intended. If you do all those things and something goes wrong with the curtain track, you’re golden – we’ve got you covered and we’ll and repair or replace it free of charge.

How To Measure

Measuring Curtain Tracks

We’ve made it super easy – just supply us with the width that you wish the track to be and enter it into our website. There are no brackets on the end of our track so we do not need to make any deductions to the track to make it fit. The width measurement you supply is the width that the track will be made to.

We recommend using a metal tape measure to ensure accuracy. For cord drawn tracks please measure the drop of the track as well so that we are able to ensure the cord will be made to the correct length and in keeping with child safety regulations.

Next Day Delivery


This curtain track is available for Next Day Delivery. Order before 11am to have it dispatched the same day to be with you the very next working day. All you have to do is select ‘Next Day Delivery’ when you checkout and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you order after 11am, we’ll still process your order as a priority and dispatch it the next working day to be with you the following working day, but we can’t guarantee that it will be with you the day after you place your order, unless we discover light-speed or time travel in the meantime!

Next Day Delivery only applies to selected products and isn’t applicable to other non-qualifying blinds ordered at the same time. If you’re located within the Channel Islands or the Scottish Highlands we’ll still dispatch in super quick time but the couriers may take a little longer to get to you, so please allow 48 or 72 hours for delivery.

Why order before 11am?
Ordering before 11am ensures we are able to fit your track into the day’s work schedule for our factory to get it built ready in time to catch the courier. Your order will jump the queue of work and head right to the front where our expert team will build your made to measure curtain track in time for it to arrive at your home in 24 hours’ time. Now, how’s that for service?

The Geeky Stuff!

Cord Drawn Curtain Track Technical Details

The Cord Drawn Curtain Track is a cord drawn aluminum track with a neat square design. It has 12 heavy-duty roller runners per metre and is capable of carrying large or heavy curtains.

The track is 37mm high from the top of the track to the runner, and so deduct this measurement when working out the drop for your curtains.

The track and the bracket combined protrudes 51mm from the surface it is fixed to.

How To Install

Installing a Cord Drawn Curtain Track

Installing a Cord Drawn Curtain Track couldn’t be easier – we’ve done all the hard work in the manufacturing process, so all you have to do is unbox the track and follow these simple instructions!

Step 1

The first thing you need to install is the brackets to the wall. The brackets should be 100mm in from the end of the window track and spaced at no more than 600mm apart. Your track will come with the necessary number of brackets based on its length. Use pan head screws and use a washer if possible.

Step 2

Push the track onto the brackets, by putting the lug on the front of the bracket into the groove on the back of the track. If top fixing, hold the track in place whilst you drill and attach the brackets. For face fixing, hold the track in place and mark where you will need to drill for the brackets. Drill the holes, and attach the brackets and then attach the track.

  • Step 3

Lift the track into place and put the lip of the lug on the front of the bracket into the top of the groove in the back of the track. When attaching make sure the locator is pointing downwards. Once the track is attached turn the locator to the side so that it sits flush with the track and secures the track onto the brackets.

Step 4

Once the track is up, put the cord tidy at the bottom loop of the cord so that you know where to attach it to the wall. Take it off of the cord and screw in the back plate of the cord tidy to the wall. Add the central roller and cord and then hold it all in place with a screw though the front plate and the central roller.

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