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Delivered in 3 to 5 working days.

Medium Weight Curtain Track

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Product Description
Product Description

A medium weight track is a great all-rounder in the curtain world. Capable of handling most domestic installations, this track is substantial enough to support your curtains yet discreate enough to not dominate a window - after all, it's best to let your curtains do the talking and not the track! This track can hold up to 6kg of curtain weight for up to three metres.

The Geeky Stuff!
The Geeky Stuff!

Medium Weight Curtain Track Technical Details

The Medium Weight Curtain Track is a hand-drawn aluminum curtain track which is white powder-coated. It holds gliders which are supplied at 16 per metre.

The track is 30mm high from the top of the track to the glider, and so deduct this measurement when working out the drop of your curtains.

The track and the bracket combined protrudes 41mmm from the surface it is fixed to.

How To Install
How To Install

Installing a Medium Weight Hand Drawn

With the Medium Weight Hand Drawn curtain track has the option to be top fixed or face fixed. To top fix the track means to attach it to the ceiling or top of the recess, whereas a face fix means to attach the track to the wall.

Step 1

Click the brackets on to the track, spaced 600mm apart, and no further than 100mm from either end.

Step 2

To top fix this track, raise the track into the desired position and fix it to the ceiling using appropriate screws. If you're planning on face fixing this track, hold the track in place whilst you mark where to drill for the brackets. Drill the holes, insert the raw plugs and then screw the bracket into place. See below for how to fix your brackets according to whether it is face fix or top fix.

Step 3

For face fix blinds, once the bracket is in place, close up the hatch on the bracket, covering the screwhead. Click the track into place and secure it with appropriate screws.

How To Measure
How To Measure

Measuring Curtain Tracks

We’ve made it super easy – just supply us with the width that you wish the track to be and enter it into our website. There are no brackets on the end of our track so we do not need to make any deductions to the track to make it fit. The width measurement you supply is the width that the track will be made to.

We recommend using a metal tape measure to ensure accuracy. For cord drawn tracks please measure the distance from the floor up to where the track will be fitted (this is called the Install Height) so that we are able to ensure the cord will be made to the correct length and in keeping with child safety regulations whilst still be in reach for adults.

Next Day Delivery
3 Year Warranty
3 Year Warranty

3 Year Warranty

A curtain track from DotcomBlinds is made to the highest standards, designed to provide you with years of service and shade.
In fact, we’re so confident and proud of our curtain tracks, we offer a 3 year warranty on all our blinds. This is one of the longest warranties available and a clear sign of the quality of our curtain tracks.

Obviously, there are a few exclusions:
✖ Damage caused by poor installation/not following fitting instructions (don’t worry, installation is easy, read this.)
✖ Misuse or Failing to maintain the curtain track
✖ General wear and tear and fading (these blinds are exposed to very intense UV rays)
✖ Alteration to the curtain track
✖ Exposure to the elements or fitted in an unsuitable location (these are indoor tracks!)

However, if your curtain track stops functioning for any reasons other than those listed above, get in touch. Our warranty covers:
Manufacturing defects
Fabric/slat colour fading within a year
Mechanical malfunction
2 year warranty on battery motors used in electric roller blinds

So, in summary, avoid grossly mistreating your blind, show it a little TLC every so often and don’t use it in ways it wasn’t intended. If you do all those things and something goes wrong with the curtain track, you’re golden – we’ve got you covered and we’ll and repair or replace it free of charge.


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