Animal Inspired Blinds

Animal Inspired Blinds Animal Inspired Blinds

Furry friends make for cute curtains and brilliant blinds!

At DotcomBlinds, we have 100’s of different patterned fabrics available for use on our blinds and curtains, with designs ranging from Art Deco inspired patterns, Heritage British designs and of course the ever-popular animal inspired designs for all the David Attenborough fans in the audience!

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the DotcomBlinds team’s favourite fabrics featuring animals. Since the dawn of time, we have decorated our homes (well caves back then) with animal motifs and they’re still as popular as ever today, but rather than rudimentary paintings on the walls, we can now get our dose of animal décor from our window shades.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the best animal inspired blind fabrics we have in our collection, starting with some of our Designer fabrics featuring animals.

Designer Animal Inspired Blinds

Here at DotcomBlinds, we have designer blinds ranges from some of the biggest names in British Design, we have awesome animal inspired blinds designs from Cath Kidston and Sara Miller so let’s look at our favourite animal based blinds from each collection!

Sara Miller – Hummingbird Cornflower Blue Roller Blind

Hummingbird Cornflower Blue blind Hummingbird Cornflower Blue pattern

Starting off we have this beautiful Hummingbird inspired fabric from our Sara Miller collection. This beautiful cornflower blue fabric has detailing across the whole of the fabric, featuring pink and gold Hummingbirds flying above some delightful floral motifs. This is one of the more understated animal designs we have and is great for adding a light touch of whimsy to a room.

The Sara Miller Hummingbird Deep Navy fabric is available as either a dimout roller blind, or as a blackout roller blind.

Cath Kidston – British Birds Pastel Roller Blind

British Birds Pastel Blind British Birds Pastel Pattern

This next fabric is from our Cath Kidston collection, it is the classic Cath Kidston British Birds print on a lovely pastel fabric. The British Birds print is one of the most iconic Cath Kidston designs and is now available as a blind fabric, this iconic pattern features various iconic British Birds amongst blossoming spring flowers.

The Cath Kidston British Birds Pastel fabric is available as either a dimout roller blind, or as a blackout roller blind.

Sara Miller – Underwater Midnight Roller Blind

Underwater Midnight Blind Underwater Midnight Pattern

Up next, we have an animal inspired blind with a bit of a nautical twist, the Underwater Midnight fabric from our Sara Miller collection. This stunning blind showcases all sorts of aquatic wildlife, with Seahorses, Starfish and small Fishes swimming amongst the plant life on the ocean floor. This blind is stunning and is sure to be a centerpiece of your home’s décor if you choose it to shade your windows.

The Sara Miller Underwater Midnight fabric is available as either a dimout roller blind, or as a blackout roller blind.

Cath Kidston – Dino Roller Blind

Dino Blind Dino Pattern

The final animal inspired blind we’re highlighting from our Cath Kidston collection is the Dino fabric. This fabric dials the clock back a few million years, showing off some classic prehistoric animals, including: Tyrannosaurus Rexs, Spinosauri, Pterodactyls and Diplodocuses. This animal inspired blind is great for all the Dinosaur lovers out there and is an incredibly fun blind that’s sure to spark conversation.

The Cath Kidston Dino fabric is available as either a dimout roller blind, or as a blackout roller blind.


Animal Inspired Blinds from the Main DotcomBlinds Collection

Outside of our designer collections, we have plenty of blinds featuring animal based patterns available across our main collections, so you don’t need a high-end budget to get a high-end animal based blind for your home!

So, let’s take a look at some of our favourite animal inspired window blinds and curtains from the main DotcomBlinds collection.

Athens Slate Curtains

Athens Slate Curtain Athens Slate Pattern

Let’s start off with an awesome avian inspired fabric, our Athens slate curtains! These beautiful curtains feature a textured slate grey fabric, paired with some stunning cream coloured birds flying across the fabric, the elegant bird motif paired with the delightful grey backing fabric creates a delightful effect, making this blind an excellent purchase for all the bird lovers!

The Athens Slate Curtains are available with a range of header and lining options.

Camden Safari Roman Blind

Camden Safari Camden Safari Pattern

Now we move onto the Camden Safari Roman Blind fabric, this fabric is clearly inspired by the wildlife of the African continent, featuring Giraffes, Zebras and Elephants amongst Acaias trees. You can tell why we names this fabric “Safari” as you get to gaze upon some of the most majestic creatures of Africa from the comfort of your own home!

The Camden Safari Roman Blind is available with a range lining options.

Laurel Teddies Cream Roman Blind

Laurel Teddies Cream Laurel Teddies Cream Pattern

This next blind is a bit of an animal inspiration inception, taking inspiration from the classic Teddy Bear design, which in itself is inspired by real life bears. So our Laurel Teddies Cream Roman Blind, is a blind fabric inspired by a toy, which was inspired by bears! While not entirely animal based, we think this is a cute and fun window blind, perfect for children and grown up animal lovers alike.

The Laurel Teddies Cream Roman Blind is available with a range of lining options.

Nashua Llamas Roman Blind

Nashua Llamas Nashua Llamas

Finally, we move onto what is perhaps the cutest blind in the entire DotcomBlinds collection, our Nashua Llamas Roman Blind, as the name suggests this fabric is adorned with a coterie of cute little Llamas hanging about amongst some cactus plants. This cute animal inspired blind is perfect for adding a touch of cuteness and whimsy to your home’s windows.

The Nashua Llamas Roman Blind is available with a range of lining options.