Art Deco Inspired Blinds

Art Deco Inspired Blinds Art Deco Inspired Blinds

A look at our best fabrics inspired by Art Deco

At DotcomBlinds, we have 100’s of different patterned fabrics available for use on our blinds and curtains, with designs ranging from animal inspired patterns, Paisley designs and of course fabrics featuring some classic Art Deco motifs.

Art Deco is a style of design that originated in France during the early 1900’s, but the design movement really picked up when it was exported to America in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Art Deco style is very opulent and maximalist, often featuring bold contrasts of gold and black, with layered shapes, intricate line art and dynamic geometry. While Art Deco is usually associated with the Roaring ‘20s, it’s having somewhat of a comeback nowadays and is quickly returning to it’s place as the go to style to project luxury.

Now that we have hyped you up about the Art Deco style, let’s look at the best Art Deco inspired blinds from the DotcomBlinds collection, so that you can transform your home into a space worthy of the Great Gatsby!

Athol Taupe Roman Blind

Athol Taupe Roman BlindAthol Taupe Pattern

First up on our list of our favourite Art Deco inspired fabrics is our Athol Taupe Roman Blind, this blind has a clear Art Deco inspiration, with it’s funky layered shapes and wild geography. However this blind has a more modern interpretation of Art Deco, using sleek modern taupe and beige colours to create a 2020’s interpretation of the 1920’s design philosophy.

The Athol Taupe Roman Blind is available with a range of lining options.

Cullman Graphite Curtain

Cullman Graphite CurtainCullman Graphite Pattern

Next up, we have our Cullman Graphite Curtains, which take clear inspiration from the Art Deco movement, with the sublime geometric line art that adorns this graphite fabric. The grey linework against the graphite fabric, creates a subtle reference to Art Deco, allowing it to be used in home with different décor styles, without creating any dissonance.

The Cullman Graphite Curtains are available with a range of header and lining options.

Bastrop Graphite Roman Blinds

Bastrop Graphite Roman BlindBastrop Graphite Pattern

Now we move onto another delightful graphite shade that has excellent geometric line art on it, our Bastrop Graphite Roman Blind. Much like the previous fabric, this opulent shade has clear Art Deco inspiration, without diving into the deep end of Art Deco maximalism, allowing it to function well when paired with a wide range of interior décor styles!

The Bastrop Graphite Roman Blind is available with a range of lining options.

Callao Mono Roller Blind

Callao Mono Roller BlindCallao Mono Roller Blind Pattern

Next we move onto another blind with a contemporary take on Art Deco, our Callao Mono Roller Blind. This blind has all the hallmarks of Art Deco design, geometric patterns, layered shapes and intricate linework, but it feels much more in tune with 2020 than 1920, with an almost futuristic carbon fibre feel to the look. So if you want a shade with an up to date take on all the traditional elements of Art Deco, this blind is for you.

The Callo Mono Roller Blind is available to buy online at

Flint Aqua Curtains

Flint Aqua Curtains Flint Aqua Curtain Pattern

Last, but by no means least, we have our Flint Aqua Curtain, which feels like a mash-up of classic Art Deco motifs and design elements from the 1970’s, which all creates a unique and intriguing look. The jumbled multicoloured geometric pattern of the curtain is equal parts stunning and satisfying, so if you’re looking for a statement curtain for your home, you may have stumbled across the perfect shade!

The Flint Aqua Curtains are available with a range of header and lining options.