Perfect Paisely Blinds

Perfect Paisely Blinds Perfect Paisely Blinds

A look at our best paisley patterned blinds

At DotcomBlinds, we have 100’s of different patterned fabrics available for use on our blinds and curtains, with designs ranging from Art Deco inspired patterns, Floral designs and of course the Paisley patterned fabrics.

Paisley patterns have a bit of an odd history to them, the classic Paisley motif supposedly originates from the Kashmir region of India over 1,000 years ago taking inspiration from Cypress trees, then becoming popular in Europe amongst Bohemians in the 18th century, before becoming the go-to flourish design for Cowboys in the wild west, and hippies in the 1960’s, today Paisley is still a popular pattern, appearing on everything from bandanas to formal ties and of course… Window blinds!

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best Paisley patterned and Paisley inspired blinds and curtains we have in our collection here at DotcomBlinds.

Designer Paisley Inspired Blinds

Here at DotcomBlinds, we have designer blinds ranges from some of the biggest names in British Design, we have awesome Paisley inspired blinds designs from Cath Kidston and MissPrint so let’s take a look at our favourite Paisley blind from each collection!

Cath Kidston – Paisley Roller Blind

Paisley Blind Paisley Pattern

Starting off our rundown of our favourite Paisely blinds, we have the Paisley print from our Cath Kidston collection. This Paisley pattern has a bit of a psychedelic feel to it and certainly takes some inspiration from the more modern side of Paisley with a definite hippy and bohemian influence to the design. So, if you fancy yourself a modern-day flower child, this blind will be perfect for your home.

The Cath Kidston Paisley fabric is available as either a dimout roller blind, or as a blackout roller blind.

MissPrint - Nazca Condor Roller Blind

Nazca Condor Nazca Condor Pattern

This funky blind fabric from our MissPrint collection isn’t ‘Paisley’ per ce, but you can certainly see the influence of traditional Paisley design, as well as some ‘Aztec’ and ‘Abstract’ influence on this fabric. So, if you’re looking for a blind that has the feel of Paisley, but a much more eclectic and modern feel, this may be the blind for you!

The MissPrint Nazca Condor fabric is available as either a dimout roller blind, or as a blackout roller blind.

Paisley Inspired Blinds from the Main DotcomBlinds Collection

Outside of our designer collections, we have plenty of blinds featuring Paisley patterns available across our main collections, so you don’t need a high-end budget to get a high-end Paisley window shade for your home!

So, let’s take a look at some of our favourite Paisley window blinds and curtains from the main DotcomBlinds collection.

Florence Plum Roman Blind

Florence Plum Florence Plum Pattern

First off, we have our Florence Plum Roman blind, which features a Paisley inspired floral pattern against a neutral beige fabric. While this pattern is missing the boteh teardrop shaped motif, it still has the more floral hallmarks of a good Paisley design and would certainly be a great addition to a Bohemian styled home.

The Florence Plum Roman Blind is available with a choice of different linings.

Monroe Claret Curtain

Monroe Claret Monroe Claret Pattern

Next up we have our Monroe Claret Curtains, these stunning Paisley inspired shades pair a neutral Paisely print against a warm Claret backing fabric. Much like the Florence Plumb fabric, these blinds are unfortunately missing a few of the classic Paisley hallmarks, but still the clear influence of the floral aspect of Paisley design shines through as clearly as day.

The Monroe Claret Curtain is available with a choice of different headings and linings.

Newport Plum Roman Blind

Newport Plum Newport Plum Pattern

Finally. We move onto the Newport Plum Roman Blind, the design on this beautiful fabric feels like a mash-up with the motifs of Paisley patterns, with the opulent colour palette of Art Deco design. The intricate gold flourishes look stunning against the backdrop of the rich purple coloured fabric, giving it a very powerful look and feel.

The Newport Plum Roman Blind is available with a choice of different linings.