Need Cordless Blinds, What Are Your Options?

Need Cordless Blinds, What Are Your Options? Need Cordless Blinds, What Are Your Options?

Discover our child safe cordless blinds

Here at DotcomBlinds, we go to great lengths to ensure that each and every made to measure blind we manufacture and deliver to our customers across the nation are as safe as they can be, meeting British manufacturing regulations for blinds that use cords and chains to operate (ensuring cords and chains are made to safe lengths and providing safety clips) as well as offering made to measure cordless blinds as an alternative to cord and chain operated shades.

For most of the shades we supply, we offer cordless blinds options with no chains loops or pull cords to give homeowners and parents peace of mind that their new shade is as safe as it can be for their children.

Why choose cordless blinds?

For parents, schools and landlords cordless or chainless window blinds can be a smart choice. By removing the cord or chain operation from a blind and replacing it with an alternative mechanism, you can prevent cord related accidents and remove a potential hazard from your property.

Besides creating a safer environment, cordless blinds options have many more benefits, for example: users with mobility issues will greatly benefit from our hands free options like our smart blinds which can be operated remotely or automated entirely, and people with fine motor skills issues caused by dyspraxia, tremors or illnesses like Parkinson's or MS may find using a wand or crank control easier than trying to operate a chain or pull cord.

Our cordless blinds solutions

Now that you understand why cordless blinds may be a good option for you, read on to discover all the cordless made to measure cordless blinds options that DotcomBlinds can provide for you!

Crank Operated Roller Blinds

The first cordless blind option that we offer is a crank control cordless roller blind option available for the majority of our standard sized roller blinds, where a crank mechanism replaces our standard chain operated mechanism. This operation uses a turn crank, allowing the user to open and close the blind by turning an easy to use crank, which can be detached and safely stored when the shade is not in use.

Wand Operated Vertical Blinds

Moving away from our roller blinds, we also offer cordless vertical blinds, with a wand control mechanism. Our wand control for vertical blinds is quite smart, as the wand can be moved side to side to open and close the shades, while also being able to angle the slats by rotating the blind.

Please be aware, as standard we manufacture our vertical blinds, with small child safe connecting chains holding the slats together, but if you’d like them removed, simply email us at [email protected] after placing your order specifying to not use connecting chains.

Smart Roller Blinds

The next cordless roller blind option we offer, is our smart controlled roller blinds. This ‘smart’ option powered by either our MotionBlinds smart motor or our Eve MotionBlinds smart motor completely removes any manually operated mechanism from the blind and allows users to operate the shade in a variety of ways, including: app control, voice commands and even full automation.

Remote Controlled Roller Blinds

The final cordless option we offer for our standard roller blinds and XL roller blinds is our electric powered remote control blinds. Much like our smart blinds, our remote controlled roller blinds do not need to be manually operated, but instead can be controlled with a remote control or wall switch (sold separately), allowing you to remotely operate the blinds.

Hand Drawn Curtains

Finally, we can also offer cordless made to measure curtain options, which are opened and closed by simply pulling the curtain along the curtain track. As long as you select any of our hand drawn curtain track options, your new set of curtains will be entirely cordless and simply operated by hand.


With all these cordless options available for our made to measure blinds and curtains, you’re sure to find a set of cordless shades that perfectly suit your needs. If you have any questions about our cordless blinds and curtains that weren’t answered in this blog, why not get in touch with our team of blinds experts by emailing [email protected] or calling on 0800 1422 417 to resolve your queries.