Next Level Customisation With DotcomBlinds Fine Tuning

Next Level Customisation With DotcomBlinds Fine Tuning Next Level Customisation With DotcomBlinds Fine Tuning

More customisation options than ever before!

Big news coming out of DotcomBlinds HQ today, as we announce the launch of our brand-new Fine Tuning system – to give you more customisation options than ever before when it comes to personalising and customising your new made to measure blinds.

You will now notice when you’re looking at certain blinds on the DotcomBlinds webstore, once you add in your measurements and select your measurement options, you will have the option to ‘Fine tune your blind’!

The fine tuning section, will have various options for additional customisations and further specifications you can make to your new made to measure blinds – Allowing you to order a blind perfectly suited to your exact needs!

Fine tuning fine tuning

Please remember that fine tuning your blind is completely optional, in most cases your blind will be perfectly suited to your home with its standard configuration – But in certain situations the finetuning will be very useful!

For example: with windows that are high off the ground, specifying the Install Height of your blind will allow us to provide you with a longer, easier to reach chain.

In the fine-tuning section, you will also have the option to name individual blinds in your order, making it easier for you to identify which blind goes with which window when it comes time to install the blinds.

For example: if you are ordering multiple BiFold Door Blinds, you should be able to name them “Panel Far Left”, “Panel Centre Left”, “Panel Centre”, and so on to easily work out what doorframe each blind is for.

As well as these standard fine tuning options, which should be available across most of the blinds and curtains in the DotcomBlinds store – There will be more specific customisation options and fine tuning addons for different types of blinds – Like choosing which side of an Electric Blind you’d like the motor to be housed, or different colour options for the lining of a new Roman Blind.

As we launch more finetuning options across different ranges of blinds, we will post blogs like this detailing what the different customisation and fine tuning options mean, to help you better understand your blinds and how to fine tune them.

Please bear in mind, that certain fine tuning options may effect and change the price of your blind

Here at DotcomBlinds, we consider ourselves experts in all things made to measure – So if you have any questions about our fine tuning options or our made to measure products please get in touch with our team of experts by emailing [email protected] or calling us on 0800 1422 417 to speak to an expert.