Fine Tuning Your New Roller Blinds

Fine Tuning Your New Roller Blinds Fine Tuning Your New Roller Blinds

Explaining your customisation options

As we mentioned in our blog last week, we have launched our new fine tuning system for our made to measure blinds. As each type of blind will have it's own unique fine tuning options, we thought it may be best to have another short blog explaining all the customisation options you may have on our most popular type of blind - The humble Roller Blind!

How to find fine tuning options

If you want to fine tune your new set of made to measure Roller Blinds, the first thing you'll want to do is locate the fine tuning section to discover what options are available to you. To find the fine tuning options, simply fill in your sizing information for your new roller blind and you will notice an option to "Fine tune your blind" (highlighted below) will appear on your screen - Simply touch this prompt to uncover all available fine tuning options.

Fine tuning fine tuning

Roller Blind Fine Tuning Options

Across our Roller Blinds range, you will have a variety of customisation and fine tuning options to allow you to personalise your blind. When fine tuning a standard sized chain operated or cordless Roller Blind, you will have the following options to customise your blind.

1) Blind Name

The first fine tuning option you'll be presented with is the option to name the blind you're ordering. This will be useful when ordering many different blinds, so that you can easily match up each blind to the window they're going to be installed in.

For example, in a box bay window, you could name your roller blinds "Left Bay", "Centre Bay" and "Right Bay" so that you can easily work out which blind will go in each area of the bay window.

2) Install Height

When making your blinds, we have to follow various government rules and regulations on how long we can make our chains on chain operated blinds. If your window is particularly high up, it may be beneficial for you to enter the installation height of your blinds - This way we can provide you with the longest possible chain we can (within legal limits) ensuring that your chain operation is both reachable and safe.

3) Direction of Roll

As standard, our Roller Blinds are made with a "front roll" meaning that the fabric of the blind will roll off of the front side of the roller tube (side furthest from the window). So, if you'd like your blind to be made with a reverse roll (side closest to the window) you can select that option here.

4) Chain Options

As standard, all of our chain operated Roller Blinds will be made with metal chain as standard, however we do have various other chain options that you may select for your Roller Blind (please be aware, these options will not be available on Crank Operated Cordless Roller Blinds). You will have the option of keeping our standard metal chain or upgrading to any of the following: Stainless Steel Chain, Nickle Plated Brass Chain, White Plastic Chain, Brown Plastic Chain, Black Plastic Chain or Grey Plastic Chain (On XL Roller Blinds, only Default Chain, Stainless Steel Chain and Nickle Plated Brass Chains will be available).

5) Bottom Bar Options

Our Standard Roller Blinds will come with a White Plastic Bottom Bar as standard and our XL & Electric Roller Blinds come with a Metal Teardrop Bottom Bar as standard. However you will have the option to upgrade your standard Bottom Bar to any of the following: White Aluminium Teardrop Bottom Bar, Silver Aluminium Teardrop Bottom Bar, Black Aluminium Teardrop Bottom Bar, White Aluminium Round Bottom Bar or a Silver Aluminium Round Bottom Bar. (XL Roller Blinds will also have option for Fabric Wrapped bottom Bar)

6) Bracket Options

As standard, our Roller Blinds will be provided with a set of standard brackets, which keep the blind itself close to the wall. If you'd like to have your blind installed further away from the wall you can upgrade your brackets to be 'Extension Brackets', these are adjustable brackets that you can use to protrude the blind from a wall (face fix) or to hang lower (top fix) than our standard brackets. They have a small nut and bolt on each side of the bracket which you undo to allow you to extend the bracket. (Please be aware this option will not be available for XL Roller Blinds)

7) Side Guide Wire Options

This option allows you to select a side guiding system that sees 1mm thick wires fitted to the top of the recess or ceiling down to the window sill or floor, that run through the bottom bar of the blind. This prevents the blind from moving anywhere except up or down. This is ideal for areas prone to breezes or if the fitted at a slight angle. (Please be aware, you must use a Teardrop Bottom Bar to use these wires).

Electric & Smart Roller Blind Specific Options

When using fine tuning options on our electric roller blinds, you may notice a few options not present on the fine tuning menu for standard roller blinds. Let's look at what extra choices you will have available when fine tuning an Electric or Smart Roller Blind.

Motor Install Side

This option allows you to select which side of the roller tube you would like the blind's motor installed (For battery/solar powered blinds a charging port will be this side & for mains electric powered blinds a wire will be this side). While the motor side should not impact the operation of the blind, it may be useful to have the motor installed on the side closest to a power outlet or electrical wiring.

Motor Side

Controller (Electric Blinds only)

Finally, when ordering electric roller blinds, you will have an option to add a controller to your order. You will have the choice of adding any of the following: Single channel remote controller. 6 channel remote controller, 16 channel remote controller, single channel wall mounted remote, dual channel wall mounted remote controller. If you'd like to order any additional remotes, they can be found to buy individually in our electric blinds accessories page.


These are all the fine tuning options you will be able to select for your Roller Blinds and XL Roller Blinds - Please be aware that Roller Blind variants like our Double Roller Blinds, Smart Roller Blinds, Remote Control Roller Blinds and Blackout Cassette Blinds will have slightly different options to choose from when fine tuning options are available for them.

If you have any questions about our new fine tuning options, our Roller Blinds or any of our other made to measure products, please get in touch with our team of made to measure experts, by calling the team on 0800 1422 417 or emailing the team at [email protected].