Find Blinds For Your Shed, Garage, or Garden Room

Find Blinds For Your Shed, Garage, or Garden Room Find Blinds For Your Shed, Garage, or Garden Room

Finding the best blind for your garden outbuilding!

Have you got an outbuilding or shed in your garden that you’d like to get more use out of? Sure at the moment your garden’s outbuilding or shed is likely filled to the brim with old paint tins, gardening equipment and a whole host of other odds and ends, but with some hard work and good planning, you can transform your outbuilding from a glorified storage bin, into a nice outdoor living space or home office!

Whether you want to use your garden’s outbuilding as a small office space, a potting shed for gardening work or even just a small living space in your garden, you’ll need to clear the space, then furnish it with the furniture and units you need.

Whilst you’re furnishing your shed or outbuilding to create a nice relaxing living space, home office or gardening workstation, you’ll need to find a good set of made to measure blinds to provide shade and privacy to any windows in your garden outbuilding, keep reading to discover what you should look for in window blinds for your garden building.

What features do you want in a blinds for buildings in your garden?

When you’re buying window shades for a garden room, shed or summerhouse, you’ll have to consider a few things you wouldn’t usually need to worry about when buying shades for your home.

The first consideration you should make is the fact your garden outbuilding or shed won’t be heated all day long in the Wintertime, which means any windows and shades will likely pick up a fair amount of condensation – Because of this, you’ll want to ensure you use a blind that is made with a water-resistant fabric, so that condensation doesn’t cause any deterioration of the fabric.

Another consideration to make is dirt, garden spaces can get dirty and muddy quite easily, especially if you’re using your garden building as a potting shed or greenhouse space, where soil will be abundant – So, to protect your new shades from dirt and soil, you’ll want a blind made with a wipe-clean fabric, which will allow you to clean off the blind with just a damp cloth whenever it gets soiled (pun intended).

Finally, you should consider how much privacy you want in your garden space, if you’re using your shed as a home office space or a tool shed, you’ll likely want thick, opaque shades to hide your computer or tools from would-be thieves – Whereas if you’re using the space as a potting shed or living space, you’ll want thinner more translucent shades to keep the space nice and bright during the day.

What types of blinds work well in Sheds, Garages & Garden Buildings?

Now you know what to look for when buying made to measure window shades for your shed, summerhouse or garden building, let’s have a look at what types of blinds typically work best in garden outbuildings.

PVC based Roller Blinds

If you’re looking for a hardy and versatile blind for your shed, outbuilding or summerhouse, a Roller Blind made with a PVC based fabric will work exceptionally well. Our PVC based Roller Blinds are all water resistant and wipe-clean as standard, so they’ll be safe from most garden based wear and tear. We also have a choice of Dimout and Blackout PVC roller blind fabrics for you to choose from, allowing you to let as much, or as little light into your garden building as you’d like.

You can browse our Roller Blinds range here!

Metal Venetian Blinds

Our next recommended shade for sheds and garden buildings is our Metal Venetian Blinds. Our aluminum venetian blinds are hardy enough to withstand the wear and tear that comes with garden spaces and give you a good level of light control, allowing you to create the ideal level of shade in the garden space throughout the day.

You can browse our Metal Venetian Blinds range here!

PVC based Vertical Blinds

Another good choice for shades in a garden building is our PVC based Vertical Blinds, like our PVC roller blinds the PVC based fabric for our vertical blinds will be water resistant and wipe-clean as standard. Another benefit of vertical blinds for sheds and gardenhouses is that they have a great level of versatility and customization options, allowing you to get the exact level of shade you need at any given time.

You can browse our Vertical Blinds range here!

BiFold Door Blinds

Finally, we have our ‘no screws, no drill’ BiFold door blinds. These blinds fit directly into the window of your shed or summerhouse, without needing to use any power tools, which make them ideal if you don’t want to be doing extensive DIY in your garden space. As for the blinds themselves, we’d recommend using our Venetian BiFold door blind option, or our Honeycomb BiFold door blind option, as both will provide a great level of utility and shade to your garden space.

You can browse our BiFold Door Blinds range here!