Our Best Blackout Blinds For Children's Bedrooms

Our Best Blackout Blinds For Children's Bedrooms Our Best Blackout Blinds For Children's Bedrooms

Discover the best blackouts for your baby or young child!

Here at DotcomBlinds, we know how important a quality set of blackout blinds can be for getting to sleep, whether it’s cutting out natural light for a quick daytime nap or blocking out the lights from passing cars which may rouse us during our night’s sleep, having the right shades can make or break your sleeping schedule!

There’s another group of people who know how important a good set of blackout shades are: parents! Whether you have a new-born, a toddler or young child, you’ll know it can be hard enough at the best of times to get them to sleep (especially for daytime naps) which is why blackout blinds can be a lifesaver for parents. Blackout blinds will block outside light, creating an ideal, dark sleeping environment to give your little one the best chance of falling asleep and staying asleep.

We have 100’s of blackout blinds to choose from in the DotcomBlinds store, so as a parent how do you know what will be the best blackout blind for your child’s bedroom? Well read on, as we’re going to walk you through what blackout blinds we’d recommend to help your little one’s sleep through the night!

Patterned Blackout Blinds

Many parents like to choose a set of blinds for their baby’s room with a cute child-friendly pattern on it, to provide visual stimulation, comfort and shade for their children. A while back we made a blog post on our favourite child friendly patterned blinds which you can find here, all the patterned blinds in that blog post can be purchased with a blackout fabric or blackout lining making them perfect for children’s bedrooms, helping to keep their bedroom dark, creating the perfect environment for sleep!

We have Blackout Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds and Curtains all available with cute patterns, which your child will love, ranging from cute animal designs like our Nasua Llamas fabric (available as Roman Blind or Curtain) to old school Cowboy patterns like our Cath Kidston Wild Wild West Blackout Roller Blind.

However, if you’re not too fussed about cutesy patterns and just want a plain blackout blind for your baby’s room that will keep their room dark during the daytime for naps, then read on as we list the best blackout blinds you can get for your child.

Blackout Cassette Blinds

Bosa Pine Green Blackout Cassette Blind Bosa Dusty Pink Blackout Cassette Blind Bosa Ash Blackout Cassette Blind Bosa Admiral Blackout Cassette Blind

If your little one is a light sleeper and you want to keep their bedroom as dark as possible then you can’t really beat a Blackout Cassette Blind. Pairing our Bosa Blackout fabric which prevents light passing through the fabric with our high-end Cassette & Side Channel system that minimizes light leakage around the sides of the blind, these brilliant blinds will block out more outside light than almost any other blind on the market.

With a set of our Blackout Cassette Blinds installed, you can create near total darkness during the middle of the day making naptime easier than ever, while also blocking out disruptive light from streetlamps and passing cars at night, reducing the odds of any rude awakenings during your child’s nightly sleep.

(Currently Blackout Cassette Blinds are only available in plain fabrics)

Roman Blinds With Blackout Linings

Sara Miller Hummingbird Border Deep Navy Roman Blind Cath Kidston Cowboy Cream Roman Blind Cath Kidston Ballerinas Pink Roman Blind Cath Kidston Fast Cars Cream Roman Blind

If you don’t want a Blackout Cassette Blind, but still want to minimise light leakage around the fabric of a blind, then a Roman Blind with blackout lining may be a good blackout solution for your child. The blackout lining will prevent outside light passing through the fabric of the blind and as the Roman Blind fabric is Velcro-ed directly onto the headrail there will be minimal light leakage over the top of the blind.

Within our collection of blackout lined Roman Blinds, we have a variety of fabric options including plain coloured fabrics and a variety of patterns that your little ones are sure to love!

Double Roller Blinds

Rose Double Roller Blind Admiral Double Roller Blind Tangerine Double Roller Blind Turquoise Double Roller Blind

If your baby’s bedroom also doubles up as a playroom during the daytime, then your little one may be better off with a Double Roller Blind in their bedroom. A Double Roller Blind can provide a blackout effect during naptimes and at night thanks to the blackout layer, while also providing light shade during playtime keeping the space nice and bright, thanks to the dimout layer.

Double Roller Blinds will also provide a better blackout experience than most traditional Roller Blinds, due to the bracket set up the dimout blind will be in place to block out light leakage over the top of the blackout blind. However, as they don’t have a side channel system light may still leak into the room around the edges of the fabric.

(Currently Double Roller Blinds are only available in plain fabrics)

Curtains With Blackout Linings

Franklin Spa Curtain Kodiak Slate Curtain Farmington Danube Curtain Harrison Duckegg Curtain

If you’re looking to find a blackout shade that isn’t a blind, then we have a range of made to measure Curtains which can be purchased with blackout linings that would be a perfect blackout shade for your child’s bedroom. We have a wide range of blackout ready curtains, including both plain and child friendly patterned fabrics.

Blackout Curtains will provide a pretty comprehensive blackout effect for your baby’s bedroom, as the blackout lining will prevent outside light from passing through the fabric and as curtains typically overlap the window they will also minimise light leakage around the edge of the fabric (however some light leakage may still occur).


If you have any questions about our blackout blinds, or more advice on choosing the ideal set of blackout blinds for your baby’s bedroom, why not get in touch with our helpful team of experts? Call us on 0800 1422 417 or send an email to [email protected] today to get in touch with our team!