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Teramo Reflect Beige Smart Roller Blind

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Available in Other Colours
Available in Other Colours
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Product Description
Product Description

Bring your made to measure window blinds into the 21st Century with our Smart roller blinds. Pairing our Teramo Reflect Beige with the MotionBlinds smart motors, you can control your blind through your home automation system. The fabric used for this blind is a Screen Fabric fabric made from 70% PVC, 30% Polyester, screen fabric is similar to dimout fabric in that it lets in more natural light but reduces direct sunlight levels. Teramo allows in just 3% of external light, ideal for rooms with a TV or computer screen as it stops glare. The weave is slightly more open than normal dimout fabric, allowing you to see through it clearer than anyone can see when looking in. The reverse side of this blind (as viewed from the outside looking in) is white, this offers a great solar reflective quality as well as providing an aesthetically neutral appearance. Why not order a free fabric sample to see it in person?

These USB-C port rechargeable battery blinds come with a detachable pull cord for you to use alongside home automation. MotionBlinds are controlled by a dedicated Bluetooth app and if you wish to control the MotionBlinds blind via WiFi, you will need to buy the WiFi Bridge to use the app. Eve MotionBlinds are the smartest motor of the two as it works with Apple HomeKit over Thread and it uses Matter to allow it to connect with Apple, Google, Amazon and Samsung, meaning they can connect with any smart home platform.

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Please see the below sections for more in-depth information on these blinds.

Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Roller Blind Specifications

Our roller blinds are made to the highest standards. They are made using an aluminum barrel and the fabric is locked into the barrel, holding it securely in place. Depending on the size of the blind and the weight of the fabric, our barrels can have a diameter of 40mm or 45mm, which we select automatically when processing your order at no additional cost.
The fabric will be 4cm less than the given width. The bottom bar is covered with the fabric of the blind to muffle any sound it may make against objects on the window.
The brackets are white metal and can be used to face fix, top fix or side fixed and they come with white plastic brackets covers too. As standard the fabric of our roller blinds is back rolled, meaning it rolls off the back of the barrel, closest to the window.
There is a chance on a wider width roller blind that it may have a join in the fabric running horizontally near the top of the blind.
Our Smart Blinds are supplied with a 500mm long metal pull chain which you pull to operate the blind without using the app. The battery is rechargeable and uses a supplied 2m long USB-C charger, and typically it doesn’t need to be charged for 12 months, based on standard use.

Motion Blinds Motion Smart Blinds allow you to operate the blind through an app via Bluetooth (which means you need to be within range to operate the blind). For non-Apple users (such as Android and Google Assistant) who wish to use this motor with their smart home automation system, a bridging unit will be required (sold separately). It is also compatible with Apple HomeKit.

Eve Motion Blinds Eve Motion Blinds operate with Thread and connects to Apple HomeKit with no need for any additional requirements. Currently it is not compatible with non-Apple devices (unless operating via Bluetooth or with a bridging unit (sold separately).

Fine Tune Options
Fine Tune Options

Fine Tuning
As standard, our window blinds are awesome, and for many of our customers, this is just what they’re looking for. However, as a manufacturer and experts in made-to-measure blinds, we can offer you the chance to go further, fine-tuning your blind and customising it to meet your exact requirements.
Our fine-tuning options are all optional, and your blind will function perfectly without them, but if chain options, coloured bottom bars and chain lengths calculated to suit your installation height rock your world, read on! Below is an explanation for each option available on this blind, but remember, we’re only a quick call away if you have any questions.

Blind Name
If you’re ordering multiple blinds of a similar size and colour, naming them can be a handy way of identifying which one is which when coming to fit them. Enter a blind name or label, and we’ll include this on the sticker of the packaging to help you identify it.

Direction of Roll
As standard, our blinds are Standard Rolled. The fabric falls from the back of the blind, meaning the fabric will be close to the window. Reverse Roll makes the fabric fall from the front of the blind, which can be handy if you're trying to avoid window handles etc, as well as being purely aesthetical. If you have a preference, you can let us know!

Standard Roll

Standard Roll

Reverse Roll

Reverse Roll

Motor Side
As standard, the motor is fitted to the right hand side of the blind. However, you can choose for the motor and thus the charging point, to be fitted to the left side of the blind. This could be beneficial when charging your motor.

Standard Roll

Left Side

Reverse Roll

Right Side

Bottom Bar
As standard our roller blinds come with a plastic bottom bar that has fabric covering the front half. The back is exposed white plastic. This fine-tuning option allows you to change this to an aluminium teardrop-shaped bottom bar in either white, silver, or black or an aluminium round-shaped bottom bar available in white or silver. Alternatively, you can select a fully wrapped fabric bottom bar where the fabric is shown front and back. Aluminium bottom bars are not fabric-covered.

Default Bottom Bar


White Aluminium Round

White Aluminium Round

Silver Aluminium Round

Silver Aluminium Round

Fabric Wrapped Bottom Bar

Fully Fabric Wrapped

White Aluminium Teardrop

White Aluminium Teardrop

Silver Aluminium Teardrop

Silver Aluminium Teardrop

Black Aluminium Teardrop

Black Aluminium Teardrop

Extension Bracket

Extension Brackets
Extension brackets are adjustable brackets that you can use to protrude the blind from a wall (face fix) or to hang lower (top fix) than our standard brackets. They have a small nut and bolt on each side of the bracket which you undo to allow you to extend the bracket. Depending on the barrel size this will be from 100mm to 115mm (40mm barrel), or 100mm to 120mm (45mm barrel). If you wish to know which bracket size your blind will have please contact us and let us know your blind’s measurements and a member of the team will be able to tell you.

Side Guide Wire System

Side Guide Wire System
This option allows you to select a side guiding system that sees a 2mm silver wire fitted to the top of the recess or ceiling down to the window sill or floor, that runs through the bottom bar of the blind. This prevents the blind from moving anywhere except up or down. This is ideal for areas prone to breezes or if the blind is fitted at a slight angle. Wire system is available in either Black, Silver or White. Tear Drop Bottom Bar MUST be selected for this system.

What is a Smart Blind?
What is a Smart Blind?

What is a Smart Blind?

The quick and easy explanation is that a smart blind is a motorised window blind which can be opened and closed remotely, without the need for the user to have a cumbersome remote on hand or to manually operate the blind.

However, that is really scratching the surface of why our smart blinds are so “smart”. If you’ll allow us to geek out for a moment, an item is “smart” when it is: active, networked and can be used autonomously – That’s a lot of big words, but boiled down it means that for our blinds to be “smart blinds” they need to: be actively ready to operate at any given time for the user’s convenience; has the capability to network and connect with other smart devices and be operated from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection allowing for seamless use wherever you are; and having an ability to operate autonomously without human intervention, allowing the blind to provide perfect shade without the user having to even think about the blinds themselves.

Beyond that, we also believe that for our smart blinds to be truly “smart”, they should provide utility for their users providing a level of convenience, comfort, security and energy efficiency.

Thread vs Matter
Thread vs Matter

Thread vs Matter

Understanding the difference between Thread and Matter is important as it will dictate your choice of operation for your smart motor.
Now, this is quite technical but stick with us, we’ll talk you through it.
Let’s start with understanding mesh networking protocols as this is what Thread and Matter are. A mesh networking protocol is like a net (or a fine mesh), that joins each smart device to the other. This mesh means data can be sent throughout the home, with each smart device passing it on to the next until it reaches it’s intended device.

Thread Thread is a low-power mesh networking protocol, which just means that smart devices can communicate with each other without using too much power. This is a good alternative to other options such wi-fi which can be power hungry, whilst Bluetooth has a limited range. As such, Thread is made specifically for a smart home environment.
Thread is good for battery-operated devices that have low power consumption. Likewise, should a device fail, the data can take another route to get to it’s intended device, due to Thread being a mesh networking protocol.

Matter Matter is a open-source royalty fee connection standard that all the big tech companies are backing (we’re talking Apple, Google and Amazon). This is good because it means that Matter knows how each of these company’s devices operate, and so Matter acts as a common language to allow all devices to communicate. This is good because it makes it easier to purchase the devices you need without fear of them not being compatible with each other. With Matter they will work together flawlessly.

How Thread and Matter Work Together Thread creates a reliable and secure network that allows data to be passed along to all devices connected, and Matter is the language spoken by all the devices on the network, meaning they are all compatible regardless of brand.

How to Measure
How to Measure

How to Measure

Now, you can’t mess this one up. It’s what we call ‘easy’ here at DotcomBlinds. But just in case you need some help, follow this quick guide.

First thing's first, identify whether your blind is going inside or outside of a recess. 

Inside the recess

A recess fit blind means you supply us with the width and drop of your recess – from top to bottom and wall to wall. We make deductions to account for the brackets to ensure your blind fits within the recess perfectly.

To measure a roller blind to fit inside the recess of your standard window, simply measure the full width and the height of the recess. Then input those measurements into the product page with your order selecting the ‘recess’ option. We’ll do the rest, leaving you the well-deserved excuse to put your feet up, you worked hard for it after all!

Don’t be tempted to deduct any measurements, we do this for you. Make sure you use a metal tape measure; a cloth one can stretch and give you more millimetres per centimetre than a pound-shop ruler. Also, take your measurements in three places and give us the smallest (if there is a smallest). You will find that some recesses shift and settle over time.

Outside the recess

A blind going outside of a recess is usually called an exact fit blind. An exact fit blind means we won’t make any deductions to the width or drop measurements. Exact fit is the bracket to bracket measurement and is commonly found installed outside of a recess. The size you give us is the size your blind is made to.

If you want your blind to hang outside the recess, measure the height and width but be sure to add some overlap to reduce light leakage. This overlap should be about 70mm at the top and bottom and 50mm each side, ensuring you suffer no dazzling strips of sunlight once your blind is happily installed. Please select the ‘exact’ size option when ordering. 

How to Install
How to Install

How to Install

You overcame the measurement minefield and now you must face the final challenge – installing your roller blind. Honestly, it isn’t half as bad as you think it is, and with this very easy guide, you’ll be done in no time. Grab a cuppa and have a quick read through our instructions to familiarise yourself before you get started. The tools you’ll need are: drill with 5mm drill bit, tape measure, suitable fixing plugs, screws and a screwdriver.

Step 1

Before you begin match the brackets up to the blind. You’ll notice one end has a circle and the other has a cross shaped opening. The control end goes into the cross shaped bracket and the pin-end goes into the circle. Doing this will ensure you don’t fit the blind back to front. Place your first bracket in the position you wish to fit the blind to. Ensure your blind won’t get in the way of any handles or vents and adjust the positioning of the bracket to accommodate this.

Measure the distance from the window to the bracket and mark the spot you need to drill, and repeat this on the other side, ensuring the brackets are level (a spirit level can help gauge this). Drill the hole, starting with a smaller pilot hole and then going to the wider 5mm drill bit. You should use a thin wood drill bit if attaching it to the window frame and consider using the smaller screws supplied. If you are fitting the blind to the wall, use a masonry drill bit with the wall plugs supplied (make sure the drill bit and the wall plugs are the same size).

The alternative way of installing your blind is to attach these brackets to the ceiling or top of the recess with the blind hanging below, which is known as top fix. Again, drill a pilot hole first before using the wider drill bit and relevant wall plugs.

Important Note: Ensure there is enough space at the pin-end bracket (the end opposite the mechanism) to allow for free movement of the barrel. The pin-end of the blind is sprung to allow for easy removal of the blind and should not be fully compressed as this can cause the barrel to rub on the bracket and make operation stiff. This can result in the blind being hard to operate and for the chain to break.

Step 2

Once the brackets are up you can add the bracket covers if you ordered them. These optional extras will simply slide onto the brackets, giving your blind a professional and clean finishing touch if outside of the recess. The bracket covers are designed to have a nice tight fit, if you ever need to remove them insert a flat screwdriver into the cutout at the bottom inside of the cover and twist, this will release the cover. Note: If you wish to use bracket covers on a blind going into the recess, be sure to account for the size of the cover before screwing in the brackets as it might be a tight fit.

Now it is time to fit the blind. First, attach the end opposite the controls (known as the pin-end), push gently against the pin-end to suppress the pin, lift the control end up and attach to the control end bracket.

Next Steps

Now the blind is up, it’s time to configure your smart blind motor. To do this, follow the instructions supplied with your Smart motor.


3-5 Year Warranty

A blind from DotcomBlinds is made to the highest standards, designed to provide you with years of service and shade.
In fact, we’re so confident and proud of our blinds, we offer a 5-year warranty on the smart motor and 3 years on the barrel fabric and bottom bar of the blind. This is one of the longest warranties available and a clear sign of the quality of our blinds.

Obviously, there are a few exclusions:
✖ Damage caused by poor installation/not following fitting instructions (don’t worry, installation is easy, read this.)
✖ Misuse or Failing to maintain the blind
✖ General wear and tear and fading (these blinds are exposed to very intense UV rays)
✖ Alteration to the blind
✖ Exposure to the elements or fitted in an unsuitable location (these are indoor blinds!)

However, if your blind stops functioning for any reasons other than those listed above, get in touch. Our warranty covers:
Manufacturing defects
Fabric/slat colour fading within a year
Mechanical malfunction
5 year warranty on smart battery motors used in electric roller blinds

So, in summary, avoid grossly mistreating your blind, show it a little TLC every so often and don’t use it in ways it wasn’t intended. If you do all those things and something goes wrong with the blind, you’re golden – we’ve got you covered and we’ll and repair or replace it free of charge.

Each and every blind made by DotcomBlinds is child-safe, thanks to various safety features and accessories we supply (like P Clips). This cordless blind is what we’d call “Child Safe+” as there is no chain or cord on the blind, completely removing any risk of entanglement with the blind.

This blind uses smart home control to operate the blind. When using a MotionBlinds motor, the blind can be operated via pull cord, smartphone app or smart home connectivity when using a WiFi bridge (sold separately). When using the Eve MotionBlinds motor the blind can be operated via pull cord, smartphone app, smart home connectivity or automation.

This blind can be battery-powered, meaning that the motor is powered by a battery attached to the motor. Depending on use, you should get 6-12 months of charge out of your battery, and we supply a power cable for recharging the blind.

This blind features a fire-retardant fabric, providing peace of mind and safety to your home. Our fire retardant fabric is a high-quality material that will not catch fire when presented with a flame; instead, the area that is in contact with the flame will burn but it will self-extinguish once the source of heat has been removed.

This blind is made in the UK in one of DotcomBlinds’ UK factories. By purchasing a blind made right here in the UK you are helping to support the British manufacturing industry. Blinds made in the UK will typically have shorter lead times due to the fact they won’t need to be shipped internationally.

This blind is available on our Same Day Priority Dispatch Service, which is ideal for when you need a blind in a hurry. By selecting the Same Day Priority Dispatch option at checkout, your blind will jump to the front of our production queue, being made and dispatched that same day when ordered before 11am on weekdays (orders after 11 am or on weekends/bank holidays will be prioritised for the next working day). Please be aware that while most SDPDs are delivered the next working day, we do not guarantee next-day delivery.

This blind features a plain fabric with a solid colour. Plain fabrics are incredibly versatile and can easily be matched to the existing decor in your home or add a fresh new colour to your windows. Be sure to order FREE fabric samples to get a feel for the look and feel of the fabric in person before making a purchase.

This blind features a “Wipe Clean” fabric, which is super easy to clean and perfect for busy households; simply wipe over with a dry cloth to remove dust and any debris or use a damp cloth to remove stains. Ideal for homes with kids or areas close to food preparation (including use around the kitchen sink).


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